- Comunicati pubblicati - culiuw - Comunicati pubblicati - culiuw Tue, 20 Aug 2019 00:42:56 +0200 Zend_Feed_Writer 1.12.20 ( you can use these creations as a DIY wedding place card Thu, 14 Feb 2019 03:57:40 +0100 culiuw culiuw Evaluate the costs: a sweet table based on bon bon organized by catering can have costs that are around 400 euros for about 100 guests; in the DIY version you have to include the cost of pralines and of all the equipment.
Evaluate the time: for a confectionary DIY, at the simple food cost you have to add the time that will take away the organization of the set-up, in an already well-closed climate of things to do; sure, for DIY lovers, it's about relaxing and enjoyable commitments.
Linda Puglisi
Evaluate the quantities: for the confettata ad personam you can keep on the rule of 5 (or otherwise odd number) while for the table confettata things could be a little complicated since you have to decide to span a quantity to order for all the various tastes of the sweet table.
Evaluate online orders: if you proceed with the DIY, to save time and money, you can buy your pralines online, after having requested the taste test or at least after choosing the company to trust.
Space for imagination: what to put in the suitcase of the creative?
If your scale needle hangs absolutely to the creative side of the sweet table then you just have to take note of everything that can be used to make a personal confetti. To make a confetti dedicated to each guest, in addition to the choice of confetti, you must devote to the release of the packaging: linen bags, small glass jars (also recycling the homogenized children appropriately washed and sterilized), ampoule with cork and cute paper containers are the masters.
Gothic Receptions
Here too you have to evaluate the costs of each container, including decorative accessory items such as ribbons, lace, string, raffia or jute, but the finished work will be so delicious that you can use these creations as a DIY wedding place card.

the wedding dress some rituals and faiths are not lacking Wed, 30 Jan 2019 04:07:32 +0100 culiuw culiuw Orthodoxy. This term derives from the Greek: όρθος "correct" and δόξα "opinion". Orthodox Christian marriage differs from Catholic Christian marriage for some details that derive from a faith cultivated in a different way. Love, the wedding dress, some rituals and faiths are not lacking even in this wedding function, but you will not hear the famous wedding phrase "until death you separate" and certainly you will not hear any sentence for the promise of marriage pronounced by the spouses. Find out why.
What is Orthodox Christianity?

At the beginning there was a single Catholic stock, which around the year 1000 D.C. saw the clear division between Catholic Christians and Orthodox Christians. In addition to these two other religions they were born and were born, then, from the same Christian stock. But, to date, Catholics and Orthodox have points in common and different differences remained in the worship of their religion, which naturally also influence the rite of marriage. The most concrete example: Orthodox churches allow priests and deacons to be married. Moreover, the Orthodox churches consider the Pope as Patriarch but not as head of the Church.
The meaning of orthodox marriages
Orthodox marriage is a ritual that does not want to sanction that the two spouses are united until death separates them, since their presence at the rite will mean for the present observers that the two lovers are engaged before God as a couple. And precisely because the dimension is the religious one, their commitment as husband and wife is meant to infinity, in eternity and beyond death, which can not therefore divide them.
For the Orthodox Church that first marriage is not repeatable, it is a unique opportunity, so much so that, in the event that a faithful replies, the celebrated ritual will be totally different from that of the first marriage: it will be a way to legitimize religious level this new union, but will have a very different value than the first marriage.

Christmas comedy you will see a simple wedding dress appear Mon, 28 Jan 2019 03:30:04 +0100 culiuw culiuw If you leave me I delete you
Beyond the clichés of love stories, this brilliant and complex film will wake up your attention with continuous time jumps, to tell a story of strong passions and difficulties ... resolved in a decidedly weird way. With her rebellious hairstyles, totally distant from even the most sparkling wedding hairstyles for curly hair, the character played by Kate Winslet mixes her eccentric personality with that of an apparently mild Jim Carrey, in a narrative that reflects on the value of time and of memories.

The Big Sick

In this film of 2017, the intercultural differences intertwine with the passion of the protagonists, an Indian boy accustomed to respect his family's strict conventions about marriage and a "white" girl who would not be enough all the flower bouquets of the world to silence your point of view. A sparkling story, in which a dramatic event only increases the moments of irony, through which the writers (and actors) tell their true love story.
Love actually
In this fun Christmas comedy you will see a simple wedding dress appear, even if a couple's wedding is not the only story told. There are as many as 8, in which the likes of Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Keira Knightley lead the lives of their characters on parallel streets that Gillne, sooner or later, end up meeting. A funny and light film, which gives a breath of good humor. A gem? The presence of the legendary "Blue" band that - in the year when the film came out - were at the peak of success.
The Danish girl
A strong and dramatic film - certainly not comparable to the lightness of a romantic comedy - speaks of a love story so powerful that it deserves a mainstream echo. Based on a true story (and the book of the same name) tells the story of Einar Wegener, the Danish boy who in 1931 underwent the first official operation for the change of sex and unconditional love of his wife, who remained close to him until end.

they will have to wear a women's dress to let them bend Wed, 23 Jan 2019 03:49:37 +0100 culiuw culiuw It is essential that these people are different from the witnesses, who will be engaged to the end with the spouses, to sign the marriage documents: they will have to be agile and they will have to wear a women's (or men's) dress to let them bend down to tie the cans without too many impediments.

Did you like to brush up on this wedding idea? If you plan to adopt it at your wedding, think that you could use the image of the car followed by a trail of cans also as a creative design for your wedding invitations. In addition, the photos that will take you on board the half decorated with tin cans will be very effective and in the future you can send them as a souvenir for your guests, in addition to wedding favors that you give them on site.
But you still have some reserve hope: that you continue to dedicate yourself to your husband as you should begin to do from this moment (and vice versa 80s prom dresses, it is clear) or that, in the case of "single mother-in-law", has caught her your bouquet bride on her wedding day and now she is on some Caribbean island with a companion, enjoying the prize of her dexterity (never underestimate the power of throwing the flower bouquet!).

Remember that for day receptions you can choose more informal or cocktail shoes, while for the evening, yours will be a good choice if you prefer a more elegant closed shoe, counterbalanced by a sandal with some sparkling detail for your summer wedding .
Finally, if you want the most classic symbol of passion, you can opt for the timeless red rose: a timeless flower, which can appear in all the ranges of red; from ruby to purple, from cardinal to amaranth, from geranium to lacquer red. Red roses are able to interpret and embody love impeccably.

while you browse the catalog of wedding dresses Fri, 18 Jan 2019 04:21:53 +0100 culiuw culiuw Maybe you already fantasize about lying on white sandy beaches, and maybe you do it right now, while you fill in your wedding invitations or while you browse the catalog of wedding dresses 2018. Know that, after the ceremony, you and your husband can face a journey fairytale: the bluest sea and the most candid sand that Saint-Barthélemy can offer will make you forget all the tension of the wedding organization: just choices, just deadlines, just wedding favors to be assembled by hand ... just relax! Find out why you must choose this island as the crown of your dream of love.
Saint Barts: Caribbean and beaches for a fabulous honeymoon

Saint-Barthélemy is an island in the French Antilles that has the city of Gustavia as its capital. It is part of North America. The currency with which to buy on the island is the Euro and the official language is French. The island of San Bartolomeo has a surface of only 21 square kilometers and houses about 9000 inhabitants: this allows it to earn the title of small pearl of the Antilles, to explore day by day partly on foot and partly by two-wheeled vehicles like bicycles and scooters.

The island's climate is tropical with temperatures ranging between 23 and 31 degrees: the best time of the year to go to visit the area is from January to April. The island of San Bartolomeo is also known as Saint Barts and is managed as one large city divided into two sections, the part called Sottovento and the part called Survival. Each of the two sections in which the island is ideally divided, counts twenty quarters, for a total of forty "districts".

Saint-Barthélemy between the Caribbean Sea and white beaches
Certainly the main favorite feature of the island of Saint-Barthélemy is the large amount of white sand beaches. In these dream corners you can play all marine and sporting activities, such as diving mermaid wedding dress lace, snorkeling, swimming, other water sports and of course relaxing on the beach.

spouses purchased the clothes they wore on their wedding day Wed, 16 Jan 2019 03:32:06 +0100 culiuw culiuw Every detail of the marriage of Valerio and Alessia was carefully planned, thanks to the support of the best experts: only in this way the two young people could live without worry the most incredible day of their life, smiling as only they can be.
An evening like many others, special as few

Pisa, October 2006. Two guys go to the disco with their respective friends, ready to let go and maybe live something surprising. It often happens to meet people casually, but how often does it happen to meet a soul mate? Few perhaps, but never stop hoping, because that's how the special story of Alessia and Valerio began.

The fateful «Yes» in an enchanted garden

The two boys got engaged the following year and stayed together for seven years, crowning their love with a cohabitation that turned out to be a happy daily routine that lasted two and a half years. What else could they wish for? One day, Valerio asked Alessia to go for a ride to the Garden of Roses in Florence, a proposal difficult to refuse: that place is surrounded by a fairytale green and offers an unforgettable view of the city. Right there, at the foot of Piazzale Michelangelo, the boy pronounced the magic words and Alessia unexpectedly found herself with a ring on her finger and her eyes overflowing with happiness: they were really getting married!

Organizing a journey ... vintage
It was easy to find the wedding theme that would make them agree, thanks to the common passion for travel. The vintage style then did the rest: it resulted in an accurate marriage, in which emerged the love for the territory that brought them together and that would bring their love between ears of wheat, ancient suitcases and maps of happiness. Both spouses purchased the clothes they wore on their wedding day from Gabriella Sposa. She chose him candid, composed of a screwed bodice and a skirt with flounces of tulle, with a very long train in tow.

The function is the most important phase of the wedding day Fri, 11 Jan 2019 03:55:23 +0100 culiuw culiuw The car
Have you already decided what will be the car that will lead you to the place of the ceremony? Whether it is your relative to take care of it or whether you have rented a vintage car, remember that in order to avoid any kind of problems it is necessary to carry out a vehicle overhaul at least one month before the wedding day. A general check will help you prevent any unexpected and be more serene!
Details for the function
The function is the most important phase of the wedding day, so every detail must be carefully considered. Check that the florist has incorporated all your instructions regarding the elaboration of your flower bouquet and the fittings for the church and the location; make sure that the choristers are still available and that the printers have printed the exact number of booklets for all the participants.

Once you have received confirmation of their presence by the guests, you can inform the restaurant of the exact number of people present at the wedding and then proceed with the arrangement of the tables. We advise you to go to the location to verify that everything is organized as required and, if you can not do everything yourself, delegate this task to trusted people or a wedding planner.
Last but not least .. the favors
Can not wait to impress your guests with the original wedding favors that you have chosen in that little shop in your city? Attention to the number of pieces! To avoid making ugly figures and finding yourself in embarrassing situations when delivering wedding favors, call your supplier well in advance; in this way both of you will have enough time to make any changes to the order.

You can not exclude from the wedding celebrations people Tue, 08 Jan 2019 06:22:42 +0100 culiuw culiuw When you are getting married, things to do are not limited to the choice of bouquets and rings: you will also have to do a lot of rehearsals, like the one for the wedding makeup, the one for the menu and the one for the wedding hairstyle. For how much you commit to save, for example by making DIY wedding favors, there will always be wedding expenses that you have not thought of, including the accommodation of your guests. In case your closest friends come from far away, it would be nice to make them feel like real guests: here's what you should and could do for them!
Guests who come from far away

It is not rare that, among the wedding invitations to be written, you happen to have recipients resident in other cities or even in foreign countries. Maybe it is the friend known in Erasmus, the work colleague who moved abroad or a part of the family emigrated a long time ago from the other side of the world (unless the opposite happened).

What to do in these cases? You can not exclude from the wedding celebrations people who have been important in your life, just because they live far away. Then write the original wedding invitations for them, but remember that you have to think about the practical details, such as the travel and accommodation expenses they will have to pay!
Accommodation for guests
According to the etiquette, accommodation for guests must be covered by the spouses. This practice comes from the past, when wealthy families hosted relatives from their neighboring cities (once a few kilometers seemed endless, having to travel on uncomfortable and slow carriages). Marriages, in fact hot pink bridesmaids dresses, consisted basically in intimate ceremonies, which took place on their own estate.

if they want to see your wedding dress before the wedding Fri, 04 Jan 2019 04:08:39 +0100 culiuw culiuw Are you so worried about the success of your wedding that you decided to rely on astrology? Very well: here are the profiles of your future husbands based on their zodiac sign. You will soon discover if they will help you to write the wedding invitations, if they want to see your wedding dress before the wedding or if they prefer a surprise. Maybe under that mask of a sure and a bit cold man, a romanticone is hiding, able to surprise you with the most beautiful phrases of love!

Passionate and self-confident, the groom born under the sign of Aries is very close to the famous "alpha male" that everyone talks about. But how will it change once married? Put your heart in peace, it will not: its charm will remain intact and will reserve a life full of emotions designer white evening dresses, but at the same time do not deceive yourself ... even with your fingertips, will not give up easily to the usual outings with friends.


Of a completely different philosophy, the Toro man is a big couch potato and the sofa of your new house as a spouse will soon become his best friend. Look at the bright side: you can not complain that it's never at home! On the other hand, however, you must also accept his laziness: you will have already noticed that it is difficult to help you in the commissions for the wedding, imagine yourself with the housework. Do not give up and see that for love it will help you!
Charming and intriguing, if your husband is of the Gemini sign, keep it tight. Without any doubt, the wedding day will make a great figure wearing the men's formal dress, which will fit perfectly. But the best quality of a twins born man is clarity: it will be very useful to deal with the inevitable discussions that await you as a couple, as well as hearing you say so many "I love you", be clear!

Before taking the big step they lived each on their own Fri, 28 Dec 2018 03:55:13 +0100 culiuw culiuw A couple that has distinguished itself thanks to a strong sense of complicity and spontaneity, all stitched by an insatiable desire to realize together the project of a life, the most amazing that there is. Roberta and Daniele have found full harmony from the first moment, this has allowed them to live a romantic love story following their instinct and the passion that unites them.

When love is around the corner
Their eyes met for the first time in the month of June 2014 in the workplace in Arcevia; he had been waiting for her since 2011, but she had moved a few months ago. Cupid has fired his dart just a year later, a well-designed shot that has aimed straight to the heart by binding them forever.

An intense story, dictated by a strong alchemy and an uncontrollable desire to join the one who truly completes us. Two years of pure magic have passed before the faith was exchanged, a time when one lived in the other's gaze: the more they knew each other, the more their hearts beat in unison. Sometimes you have the impression of having to do some kind of journey to find your own half when in fact it is right by our side, as has the case for Roberta and Daniele.

The proposal with the smell of saltiness
Before taking the big step they lived each on their own, she in Jesi and he in Ancona. Day after day, month after month, they have become increasingly close not only on a sentimental level, but also as lifestyles. Subsequently, the conviction of having finally found themselves came forward more and more, so they decided to focus on the highest investment that can be made: to love and give to the other.

we advise you not to keep your wedding dress in damp places Tue, 25 Dec 2018 07:52:01 +0100 culiuw culiuw The custody you choose must therefore be suitable for its purpose: better wrap the dress in a white cloth or in a breathable fabric and then store it in a cardboard box, in a dry place. The size of the cloth that will keep the dress must have an appropriate size, better wider than narrow. Together with the case you must also choose a suitable coat hanger, preferably padded to avoid deforming the dress.

Finally, we advise you not to keep your wedding dress in damp places such as attics and cellars: much better spacious wooden wardrobes, which you often open and which guarantee the necessary space to avoid rubbing your head. Finally Gillne, the use of mothball or mothballs in contact with the garment should be avoided. Finally, remember to let it get a couple of times a year!

The wedding dress will be one of the most important memories of the big day, the one that will remind you every time you go to dust it off, the moment when you have pronounced the phrase for the promise of marriage in front of all your friends and relatives. Maintaining its integrity is very important both to safeguard its value and to keep a sweet testimony of the event. Did you know that even the wedding bouquet is part of those wedding details that can be kept? Take a look at our Wedding Ideas section to find out how!

Will your suit stand out among all men's formalwear, or do you want to celebrate in a more informal and youthful way? The important thing is not to experiment on the day of marriage and not to focus on particularly strong fragrances that may be too firm on the nose of relatives and friends.

the purchase of the wedding dress to the style of your wedding Fri, 21 Dec 2018 03:29:09 +0100 culiuw culiuw Among the many items that appear in organizing an event of this magnitude, the choice of location is definitely a front-line position. It will be an element able to influence all the others: from the purchase of the wedding dress to the style of your wedding invitations. The location will first have to match your dreams. Close your eyes for a moment: what are the shapes and colors that will be outlined in the spaces that accommodate the long ceremonial dresses? If you do not know it yet, we will give you some useful advice.

1. Choose the location and the right compromise

The perfect location should not be far from the place of the ceremony so as not to involve great efforts. On the other hand, however, we must say that the ideal would be a location away from the chaos of the city, perhaps within a green space where you can relax and fully enjoy the festive atmosphere.

As in everything, we strongly advise you to find the right compromise: you spend an acceptable time in your car to your friends and relatives and then give him a climate and atmosphere to say the least worthy. In addition, find a suitable location based on the style of wedding you dream of and do not forget to add any notes about the dress code on your original wedding invitations.
2. Landscape and space to celebrate big
Among the aspects that are remembered more than a wedding Gillne, the panoramic view appears in pole position. Even the eye wants its part, it is appropriate to say it; the visual impact will be the first to capture the attention and the last to leave the memory of all those who will wear the elegant formal dress, from the smallest public to the most mature.

The cocktail dress was originally that type of dress created Tue, 18 Dec 2018 05:44:06 +0100 culiuw culiuw A dear friend of yours gets married and you can not wait to improvise perfect fashion consultants to help you choose the dress and shoes, not to mention the countless magazines that you have leafed through to find the best trendy wedding hairstyles this season.
So, from one piece of advice to another, you have made a real culture on ceremonial dresses, and you have come to the conclusion that the cocktail dress will be the one that will give you the look of the perfect guest. But are you sure it's really the right choice? Do you know how to have an elegant and non-trivial outfit for this special occasion? Let's see together how to best enhance this iconic garment and avoid some simple mistakes.
Password? Punctuality!

Do you know how to not be out of place with your cocktail dress in the midst of so many elegant formal dresses? Keep an eye on your watch! That's right, you understand, in fact, the cocktail dress can be perfect during the ceremonies, but only for those that take place from 5 pm onwards.

The cocktail dress was originally that type of dress created to meet the needs of women who after a busy day of work did not want to give up the pleasure of a nice aperitif with friends, managing to maintain an elegant look but not too formal. So, before thinking about which formal shoes you will wear, remember that they will have to match perfectly with your watch!
The centimeters make the difference

The length of the cocktail dress, by definition, can vary from just above the knee up to the ankles.

only in this way will your wedding really be special Thu, 13 Dec 2018 08:20:07 +0100 culiuw culiuw Share personal habits
If you want to impress your guests with something really special, not only during the reception but also during the ceremony, you could take a moment to share a passion to which you normally dedicate daily, unknown to most people. For example, you could make your guests taste a drink that you have prepared with your own hands, perhaps in memory of a loved one who has handed down the recipe. Moments like this warm the heart, creating a powerful union among all those present.
An institutional framework
Finally, there is nothing more suggestive than an institutional ceremony to make your wedding truly special. This can happen in case one of you belongs to a certain social group and that the members of the same decide to participate officiating your wedding with the typical gestures of their organization.
Free creativity!
Finally, free your creativity: only in this way will your wedding really be special. Do it with imagination and with the support of simple material, such as lights, paper or colored balloons. At the end, free them in the air, as a very personal ritual of initiation of your new life together!

As you could see, organizing a tailor-made ceremony is much easier than it may seem. In most cases, not many concrete tools are needed, but only gestures and moments. Finally, trying to involve the greatest number of guests will be the key to making your ritual truly unforgettable in the minds of all those who will receive your wedding invitations.

the wedding banquets through live preparation performace Mon, 10 Dec 2018 03:56:39 +0100 culiuw culiuw To add a touch of class to your buffet, you should also ask for fresh tuna tartare and salmon carpaccio served on natural slate plates, a good but above all exclusive detail.

Sabrina Degrandis
But certainly not here, the Italian culinary tradition dictates the specific canons in case of a lunch or dinner based on fish, among the different courses in fact should not miss a corner of freshly prepared fry. Fritturine di paranza with cod, mullet, anchovies and other varieties of small fish; and also squid and moscardini in crunchy batter: a must have in every seafood menu!
An oriental touch: sushi show cooking
For some time now our gastronomy has welcomed foods from other cultures and especially from the East. The sushi is loved by everyone and in recent years has become part of the wedding banquets through live preparation performace that delight the palate but also the view.


There are various types that can be made at the time during the banquet of your wedding, such as sashimi made with tuna, bass or swordfish; the greedy uramaki, the nice rolls with seaweed, fish and spices, and the onigiri, the rice balls with tempura and vegetables. The guests will certainly like to attend the show!
Matteo Photography
The main courses: a mix of innovation and tradition
The dishes based on fish are the peculiar element in every gastronomy, making a whole banquet requires not a little experience and a lot, really a lot, passion.

From the most traditional to those of foreign origin Gillne, there are many courses to be included in your menu: starting with the first courses, you can choose from classic risotto with seafood with clams, scampi, squid.

your wedding so as to increase the perception of continuity Wed, 05 Dec 2018 04:26:24 +0100 culiuw culiuw Dear future spouses, to complete the decoration of your wedding you should not forget to embellish with plants and fresh flowers the house from which you will, as usual, your exit!
Here, then, some tips that could be useful to make the moment of your output even more impressive and memorable.

First of all, the decoration of your home, both external and internal, must be perfectly in line with all the style you have decided to give to your wedding so as to increase the perception of continuity and harmony in all those who will accompany you even in the other moments of the day.
Starting from the inside of the house, the first room not to be overlooked will be your bedroom that we advise you to decorate with seasonal flowers (or, in any case, in line with those chosen for the decoration of the church and / or the location where the reception will take place) so you can take some more beautiful and engaging photos.
Other very important points for the decoration will surely be the buffet table (if provided) and, without any doubt, the entrance door where you will cut the symbolic ribbon!
In many houses, moreover, there are some stairs that, inevitably, become great protagonists of the most 'artistic' photos. For this reason, they must not be neglected but decorated with care reserved for the other important places indicated above.
Our advice is to adorn the handrail with tulle and little tufts in tufts.

it is appropriate to pay due attention to how you dress Fri, 30 Nov 2018 07:08:16 +0100 culiuw culiuw September 17, 2009 - Needless to think that the dress does not make the monk: depending on what we decide to wear, we communicate precise messages. Therefore, at least in the workplace, it is appropriate to pay due attention to how you dress, since this detail could even affect your career.
Like every year, the leavening of temperatures causes the average employee to fail, pushing him to deprive himself of some garment too much transgressing, thus, the most basic rules of good manners right in the workplace when, instead, it would be in the office that should keep in mind that the impression it gives, counts. And that this depends, in large part organza mermaid wedding dress, on the appearance exhibited.
In the professional dimension, in fact, what is continually required is to demonstrate one's ability, dedication and reliability and a well-groomed look contributes to the construction of this type of image. It turns out, therefore, counterproductive to underestimate the way to present themselves only because it is a bit hotter outside or cultivate secret dreams of glory and then flaunt a beach wear.

Of course, every company has a more or less implicit dress code, but if you always had the message you want to convey, everything would probably become simpler and you would probably avoid being eaten by men or a cubist from the Riviera. Having said that, when in doubt, it is always the case to take a look at how the garment is dressed (which gives an idea of corporate imprinting) and to remember that the more you deal with the public, the more communicate seriousness.

The dress is beautiful and is still enchanting today Tue, 27 Nov 2018 06:31:17 +0100 culiuw culiuw Kate Middleton likes her, just as we like her look. And it has our sympathy also because it recycles clothes like every ordinary woman. The last time he did it on the occasion of the reception for the Dramatics Art at Palazzo. The red dress Alexander McQueen had shown her off in 2012 for the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II, and had been criticized for stealing the scene from the queen. The dress is beautiful and is still enchanting today.
British austerity (remember that Britain is out of the euro) begins with the wardrobe of Kate Middleton, or Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William. We overturn this point of observation, dear to the English tabloids that, to public release of the splendid new mother, do not hesitate to emphasize the tendency of the great Middleton to recycle outfit Gillne, a very bourgeois thrift even for the wife of the future heir to the throne (after having highlighted the normal re-growth of the hair).

The cover of Hello! he portrays her on his arrival in the Caribbean. Kate is wearing pants, a white and blue striped T-shirt and sunglasses. That striped t-shirt is the same one shown a few months ago, host of the Stratford Sportsaid at the Olympic Park, which then wore under a blazer combined with skinny pants and shoes with cork wedges. A practical choice, also very suitable for a trip by plane with the little George who will spend his first relaxing stay with her at sea.

The exasperated consumerism in such difficult times, let alone the real one, can not and must not be sustained even if one discusses a member of the British royal house as in the case of Kate, invested with the difficult task of raising the fate of the approval of the Crown. And nevertheless, Queen Elizabeth II has shown that she does not like the stylistic choices of her nephew, at least according to English newspapers.

with shiny hair and the dress strategically highlights Thu, 22 Nov 2018 07:05:00 +0100 culiuw culiuw November 13, 2014 - New public release for Kate Middleton as godmother of a charity event. The Duchess left her husband William and little George at home for the annual appointment with the young athletes of SportsAid.

After the dress of Alexander McQueen worn at the Memorial of the fallen of the First World War, Kate showed off a plum-colored dress, castigated, of the English brand Goat (cost 450 pounds). To complete the outfit Gillne, covering stockings and black suede boots. The look is definitely too austere for the occasion. On the other hand, Lady Middleton is beautiful and smiling, with shiny hair and the dress strategically highlights the tummy of the fourth month of pregnancy that she always protects with her hands. In addition, Goat is one of the British stars. Not only Kate, but also Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham have worn it in public.
The Duchess has shown herself perfectly at home among athletes. She has always been a passionate about sports. During her school years she had often distinguished herself for sporting activities, in 2012 she promoted the Olympic Games in London and during her trip to New Zealand and Australia she proved to be a skippered champion competing against her husband.

Now that she is pregnant for the second time, she can not undergo physical exertion, but she has not completely given up on sport. And so she experimented in a coordination test with the help of a touch screen. "This is something you can do even when you're pregnant," he joked.

Long and short dresses inlaid with lace bustier waist straps Mon, 19 Nov 2018 06:11:56 +0100 culiuw culiuw Sensual, sexy, protagonist. The smoky atmospheres of the Moulin Rouge and the Crazy Horse. This is how Valeria Marini imagines her woman for the next autumn / winter. Long and short dresses inlaid with lace, bustier waist straps studded with semi-precious stones, alternating with haute lingerie push ups. Garments in jersey, slim dresses and trousers, blazer-tuxedo, straight skirts marked by velvet details for a woman who wants to be sophisticated and intriguing while retaining her practicality, all day long.

What woman is the one wearing her creations?
The Seduzioni Diamonds woman who inspires my collections is a woman who is aware of her femininity and enjoys "24 hours" with the art of seduction. So a modern woman sensitive to detail.
Nouvelle Burlesque means sexy, cheerful and glamorous. Are these the strengths of a woman with a capital D?
Surely they are excellent starting points

What is femininity for you?
A woman who is happy to be a woman and therefore aware of her own magic and charm.
The Seduzioni Diamonds creations are also very popular with men. What should never be missing in the wardrobe of a seductive woman?
Bra and string diamonds, a very low-cut black dress that let it glimpse.
The crisis is there and it feels. This is confirmed by the numbers and also by his colleagues. Has your Fall / Winter 2009/2010 collection also taken this into account?
Certainly my brand has kept in mind the problems that the country is going through, responding with a good product at a fair price that always reflects the spirit of the brand.