- Comunicati pubblicati - pressnews - Comunicati pubblicati - pressnews Thu, 06 Aug 2020 16:06:26 +0200 Zend_Feed_Writer 1.12.20 ( Mandatory steps when cleaning various facility in Spain Fri, 12 Jun 2020 08:59:56 +0200 pressnews pressnews Absolutely in any room, on a regular basis, general cleaning should be carried out. Cualquier limpieza is usually carried out according to a certain scheme, thanks to which it turns into a systematic event that includes a large complex of works. Cleaning must be carried out in accordance with all sanitary and hygienic norms and rules, using various modern equipment, inventory, and detergents.


A regular vaciado de oficinas, it is a procedimiento obligatorio, for example after vacating the premises for the new owner, and is aimed at creating a favorable working and fruitful atmosphere for future office employees, as well as comfort for visitors. The office is the face of the company by which you can judge the company as a whole. A cluttered and dirty office will not cause the futuros clients any confidence. The office can differ in high traffic and it is necessary not only to clean the walls, ceilings, baseboards, window areas, but also to more inaccessible places, such as pipes and radiators.

Preliminary vaciado pisos Madrid, is a prerequisite when changing the owner of the house. It consists of wet cleaning inside cabinets, dressers, wardrobes, limpieza de muebles tapizados, cleaning cornices, air conditioners, window sills, and radiators. It can also include cleaning of bathtubs, showers, and kitchen areas. All to ensure that arriving residents do not experience problems in the new place.

Vaciado de trasteros en Madrid is performed using máquinas profesionales, as well as hand tools and special detergents that perfectly cope with heavy dirt and remove even microscopic dust particles. It includes garbage collection and removal, removal of heavy dirt from surfaces, dry and wet cleaning of walls, ceilings, windows, doors, facades, as well as adjacent territories.

Professional equipment and inventory, you will definitely need, al Recogida de trastos viejo in any premises. This is often done using strong and roomy construction bags and using construction carts. Any cleaning includes a certain set of rules, including compliance with safety regulations when working with cargo using any professional equipment and other similar operations to avoid harm to people. Companies providing such services, in addition to special equipment and personal capacitado, must have the appropriate licenses.

Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd enters the european market with new types of construction vehicles Mon, 27 Apr 2020 09:15:26 +0200 pressnews pressnews

Since 2004 International private company “Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd” promotes various types of construction vehicles, including dump trucks and mixers, on Eastern European markets, offering its clients different variants of contractual delivery, servicing and maintenance for heavy duty trucks vehicles of well known brands like MAN, Mercedes-Benz, FAW, Isuzu, Howo, Iveco, Dongfeng, Renault, Hino, Tatra, Ford, Hyundai, KH-Kipper, Grunwald, Meiller, Wielton.

According to estimation of the company “Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd” HOWO A7 SINOTRUK (CNHTC) dump truck stands out from the other similar vehicles in this segment. It is the most advanced model in range of SINOTRUK (CNHTC), built with maximum of most modern European technologies, and compliant to modern ecological requirements for exhausts of internal combustion engines.

According to “Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd” the most sold models in Eastern European markets were the vehicles on chassis Howo T5G 4х2 (with 280 h.p. MAN engine and 10-speed Allison transmission), 24-ton dump truck Howo А7 6х4, 32-ton dump truck Howo А7 8х4 , and 26-ton mixers HOWO.

Besides heavy-duty trucks, Sinotruk, under “HOWO” brand name also manufactures a range of light commercial trucks, pick-up trucks, and other special vehicles.

Based on it’s experience of trucks sales in Eastern Europe “Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd” estimates the market demand for heavy-duty trucks (dump trucks, mixers) at least 1’000 vehicles per year. Semi-trailer type dumpers (dump trailers) are the most required, especially in cases when it is necessary to transport at long range the large volumes of construction cargo, at the same time not exceeding permitted axle loads for the vehicle and the semi-trailer. The dump trailers are more flexible, providing better mobility, and are more cost-effective for long-distance cargo transportation. The fifth wheel tractors, used with the dump trailers, can also be used with other types of trailers, providing better flexibility of the fleet. The largest purchasers of heavy-tonnage dump trucks are traditionally the construction companies, roadworks companies, and mining companies engaged in coal or ore mining.

In Eastern Europe the largest clients of “Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd” are also construction companies, including those engaged in road and bridge constructions. They usually order medium or heavy-duty 3- or 4-axle trucks (including HOWO dump trucks). The most frequently purchased are the vehicles with 8×4, 8×8 or 8×10 wheel formula (with cubic capacity of 20-30 m3) for operation without any limitations in the weight of transported cargo.

Most part of the orders (over 90%) for “Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd” received from construction companies from Eastern Europe includes two types of heavy-duty tipper body: 16 m3 for three-axle (6Х4 and 6Х6) chassis, and 20 m3 for four-axle (8Х4 and 8Х8) chassis. HOWO trucks are well represented in this range with its model line.

Technologically innovative and ergonomic models of Howo trucks are currently in high demand, which allows the company “Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd.” to dramatically expand the sales markets and establish new partnerships and cooperation. Chinese Howo trucks are highly competitive due to simplicity and reliability of it’s design, combined with comfort and space for the driver, durable engines and modern safety systems.

“Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd” has over ten years positive experience in sales, servicing and maintenance of Howo trucks in Eastern Europe and is open for cooperation with construction companies in both Europe and Asia, fulfilling the complex projects.


Max van der Werff and Yana Yerlashova. Bonanza Media Thu, 16 Apr 2020 08:47:06 +0200 pressnews pressnews

As Max van der Werff begun the Dutch War Crimes project with Yana Yerlashova – a colleague people ask him questions like: “why are you so interested in this theme?”

Max’s mother and father married in 1961. Mother – Anne Merlijn, born in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Father – Max van der Werff Sr., born in Cilacap, Java, Indonesia. Brown grandparents – Nelly Roumimper and Bert van der Werff. White grandparents - Gerarda Theunissen and Willy Merlijn. Max’s son Sjors as a little child prominent among his grandfathers. One he called ‘my brown granddaddy’ and the other ‘my white grandaddy’. Max van der Werff recognized this was quite nice, and so he applied his terminology.

Bicycle shop owned by his white grandparents in Apeldoorn (1943). Once a grouping of German soldiers entered Max’s grandparent’s shop and seized all the bicycles. Amongst those was owned by the baker who had to deliver bread, and the bicycle was his just transport.

In a brave move his grandmother came to the local Hauptmann and ordered the bicycles to be returned, particularly that of the baker.

Sadly, Max can’t demonstrate you a photo of the Hauptmann’s face the instant his grandmother offered to the local Hauptmann the manuals, but reality is that the German soldiers who stole the bikes, returned them to Max’s grandparents’ shop. Then May five 1945 the Germans surrendered and for his white family the war was finish.

For the ones, the war wasn't finish. Following the emancipation, the Dutch nation bring down the wrath on the ‘moffenmeiden’ – women and girls who had had any type of friendly contact with German soldiers. They had their hair cut off in public and their heads shaven. Frequently a swastika was drawn on their heads, and they were driven around in an open trucks.

Almost two million people in the Dutch West-Indies passed away over the period the Japanese invasion from hunger, diseases and violence. In the number them, three of Max father’s brothers and sisters.

Max’s grandfather was called as KNIL landsoldaat in 1942, however was practically instantly taken prisoner and imprisoned during 41 month’s by the Japanese imperial Army. The Netherlands didn't pay him a cent for his service period. This disgraceful side of Dutch past is called back pay problem.

Following the Japanese capitulated the incredible hard period wasn't finish for most Dutch people residing in the Dutch East Indies. The availability of Dutch rule coming back to the previously declared an independent Republic of Indonesia created anger amongst a lot of Indonesian young man and during many month’s nobody believes of being Dutch or having whatever to do with Dutch rule was a main goal. Max’s father’s elder brother Rudy was one of the many thousand killed for the bersiap time.

In near future 150 thousands Dutch soldiers were shipped to recover Pax Hollandia in the elderly colony and the major reason was to recover the operation of the ‘wingewest’ quickly. The Dutch elite included the view how the Japanese board over the Dutch Indies was only a brief pause and that Dutch colonial rule would be restored for generations to come. The fatefully incorrect awareness of actual reality led to the Indonesian war of independence.

Max’s father left for New-Guinea. At any rate, so the head had reported it. In 1956 my dad implemented that there wasn't prospect for him in this part world and left for Holland with the Willem Ruys. Little time after he met Max’s van der Werff mother in Apeldoorn.

The Rivalry between Lab-Made and Natural Diamonds Mon, 16 Mar 2020 08:32:34 +0100 pressnews pressnews The market of diamonds has changed radically in the past few years. Today, if you walk into a family-run jewelry store, you will be given a choice in gems that was deemed profoundly unusual before. Your choices in diamonds now would be those that are from under the ground and those from above it.

Diamonds as we know it formed under the earth through years of exposure to extreme geological conditions. Diamond companies extract these diamonds through various labor and cost-intensive mining techniques that, aside from being the only means of exploiting these minerals, are also inarguably unfriendly to the ecosystem. This enormous cost of extraction when piled up with marketing cost and industry manipulation becomes a steep figure. That drives up the mysticism surrounding these sparkling gems making them seem rare.

Now let’s talk man-made diamonds. These above ground versions we are talking about are not imitation diamonds. Nor are they a variant of moissanite and cubic zirconia. These diamonds are optically, chemically and structurally identical to their underground cousins. Only that these ones were made in laboratories.

Synthetic diamonds were first produced over half a decade back in the 1950s. So, what took them so long to be brought to the front of the line? The refinement of quality. Up until a couple decades, the manmade versions weren’t so very appealing, which made them products for the polishing and cutting industry. But the same diamonds today have improved so much aesthetically that they are now a coveted variety of diamonds in the jewelry industry which accepts only the best.

At the jewelers’, synthetic diamonds are labeled clearly so as to distinguish them from natural diamonds. Without tagging, the two are inseparable in a collection. It’s the cost that draws the line between them. Grown diamonds as they are often called cost customers about 40% less than mined ones.

The producers of man-made diamonds are using the environment-friendliness of their products as a promotional trope to call out to the potential customers. This has worked well, as the eco-conscious section of the market, most of which are millennials are now the biggest takers of these diamonds. People who are for saving money and being green are embracing these diamonds with great enthusiasm.

With similar properties as mined diamonds, these are mirror images of the real version. The only way they are different is in their crystal patterns which owing to their different growing processes are distinguishable from the natural ones.  

Like diamonds, synthetic rubies too were manufactured in a lab. It was the late 1800s when a French chemist called Auguste Verneuil synthesized rubies in his laboratory. His process was implemented to produce sapphires later on. Cultured pearls too have been around for many years now. So, it is only a matter of time that manmade diamonds gain purchase in the stores.

The Chemical Compound of Synthetic Diamond Fri, 06 Mar 2020 08:23:04 +0100 pressnews pressnews The lab made version of diamonds resemble mined diamonds in nearly all fundamental properties. They are very hard, broadly transparent, have high thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity, all of which makes diamond a precious stone.

Synthetic diamonds, also called grown or lab made diamonds are made from graphite. A small piece of graphite is put in a chamber that mimics the geological condition of the earth’s core. Under intense pressure and temperature, the seed transforms into a crystal of diamond. The process takes about an average of 3 months.

The lab made version of diamonds resemble mined diamonds in nearly all fundamental properties. They are very hard, broadly transparent, have high thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity, all of which makes diamond a precious stone.

Mining is detrimental to the environment, very costly and time-intensive. Synthesis which is an alternate to mining meets all these challenges excepting one. It is itself a pretty costly process, but thankfully, comparative less pricey.

On account of the expenses involved heavy diamonds are not commonly formed in laboratories. So, most synthetic diamonds that are used in different industries today are between the size of a grit to a small crystal, and why not? Because these stones are made for the purpose of offering hard coatings on equipment.

Moreover, diamonds are also used to make diamond films on certain objects. For this purpose, carbon-carrying gas is subjected to high heat. The layers formed from the process are used to film optical equipment, cutting tools, semiconductors, etc.

According to records diamonds were made for the first time in a lab in the 1950s. But there are records that a Scottish chemist by the name of James Ballantyne Hannay in the year 1880 made a claim that he had created diamonds for the first time. The ingredients he used for the experiment was paraffin, lithium and bone oil. According to him, the mixture of ingredients were put inside wrought-iron tubes, sealed off and heated up.

A similar claim followed some years later in 1893. This time, it was a French chemist by the name of Henri Moissan. Moissan claimed that he had successfully formed diamonds in his laboratory using different ingredients and a new process. For his experiment, Moissan used pure carbon and iron. He used a crucible for a container and put it inside an electric furnace. When it reached about 7000F, he subjected the liquid to intense pressure by dunking it in a cold water bath. Although Moissan claimed that his experiment was a success, when repeated, neither his, nor Hannay’s process yielded successfully.

The recorded incident of success in diamond making was as late as the 20th century. In the hands of Percy William Bridgman, an American physicist, diamonds were synthesized for the first time in 1955. His experiments and studied were backed the General Electrical Company of New York. For his experiment, Bridgman used a graphite subjecting it to pressure and temperature similar to the earth’s core. The graphite at 1700C and under 7 gigapascals pressure in presence of a certain metal catalyst transformed into diamond. Following this experiment, huge amounts of diamonds were produced in the lab in processes similar and different, 1960 onwards.

In the year 1961, scientists made a breakthrough. They invented certain types of shock-wave methods in which diamond powders were produced in labs. Even today explosive-shock techniques are used to produce diamond dust in small amounts. As the news of success of 1950s spread worldwide, Russian scientists took to investigating new methods of diamond synthesis. They discovered a process involving decomposition of methane and similar carbon carrying gases at low pressure and high temperature. In the 1980s, more viable versions of this process were developed in Japan. They are now referred to as the “chemical vapour deposition” method.

Laser hair removal - fast and convenient! Fri, 14 Feb 2020 14:04:13 +0100 pressnews pressnews This modern depilation method offers you the luxury of silky-smooth, ready-for-anything skin all year round. It will eradicate hair from chosen areas on your face and body so that you could enjoy a long-lasting effect. Permanently.

Boring shaving, painful tweezing and waxing of unwanted hair are in the past. We are happy to welcome you in our new clinic Laser Estetico in Valencia, Spain, to experience all benefits of the modern hair removal treatment, depilacion laser.

This modern depilation method offers you the luxury of silky-smooth, ready-for-anything skin all year round. It will eradicate hair from chosen areas on your face and body so that you could enjoy a long-lasting effect. Permanently smooth face, legs, chin, back, arms, underarms, bikini zone, and other areas have become a new reality with our clinic!

Laser hair removal has many advantages:

Laser depilation is fast, affordable and very efficient: you can delete all extra hair forever.

Speed. Each laser pulse eradicates many hairs at once by short fractions. Laser treats an area of a quarter per second. Treatment of small areas like the upper lip will take about a minute, while treatment of larger zones, for example legs or arms, may last for about an hour.

Accuracy. Lasers targets dark, coarse hairs, causing no damage to your skin.

Long effect. Most clients have permanent hair loss after approximately 3-7 visits, and total hair loss after 6-12 sessions.

We are glad to welcome you in our clinic. Company Laser Estetico is happy to offer high quality depilation treatment, teaches the effective body care, and gives free cosmetology consultations. Click here for further information.

We will be happy to see you in our comfortable modern clinic in Valencia. With our top qualified cosmetologists you will always look young and gorgeous.

Nomination MOST AGGRESSIVE ADVERTISING 2019 Thu, 26 Dec 2019 08:35:14 +0100 pressnews pressnews Nomination MOST AGGRESSIVE ADVERTISING 2019, under the version of INTERNATIONAL FINANCE SCHOOL

How do traders learn about broker companies providing their services for binary options trading? Of course, from advertising! But only at first glance it seems that there is nothing easier than to create a pair of bright banners, run mailing and pay for context advertising in search systems. For fast promotion and constant growth of the customer base, it is necessary, first of all, to create a recognizable brand and a powerful information field that attracts traders on the principle of a magnet. Of course, there are advertising tools common to all advertisers, but to be able to use them correctly, to find unique methods of influence on the target audience, to create an attractive "wrapper" offers of cooperation - a difficult task even for specialized professionals .

INTERNATIONAL FINANCE SCHOOL analyzed dozens of advertising campaigns of binary options brokers, evaluating them on many indicators, including PR-effect, business psychology techniques, originality of presentations, and methods of communication with Central Asia. As a result of the research, the company ESSO MILLANNI INC came out in the nomination for the most aggressive advertising, which showed stable results in the growth of the client base. In addition to the constant increase in the number of new customers, the company ESSO MILLANNI INC is characterized by a large number of regular users of services, which points not only to the carrying out of a competent marketing policy, but also the ability to create comfortable conditions for cooperation and build trust relationship with customers.

Moscow Rose by 10 Points in the Global Ranking of Innovative Cities in the World Mon, 16 Dec 2019 08:39:40 +0100 pressnews pressnews Moscow took 38th place in the global index of innovative cities of the world 2thinknow (Innovation Cities Global Index), having risen by 10 positions over the year. In November 2019, the rating came out 12 times and covered more than 500 world cities, as explained Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladimir Efimov.

“The top 5 cities included New York, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles and Singapore. Japanese Osaka, Canadian Vancouver, Portland and Las Vegas (USA) scored the same number of points as Moscow. In this ranking Moscow outrun Istanbul, Oslo, Rome, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hong Kong, Helsinki and Brussels,” added the vice mayor.

2thinknow ranked 20 Russian cities. St. Petersburg stands 109th on the list, Kazan takes 393rd place, Novosibirsk is 405th, Yekaterinburg is 416th and Rostov-on-Don is 419th.

 “In 7 years, Moscow has made a significant headway in its development, having risen more than 150 positions in the 2thinknow rating: in 2012, the city took 192th place there,” said Denis Tikhonov, Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow. - “Cities are assessed by 162 indicators, which have been combined into three blocks: infrastructure for human capital, market potential and cultural heritage. Experts, in particular, analyze such indicators as GRP, level of material well-being and education, corporate income tax, industrial development level, number of multinational corporations headquarters in the city, presence of industrial clusters in the city, city brand promotion strategy, government policy in the field of IT, the development of wireless networks, the development of card payments, etc. ”

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Il piano anti-Europa dell’ex-consigliere di Trump non riesce a conquistare l’Italia Fri, 27 Sep 2019 09:03:38 +0200 pressnews pressnews Monsignor Lorenzo Loppa, vescovo di Altari e Anagni, ha dichiarato: “Papa Francesco ha detto che uno sguardo contemplativo sull’umanità ci dà una nuova prospettiva sulla vita, la realtà e la nostra casa comune. Questa prospettiva è contraria a ogni tipo di sovranismo e di populismo.” 

L’uomo descritto come “il cervello” dietro alla vittoria politica di Donald Trump e “il più pericoloso tra gli esponenti politici americani”, Steve Bannon, oggi ha gli occhi puntati sull’Europa – mentre un’Unione Europea sempre più divisa fatica a riguadagnare una visione ideologica unitaria, tra crisi di identità e di coscienza.

Per questo uomo chiave della destra estrema l’improbabile campo di battaglia è un tranquillo monastero italiano a circa 70 km a Est di Roma, dove ha intenzione di inaugurare una scuola di addestramento per cosiddetti “gladiatori” politici.

Ma il ministro dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali, Alberto Bonisoli, è intervenuto personalmente perché Bannon venisse sfrattato dal monastero montano di Trisulti.

Sfrattato, ma non senza opporre resistenza.

“Il ministero non ha alcuna base sulla quale revocare l’autorizzazione o annullare il contratto di locazione,” ha dichiarato Benjamin Harnwell, il presidente britannico del Dignitatis Humanae Institute, think-tank conservatore strettamente legato a Bannon che possiede al momento il contratto di locazione del monastero. Afferma inoltre che le azioni del ministro Bonisoli sono “politicamente motivate” ed è pronto a una lunga battaglia legale.

Mentre Harnwell è pronto a lavorare con Bannon alla realizzazione di un “quartier generale globale per la difesa delle radici cristiano-giudaiche della civiltà occidentale”, in molti hanno preso posizione contro di lui.

Monsignor Lorenzo Loppa, vescovo di Altari e Anagni, ha dichiarato: “Sono profondamente rammaricato che si stia completamente stravolgendo la tradizione spirituale di Trisulti.”

“Papa Francesco ha detto che uno sguardo contemplativo sull’umanità ci dà una nuova prospettiva sulla vita, la realtà e la nostra casa comune. Questa prospettiva è contraria a ogni tipo di sovranismo e di populismo.”

Esistono però divisioni all’interno della stessa Chiesa Cattolica.

Daniela Bianchi, ex-consigliere regionale del Partito Democratico, ha dichiarato “Papa Bergoglio è stato fortemente criticato da un gruppo ultraconservatore all’interno della Chiesa. E Mr. Bannon, in quanto cattolico, rappresenta questa lobby ultraconservatrice, allineata con l’estrema destra.”

Il Primo Ministro Conte non sembra mostrare alcuna simpatia per la suddetta scuola.

"Dobbiamo trasformare questa crisi in un’opportunità," ha dichiarato Conte, riaffermando che l’Italia tornerà a essere uno dei paesi chiave per l’Europa dopo 14 mesi di governo populista e anti-europeista. Il nuovo governo creerà "un paese più giusto, più competitivo, più unito e più inclusivo".

Ora che il suo ideale utopico di estrema destra si è fermato a Trisulti, e dopo aver perso il supporto del governo italiano, quale sarà la prossima destinazione dell’euroscettico Bannon? La Gran Bretagna della Brexit, oppure qualche altra location europea?

Watch the interview video "CERTOSA DI TRISULTI" for more information.

Russian Cities to compete with global cities for investment capital — Tikhonov Wed, 18 Sep 2019 08:35:24 +0200 pressnews pressnews Denis Tikhonov — the Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Development of Moscow — has participated in “Creating the cities of the future: where to start?” session of the Eastern Economic Forum. He announced that nowadays global competition between cities for human and investment capital is raging and Russian megacities are expected to meet this challenge.

He reminded that the quality of human habitat is assured by cities & the education possibilities. In other words, the quality of healthcare & transport infrastructure has greater significance than the place of birth and jurisdiction for city dwellers.

“This is a challenge for both Moscow and other Russian metropolitan areas: it is necessary to create comfortable habitat here, so that the people do not flee abroad, in which Moscow has succeeded recently,” Tikhonov also noted.

According to him, urban agglomerations are generally more efficient in terms of economy — today 50% of the global population lives in cities, and produces 80% of the world's GDP. It is clear that in megacities production costs are lower, competition is greater, and the conditions for self-realization are better, Tikhonov added.

He mentioned that the productivity of large urban agglomeration resident is twice as big as of a small town resident’s. Just as only 8.5% of the country's population lives in Moscow, but more than a quarter of the national GDP is created here. The head of the department said that Moscow accumulates about 16% of investment in fixed assets, 50% of foreign direct investment.

Moscow has the largest number of jobs & creates additional 3.5 million jobs in other regions. Having this in mind, both Russia and Moscow are far behind some global agglomerations leading in resources concentration, he emphasized.

Only 12 Russian cities are among the TOP-600 largest cities in the world, and only two — Moscow and St. Petersburg — are in the TOP-100 largest agglomerations. Relative GRP values (per square km) in Moscow is somewhat four times lower than in New York, and half as high as in Paris. At the same time, the share of budget revenue per capita in these capitals is at the same level.

“We have something to strive for — it is increasing the economic density of our city”, Denis Tikhonov said. One of the main tasks for the city authorities today is to provide a favorable business environment, he explained.

Moscow ranks #1 in the national rating of the investment climate according to the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. “Development of the Russian cities, the increase of their competitiveness is the cornerstone of sustainable development of the national economy”, — summarized Tikhonov.

Vladimir Yefimov, the Moscow Deputy Mayor for economic policy and real estate relations, has previously reported that the amount of investments in fixed assets in Moscow in the first half of 2019 increased by 19.5% compared to the same period last year. It is 946 billion rubles.

The large-scale program of the Moscow development is one of the key drivers of investment activity. Moscow Address Investment Program 2019-2021 amounts to 1.6 trillion rubles in total. The Program deals with strategic projects in transport, social sector, city beatification, development of the new territories etc.

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10 Signs She Doesn’t Love You Anymore | OK-Dating bloggers ready to reveal the truth Thu, 11 Jul 2019 13:07:56 +0200 pressnews pressnews

“Nothing lasts forever, and we both know hearts can change”, sang Guns N’Roses in their famous song. Indeed, it is hard to disagree. Love and affection cannot be taken for granted. If you are in relations it does not mean that feelings will always remain the same. Love can fade away suddenly or disappear slowly day by day. It is very common that men take the initiative in breaking up the relations if they find it difficult to cope with something unpleasant for them.

Women, in their turn, mostly try to save the broken relation as long as they can.  There are various reasons for this behavior such as the fear of being lonely, the force of habit or simply love. They tend to give their man a hundred of  “second chances”. But sometimes it is a woman who is an initiator of a break-up. Though there are situations when a woman does not love her man anymore, at the same time, she does not want to be the one who stops relations. She may be waiting for a man to do the first step. How can you guess that your soul mate is thinking about a break up?

We have prepared for you 10 signs she doesn’t love you anymore:

Boring sex

Your intimate relations have changed greatly: sex is ordinary, boring and without any creativity (from her side). If before it was “fire-dangerous”, “extremely hot” and so on, then the change of girl’s behavior in a bed is an obvious sign that something wrong is going on with your relations.  Do you only have sex on holidays? And how was that before?

Oh, it was great, when it happened twice (or even more!) a day, in any place, hidden from prying eyes, and in any possible position! Remember when after sex you started picking up your clothes, and during the search for them, again you were overwhelmed with a burning desire! But now she is constantly complaining about the splitting headache, avoiding intimacy with you.

Rare meetings and lack of time

Before meeting you, your girlfriend was fond of some interesting things and kept doing them at the beginning of your relations. Though, before it did not affect your relations. And now you barely see her. All the time she disappears in the gym or at the Oriental belly dance classes without offering you to be with her. Even if you show a desire to try it with together, she takes this proposal without enthusiasm. In fact, it’s been a long time since you two went out together. She prefers to spend time with her friends and group mates.

No frank communication

She’s not interested in your life. It is very bad. You must know that women let only those they love into their thoughts and hearts. So, do you remember how you used to discuss your working day, with its successes, mistakes, how you laughed and felt sorry for each other? She was interested in almost every step you took and all your achievements at work. It is all gone. And now your story about the events of the day, she listens without interest.

Also, she does not text you during the daytime. All your messages now consist of “Hi!” and “Hello”. The same thing happens with phone calls. In her turn, she is not eager to speak about her work or study. If she refused to trust you, to talk about her experiences and emotions – you lost her forever. Who has fallen out of love once, will never love again.

Intolerance towards you

Your soul-mate became intolerant to the weaknesses and mistakes. You don’t know what happened to a cute girl you dated earlier. For some strange reason, now next to you there is a wicked vixen, who is annoyed with everything, and who is constantly screaming, being angry over trifles and looking for quarrels. What she used to like about you before, now makes her mad. And she is not shy to point out at your faults. The reason is simple: when we are in love we turn a blind eye to mistakes of our beloved, but when we don’t love – even virtues seem irritating.

She sees no future with you

Her idea of a Prince Charming is far from your image. She does not make any future plans for your couple. As for family life, which she plans in the future, it is simply impossible with you due to various circumstances. In fact, maybe True Love never happened to both of you.  There was a passionate period that passed. The girl took a sober look at the partner and understood that she is not compatible with him.

No parents and friends

This sign is a result of the previous one. If the girl does not want to develop your relations, she will not let you in her life. She does not introduce you to her parents and close friends as well as she does not express a desire to meet your family and a close circle of friends.

She does not care anymore

Your girl does not show care, attention, does not make you pleasant surprises anymore. Before she used to ask you if you had your lunch at work, worry if you took your umbrella or studied a cookbook in search of the recipe for you, now it is in the past. It seems that she cares more about her colleagues or even a milkman.

Free from being jealous

She is not jealous of you at all, even when she sees that you show genuine interest in a real beauty-girl, even if that eye-candy gives you a phone number written on her photo. If you love, then you want your second half belongs only to you. So, it is one of the main signs of falling out of love.

No dressing up in fine clothes

She doesn’t care how she looks on dates with you and whether her clothes are appropriate in a particular place. But there may be another situation. In the beginning of the relations, we try to show ourselves from a better side. Then later we became so close to each other that we feel free to be what we are. Girls even have a joke “if your man saw you sick, drunk, naked, angry but he has not run away: be sure that he really loves you”. Remember that!

Flirting with other guys

When meeting nice young people, your girlfriend is flirting with them. She does not really care about your opinion. If it is so, then the situation is absolutely wrong because girls in love do not behave like that. Though, she may want simply to spice up your relations and make you feel jealous a bit. Try to see the situation clearly.

We do hope that our tips will help you not to miss out the crisis in your relations Anyway, you must keep in mind the following idea: relations are the work of two people. So, if something goes wrong, you are also to blame. At the same time, if you still care about your soul-mate, you should do everything possible to make her feel happy and loved. As they say, a woman is a reflection of her man.

Solo il patriarca Filarete difenderà i devoti ucraini dalla diaspora Tue, 25 Jun 2019 08:20:42 +0200 pressnews pressnews Ci sono circa 20 milioni di ucraini che vivono fuori dall'Ucraina; la maggior parte di loro sono cristiani ortodossi. Tuttavia, secondo il Tomos di autocefalia, queste persone non appartengono più alla Chiesa ortodossa ucraina.


Ci è stato detto che la nostra transizione nella giurisdizione di Costantinopoli non cambierà nulla nella vita delle nostre parrocchie. Ci è stato promesso che saremmo stati governati dai nostri gerarchi ucraini e che i sacerdoti ucraini sarebbero stati nominati o sarebbero rimasti nelle loro posizioni. Ma tutto questo è una bugia. La UOC del Canada e la UOC degli Stati Uniti dipendono completamente da Costantinopoli. Su qualsiasi questione, compresa l'approvazione dei propri documenti statutari, i loro gerarchi si affidano a Istanbul e ogni qualvolta che scoppia un conflitto sono pronti ad incolparsi reciprocamente di fronte al patriarca Bartolomeo.

Finora, la Chiesa di Costantinopoli ha tollerato l'esistenza delle sue chiese ucraine subordinate e non si è preoccupata di aumentarne il numero. Tuttavia, il futuro prossimo di queste Chiese è identico a quello dell'Arcidiocesi di Parigi recentemente abolita o della Chiesa ortodossa di Finlandia, che secondo quanto riferito potrebbe subire in pochi anni degli stravolgimenti. Anche un'entità così forte e autosufficiente come l'arcidiocesi d'America greco-ortodossa è completamente dipendente da Istanbul, come confermato dalle dimissioni dell'Arcivescovo Demetrio e dal suo successore Elpidophoros.

La politica generale del Patriarcato ecumenico vuole che tutte le strutture "parallele" e "autonome" nella diaspora ortodossa devono essere gradualmente eliminate e le loro comunità dovranno essere spostate in un unico centro. L'arcivescovo Elpidophoros avrà questo compito negli Stati Uniti, invece l'arcivescovo Makarios lo avrà in Australia e altri gerarchi in Europa. Quando la situazione nella diaspora verrà allineata con la legge canonica (una città, un vescovo, una chiesa), non ci saranno più posizioni per i vescovi ucraini.

Infine, per quanto riguarda la vita parrocchiale, quali rettori nomineranno i vescovi del Patriarcato ecumenico per le parrocchie ucraine nella diaspora? Abbiamo già un esempio: la chiesa di San Nicola a Valencia, in Spagna. All'inizio un uomo sconosciuto in abiti civili cominciò ad apparire tra i credenti, poi si autoproclamò sacerdote del Patriarcato ecumenico e gli fu permesso di esercitare il ministero, e poi fu nominato rettore. Per questo, nessun documento attestante la sua onorabilità sacerdotale è stato mostrato ai membri della comunità! E naturalmente non c'era nulla di ucraino in lui. I parrocchiani di Valencia non hanno né il suo sostegno, né la semplice partecipazione alle loro iniziative e tradizioni culturali, che sono, di fatto, l'espressione stessa dell'identità nazionale di ogni comunità.

È così che la congregazione può ricevere da Costantinopoli un "super-canonico" (forse, pur avendo uno sfondo moscovesco!) Sacerdote di lingua ucraina, ma senza l’anima ucraina, formata da usanze secolari e dalla memoria dell'Holodomor, i cento celesti uccisi durante la rivoluzione Euromidan, gli eroi della guerra nel Donbass.

Il metropolita Epifanio di Kiev e tutta l'Ucraina lasciarono le parrocchie del Patriarcato di Kyivan nella Diaspora a sé stesse, in modo che diventassero subordinate ai vescovi locali del Patriarcato ecumenico. Concordò anche con la nomina di nuovi rettori da parte del Fanar. Ora, con la fine della pace della congregazione, ha detto al metropolita Hilarion di occuparsi della comunità di Valencia che chiede di sostituire il sacerdote. "Non è troppo tardi per fare un tentativo di risolvere i problemi della comunità a cui ha voltato le spalle? Allora di chi siamo parrocchiani? ", Si chiedono i credenti. - "del Patriarcato ecumenico o dell'OCU?"

Un altro esempio di ambivalenza nelle azioni dei Gerarchi OCU è il loro atteggiamento nei confronti delle chiese ortodosse di Montenegro e Macedonia che non sono ancora state riconosciute da Costantinopoli. Nel Patriarcato di Kyivan, eravamo sempre in comunione con loro e concelebrati con i rappresentanti del loro clero. E questa è stata una decisione ponderata e pienamente motivata da Sua Santità il Patriarca Filarete. Queste Chiese sono sempre state la nostra Chiesa. In effetti, non sono ancora state riconosciute, ma non c'è motivo di considerare nulli i loro sacramenti. Se così fosse, allora anche i nostri lo sono? E se i loro sacramenti sono validi, perché non possiamo concelebrare con loro? Prima o poi, il tempo risolverà le cose, il mondo ortodosso le riconoscerà.

Che cosa potremmo avere con Epifanio al timone? Da un lato, nella città australiana di Newcastle, alla parrocchia dell'OCU non si permette ai chierici della chiesa ortodossa macedone di servire nel tempio. Dicono che ora siamo riconosciuti ma non lo siamo. D'altra parte, anche se segretamente dal metropolita Emmanuel, ecclesiastico della chiesa ortodossa montenegrina ugualmente "non riconosciuta", ad Archimandrite Bojan Bojović il 26 maggio gli è stato concesso di concelebrare la liturgia nel Monastero con la cupola dorata di San Michele. Ma qual è la differenza tra lui e il prete della chiesa ortodossa macedone a Newcastle? È difficile rispondere, soprattutto tenendo conto che il Fanar ha già preso in considerazione l'appello della Chiesa macedone e il suo riconoscimento sembra non essere lontano.

Il patriarca Filarete non ha mai cercato di ottenere vantaggi politici; al contrario, è colui che gli ostacola più di altri. Ed è completamente indipendente e non va mai contro la verità. Il Patriarcato di Kyivan si sviluppò con successo senza alcun riconoscimento, così come le fraterne chiese ortodosse macedoni e montenegrine.

Mentre il metropolita Epifanio è vincolato da alcuni obblighi nei confronti dei greci, impaurito da qualcosa o semplicemente non sa cosa fare, il patriarca Filarete ha una visione, uno status e una determinazione necessaria per lottare per il futuro degli ucraini ortodossi nella diaspora e per proteggere i loro interessi. Ecco perché i nemici cercano di impedirgli di governare la Chiesa, e di essere il capo spirituale e il fondatore.

Su richiesta dei greci, Poroshenko costrinse il patriarca Filarete rinunciare alla sua candidatura prima dell'elezione del primate dell’OCU. Per motivi di indipendenza e riconoscimento della nuova Chiesa ucraina, il patriarca Filaret ha dato una possibilità al "partito greco". Ma le promesse fatte al Patriarca sono state infrante. Il Patriarcato di Kiev ha perso il suo status e la sua indipendenza, e non ha avuto nessun riconoscimento da parte delle Chiese locali, ma non per il Fanar. All'opposto, un exarch permanente del Fanar fu posto in Ucraina, la "perla" di Kyiv - gli fu data la chiesa di Sant'Andrea, e il primo vescovo ordinato nell'OCU fu un cittadino greco ma non ucraino.

Tuttavia, anche dopo l'elezione del metropolita Epifanio, il 15,5% della popolazione ucraina (che è più del numero di quei 14,2% di ucraini che sostengono l'UOC MP che ha 12 mila parrocchie in Ucraina!) vorrebbe che il Patriarca Filarone diventasse l’Arcivescovo dell'OCU, nonostante la sua età. E gran parte delle comunità ha lasciato la giurisdizione di Mosca per unirsi al Patriarcato di Kyivan (UOC-KP), che, secondo il patriarca Bartolomeo, "non è mai esistito".

Dato che i giovani vescovi hanno venduto le loro anime al Fanar per le loro ambizioni, il Patriarca Filaret è l'unico leader nella Chiesa ucraina che crede ancora che debba essere indipendente e servire gli interessi dell'Ucraina. Se gli ucraini della diaspora rifiutassero di sostenerlo, tradiranno il loro patriarca e il loro paese. In cambio, riceveranno i vescovi greci e l'unica libertà di poter versare contributi al Patriarcato ecumenico. E tenendo conto delle esigenze e degli interessi del Fanar, i tassi per il contributo saliranno alle stelle.

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Moscow has presented tens of investment projects at SPIEF 2019 Wed, 12 Jun 2019 09:10:57 +0200 pressnews pressnews Moscow stand at SPIEF was one of the most visible and attractive this year. The projects of ten cableways within the city and the merits of the “Suppliers Portal” for purchases were presented by Moscow Vice Mayor Vladimir Efimov. Investment agreements with the provision of benefits to high-tech enterprises were also signed during the forum.

The investment climate of the capital of Russia was highly appreciated by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) by putting Moscow in the first place in the rating list for creating favorable business conditions.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin shared his own experience based on Moscow practice in creating a “smart city” system at one of the plenary discussions of the forum. 

Vladimir Efimov, Moscow Vice-Mayor for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations, told the press at SPIEF about the plans of the Moscow Government to build ten cableways in the capital that would be included in the city’s general transport infrastructure. He also described the advantages of the “Suppliers Portal” and named its latest progress.

SPIEF 2019 is considered unique for a record number of participants and the deals made. The representatives of 145 countries attended the forum. Among the visitors there were presidents, prime ministers and heads of large international corporations. More than 650 deals were made during the forum accounted for a total of 3.1 trillion rubles.

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Marketplace’s Pro Version Launched by PRENEWS.IO Wed, 17 Apr 2019 16:48:50 +0200 pressnews pressnews PRNEWS.IO is well known as a reliable tool for delivering a hassle-free and convenient way to promote a brand via news sites. This platform also allows organizations to place sponsor articles on a plethora of news sites.


It doesn’t matter whether it is a global news site or a local one. PRNEWS.IO platform lets you place sponsored content on them all. Recently, it launched a PRO mode of its marketplace. Through this latest version, all the essential features of the platform are now available to the professionals with immense ease.

About Pro Mode
According to the CEO of the company Alexander Storozhuk, PRNEWS.IO solves one of the biggest problems faced by PR specialists in the digital environment—the speed of response to new challenges. He also said, ‘As the market grew, we realized the growing demand for complex tasks from entrepreneurs who require more information to make quick decisions. Thanks to PRO mode, getting published in global media will be even easier.’

When it comes to Pro Mode, this latest version will feature a paid subscription (SaaS) model. Here, users will be allowed to benefit from features like access to advanced site data, bookmarks, lists, data exports and an even selection of media for publication of delicate news. This feature will be available for use starting April 1, 2019.

PRNEWS.IO is an internet company that originated in Eastern Europe. It has a presence in over 54 countries and was founded by an Entrepreneur in Ukraine back in 2015. In the past two years, the company consistently shows 100% growth.

It has managed to help a broad portfolio of brands in building their brand awareness through a form of content marketing. Whether it be press release, PR material or sponsored article, you can use PRNEWS.IO to publish it all.


TOP-7 Russian Oligarchs Fri, 12 Apr 2019 08:25:07 +0200 pressnews pressnews According to Forbes, Russia closes the top five in the world ranking in terms of the number of wealthiest people. The number of millionaires continues to increase despite the crisis in the country and the imposed sanctions.

How many billionaires and millionaires in Russia?

To date, more than 60% of Russia's overall well-being is concentrated in the hands of 0.1% of the country's population. At the same time, world figures are significantly different - about 30% of total capital (192 trillion dollars) is in the hands of the rich.

Find out the main differences between Russian and American men at . 

In the Russian Federation, despite the prolonged recession, the number of billionaires and millionaires continues to grow. According to Knight Frank, the number of millionaires in just one year increased by 10% and amounts to 132 thousand people. Nine hundred thirty billion dollars in hands of the wealthiest people in Russia. 

According to the latest statistics, 83 billionaires live in Russia. For comparison, in the USA there are 640 super-rich citizens, and in China, there are 204. After that, the citizens of Great Britain (100 people) and India (95 people) are in the rating. The top five closes Russia. In total, more than 2000 billionaires are registered in the world.

The outflow of capital from the Russian Federation The reasons for withdrawing funds outside the country are increased control over financial assets, bureaucracy, corruption, and tax increases.

Critical threat to the growth of a country's welfare is political uncertainty. In general conditions, the government wants to receive additional funds by raising the tax rate. Open source commercial information on accounts, capital flows, and decisions on the wealthiest people of the Russian Federation and the world.

Who is the richest person in Russia?
For the second year Leonid Michelson, co-founder, chairman of the board of NOVATEK became the citizen of the Russian Federation. The company is engaged in exploration and production of natural gas. For the year, the state of business increased by 4 billion and amounts to 18.4 billion dollars.

Top Russian billionaires
Many organizations annually make Russian oligarchs list based on the size of their financial condition. Such conclusions are average, as they are based on expert assessments. Not all wealth has an open market value. Besides, the fund of capital can be invested in offshore zones, where the movement of capital is a commercial secret. The Forbes list is one of the leading ratings used for expert analysis.

1. Leonid Michelson
The richest man in Russia was born in 1955 in Kaspiysk. He began his way to success in the Tyumen region after receiving an education in the specialty "civil engineer." Today, he is a successful entrepreneur, shareholder, chairman of the gas company NOVATEK and the petrochemical holding company Sibur.

2. Alexey Mordashev
The fortune of a Forbes businessman is estimated at $ 17.5 billion. Russian oligarch Mordashev began his path to success with an aquaintance with A. Chubais, who taught higher education institutions where Mordashev studied. After his graduation, Mordashev started his activity at the metallurgical complex in Cherepovets, where he was quickly promoted. After rebranding and changing the company strategy.

3. Vladimir Lisin
The career of the Russian billionaire begins with the position of electrical fitter at Yuzhkuzbassugol. After graduation, he worked at various metallurgical plants - from steelmaker assistant to deputy director of a metallurgical plant in Karaganda. At the beginning of the 90th century, he began business activities with the company. Trans Commodities, then acquired securities of the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant. This company allowed Lisin to earn his capital in the amount of 16.1 billion dollars and become a key figure in the world of domestic business. Today does not appear in the press and avoids interviews.

4. Gennady Timchenko
One of the Russian oil oligarchs was born in 1952 in Armenia, and he is a member of the board of directors of Sibur and NOVATEK enterprises and a business partner of Russia's richest man L. Michelson. He began his activity with the international trade association Kinex, which he acquired at privatized trades. After that, the company was reorganized into one of the largest Gunvor oil traders. Today, Forbes estimates the state of G. Timchenko at $ 16 billion.

5. Alisher Usmanov
He was born in Uzbekistan in the family of lawyers, graduated from MGIMO. In 1980 he was convicted of banditry. Usmanov opened his own business in the service sector in Kazakhstan. After migration to Russia, he worked on programs in the field of communications. Today, his capital is estimated at 15.2 billion dollars. He is the owner of the private journalistic enterprise "Kommersant," and controls the Internet portal

6. Vagit Alekperov
The future billionaire was born in the family of an oil producer, who graduated from the Institute of Oil and Chemistry in Azerbaijan and worked in the firm "Casmorneft." Oil production and refining Has been a priority for Alekperov; he held various positions in this area and worked in the Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry. After the collapse of the USSR, he was engaged in business, and today he heads the company "Lukoil." Despite the international conflicts and scandals that plague the enterprise, he managed to earn $ 14.5 billion.

7. Mikhail Fridman
He was born in Ukraine and graduated from the institute in Moscow. He began his first business during his years of learning and was selling theater tickets. In 1988 he opened the association "Courier," which specialized in the field of food delivery in the city. The first money for development earned on window washing. Today he is the owner of an oil and gas company in Germany and assets of the Alfa Group consortium. He managed to make $ 14.4 billion.

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7 Most romantic date ideas Tue, 19 Mar 2019 08:13:09 +0100 pressnews pressnews

Our 7 Most romantic date ideas will help you to win the heart of your beloved one. If you want to arrange an unforgettable surprise on the occasion of a significant anniversary or surprise a partner without a reason, you need to prepare properly. 

Before you plan a date you should decide on a budget taking into account all possible financial expenses so that you can organize a perfect romantic date.

Have you already learned about the tastes and preferences of your second half? Based on this information, you will be able to organize a remarkable event.

If you think that going to the movies and restaurants is banal and boring, we will tell you how to spend a great and interesting time.

Your imagination and creativity will be the best assistance in organizing an unusual meeting. Do not be afraid to surprise and take the initiative. You must do bold things and try to conquer the heart of your chosen one, no matter how long you are together. Romantic actions will be successful both on the first date and at all the next meetings.

Best date ideas for the hearts in love

Let's take a look at the most unusual options that certainly won't leave you indifferent.

1. Romantic dinner on the roof of a multi-storey building. This idea can only be used if both partners are not afraid of heights. Just imagine how you will observe the amazing views of the evening city. The city lights of the metropolis and the glow of millions of stars look very special in the evening. This atmosphere will help you to get the right mood and relax. Nowadays there are certain event-agencies that specialize in the preparation of locations. So, you can entrust all the work to professionals or just do it yourself. If you want to arrange it yourself, you will need:

  • to order or prepare food and drinks. It is possible to arrange only chocolate, fruit and wine;
  • to put the necessary furniture in advance, it can be a small folding table and chairs. Decorated with a fine tablecloth, they will look amazing;
  • to bring some warm blankets as even summer nights are cool;
  • you can hire a waiter who will serve you snacks and so on.

 Do not be afraid to improvise, use some interesting decorative elements to create a romantic mood. A variety of charming decorations for the chosen location will help you to achieve the desired effect. Light the candles and cover the place with rose petals.

If you do not have enough free time for thorough preparation, assign this important mission to the professionals. In this case, you can be sure that your intimate meeting will take place without any unexpected surprises.

2. Dancing classes. If you can not imagine your life without dancing and discos, this master class will be the perfect variant for you. You'll have fun and spend the time to good use. The passionate movement to the music will bring you closer to each other. Strong embraces of a loved one will give extraordinary emotions. Choose a dance that matches your temperament. It could be:

  • tango;
  • waltz;
  • salsa;
  • bachata.

We are sure that any girl will be glad to spend time this way. Inviting to a date, warn your girlfriend that she needs a suitable pair of shoes. After such a master class, you can continue the evening in a nightclub or karaoke.

3. For the fans of privacy. Do both of you share a common desire to be just together? Then try to prepare a romantic candlelight dinner for her. If you are never bored being together and you do not mind spending a good time at home than this is 100% your option!

Have you planned to invite your girlfriend to visit you at your place? Keep in mind that this is appropriate if you are already close enough and trust each other. If you have just started your relationship, this offer may scare her off. She could perceive the situation in the wrong way.

 At first, choose the convenient day of the week and the time that will be suitable for both of you. Try to plan everything so that you are not disturbed by random guests. You should decorate your home, do a big clean-up. Make sure that nothing will distract you and will not spoil your relaxing mood. Put everything in the right place, removing unnecessary items out of the sight.

Decide on the menu and buy all the needed products. It is recommended to cook light meals. For this occasion, you'd better choose some seafood as it is an excellent aphrodisiac. If you expect that the evening will be followed by a night of passion, do not be lazy to cook food, which has the special effect of waking up your secret desires. Among such products are nuts, chocolate, strawberries, avocados, oysters and shrimps.

As the practice shows usually lovers are so passionate about each other that they are completely indifferent to the served food. Therefore, do not take the trouble in cooking some complex dishes.

Cool a bottle of champagne or your favorite wine. Cover the table with a beautiful tablecloth and go to the exquisite serving with fine crockery.

It is necessary to think of the background music. Before the arrival of your passion, light candles. We are sure that with a little effort you will be able to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

4. Visiting the quest room.  Do you like everything mysterious and odd? Then you can go on an exciting date for intellectuals. Nowadays there are a lot of thematic quest rooms. Solving the puzzles, you can feel the adrenaline because all the tasks must be done on time.

Another way to surprise a girl who loves puzzles is to organize the game yourself. For this, you should hide the prize at a certain place. It can be tickets to a movie or a concert where you will go together. Performing a number of tasks together, you get closer to your destination where the prize is hidden. It is possible to implement such a plan in a mini-format when a gift for your beloved is hidden somewhere in your apartment, and her task is to find it, solving puzzles one by one and gradually coming closer to the gift. In this way, you can make a marriage proposal. So, at the final stage of the game, your bride will find a box with a cherished engagement ring. And you will only have to say the long-awaited words of a love confession.

5. Low-cost option. Do you like to take pictures? Then take a camera and go for a walk around the city. If the weather permits walking, you will enjoy a great time in the fresh air and have lots of memorable pictures. Plan your route in advance. Maybe your couple has places with which some warm memories are associated. Visit an attraction park or a zoo, where you can take bright photos and have some fun together. Watching animals, you will remember that carefree time when you were children. Bring with you treats for small animals or birds to feed them together.

6. Perfect date ideas include going on a voyage on a steamboat, yacht or boat with your soul mate. Being close to a body of water makes you feel relaxed and brings you a great mood. This cruise will be surely kept in your memory for a long time. It is an interesting and exciting experience regardless of whether your financial ability allows hiring a boat for only two of you or you will have to share this time with other people.

 Another great opportunity to have fun in the water is to rent a kayak or canoe. In this case, you will definitely be away from prying eyes and ears. Keep in mind that for a long voyage it is vital to be ready for such a "test" physically, as rowing is very exhausting. You will probably stop on the bank in a picturesque place, so it is necessary to bring along a snack prepared in advance.

It is worth taking into account that such a holiday will bring pleasure only if the weather is warm and clear. Be sure to check the weather forecast for the date of your meeting.

7. Horseback riding. This kind of date will attract the attention of the fans of nature and all living things. If your beloved girl has long dreamed of learning horseback riding, do not miss the chance to make her cherished dream come true. Try to schedule an event for the weekend, when you are absolutely free, so you will not have to follow the time and hurry anywhere. If both of you do not feel very confident in the saddle, but still want a more secluded atmosphere without the attention of instructors, you should book a sightseeing trip of your city in a carriage drawn by horses. A romantic trip in a carriage is a perfect option for a first date. You can become a real Prince Charming for your girl.

Whichever of the unique date ideas you choose, do not forget that it is important to pay special attention to your own appearance. Think about your outfit in advance. After all, it's no secret that the presentation is vital. If you go on a first date with a charming lady whom you have admired for a long time, your task is to produce a good impression.

Buy a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It is great if you already know what flowers she prefers. Choose a symbolic gift that can express your feelings. It will not be difficult to decide what to give her. Take into account the interests of the beloved one or choose among the universal options that may please anyone. These can be soft toys, jewelry, underwear, perfumes and so on. You may ask her friends what she wants to receive as a gift. Girls often gossip about such things.

Feel free to experiment and do things that your own intuition suggests doing. To create a bright and unforgettable moment in your life it is not necessary to spend a huge amount of money. It is enough to use the imagination and work a little in the proper direction. Your sincere desire to make a surprise for your girlfriend will be definitely appreciated and rewarded!


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The Future of VoIP Traffic on the International Level - Forecasts for 2019 Wed, 20 Feb 2019 15:07:52 +0100 pressnews pressnews The recent researches in the Telecommunication industry and global Telecom conferences rise the important questions of the future development of the international VoIP and SMS traffic, which was largely developing in the end on the 20-th century and is on its decay last years.

Below is the major characteristic of the current level of development and vectors of the development in these business spheres.


According to experts, this year the number of IP-telephony users in the world will exceed 150 million. Currently, the global market of VoIP-services is estimated at more than $ 70 billion.

Transparency Market Research (TMR), an American market research company, predicts a great future for the global VoIP market. According to her latest report, by 2020 the global VoIP market will grow to $136.76 billion, and the number of users will reach almost 350 million.

The list of 10 countries where VoIP services are most common includes the USA, Japan, France, South Korea, Germany, China, Brazil, the Netherlands, Canada, and the United Kingdom. When it comes to market growth rates, the list changes almost completely: the fastest growing market is in Lithuania, Puerto Rico, Poland, Ireland, Brazil, Romania, Slovenia, Estonia, Spain, and the UK.

It is interesting that although Europe is now the leader in terms of profit and the number of VoIP users, by 2020 more than 40% of these indicators worldwide will fall in the Pacific region. As in the previous years, Russia is in the TOP 5 Regional VoIP markets by the number of service users (nearly 28 million), ranking third after India (nearly 32 million) and the United States (30 million).

The factors that stimulate the development of the global market usually include the deployment of high-speed 3G and 4G networks, the development of network infrastructure, pricing policy, as well as the ease of implementation and configuration of VoIP.

At the same time, it is important to understand that 90% of the VoIP market is still in developed countries, and in the rest of the world, there are many factors that prevent the spread of VoIP. Among them, there are several serious obstacles to the development of IP-telephony. First, in many countries, the telecommunications infrastructure is not yet able to support VoIP services. Secondly, not all incomes are as high as in developed countries, and the high level of poverty and the low penetration of personal computers mean that people often do not have access to VoIP services. Finally, in some States, there are legal restrictions on the use of VoIP technologies, which often aim to protect local operators from competition. An example of this approach is Brazil, where the largest operator Brazil Telecom tried to stop the spread of VoIP services in the country. However, sometimes the reason is simply domestic policy. For example, in China, which shares with Germany the fifth place in the top ten countries with the highest degree of distribution of VoIP-services, the state is a monopoly in the provision of VoIP-services.

However, it would be wrong to think that the absence of legislative restrictions cancels the struggle of operators with OTT services. Even in the US and Canada, despite the adoption of the so-called network neutrality rules prohibiting discrimination by communication providers of any services and applications, there are no mechanisms to force companies to comply with them. In addition, in South Korea, Telecom operators are allowed to use any means to combat VoIP-services – from full blocking to additional billing.

The Prospects of VoIP Technologies Development

The intensive development of the Internet together with the introduction of UMTS and LTE technologies contribute to the explosive growth of the data traffic, which yet does not lead to a similar increase in revenue of telecom operators. Therefore, the main source of business growth for the mobile radio operators is the transition to IP-technologies and the introduction of IMS for the development of voice services in mobile networks of a new generation.

Among the current trends in the development and legislative regulation of VoIP services, in many countries, the VoIP market has become mainstream. Besides, the current stage is described as the migration of voice traffic in the data network, however, OTT-services have not yet been able to shake the confident position of traditional communication services.

Experts notice that VoIP-technologies are more likely to solve the tasks of the countries’ import-export fields and implementation of trusted environments through the development of domestic services and software.

From the point of view of consumers, VoIP is an analog of telephone services. At the same time, VoIP-providers provide services on a commercial basis through the networks of Telecom operators, but the domestic legislation in the field of communication still does not apply to them.

Experts on the international level express confidence in the necessity for a unified approach to the regulation of operators and communication Internet services, based on the principles of network neutrality.

Among the most relevant issues and questions being risen all over the world by the telecom experts are network attack protection systems development and implementation, which can be used as a means of ensuring the stability of VoIP networks.

New Drivers for the Development of The VoIP Market

One of the key issues discussed by the participants of the global telecom events is the prospects of the OTT players in an environment where the voice goes to the LTE network and becomes free. LTE technology offers a number of advantages to OTT service and application developers as they become even less dependent on the old Telecom infrastructure. At the same time, the list of subscriber devices that support new standards and technologies, such as WebRTC, is significantly expanded.

The transition of mobile operators to LTE networks with VoLTE support will become a new driver for the development of the VoIP market, since VoLTE is only a convenient transport for voice traffic, while OTT services are much more than just "voice". In particular, they provide the service provider with a worldwide subscriber base, offer users a convenient communication interface, are independent of the way of Internet access and communication channels, and are easily integrated with business applications such as CRM, as well as OSS/BSS systems. According to the experts' forecasts, by 2020, voice transmission via VoLTE technology will take no more than 14% of the VoIP market, while most of it will belong to OTT services.

 Main Trends in Different Market Segments

In the B2C segment, VoIP services are mainly used to save on communication services. This market is characterized by a high degree of saturation (for example, Skype is used by more than 300 million people around the world, and the share of this company accounts for only 40% of the market), so it is not necessary to wait for a large growth of the user segment.

The B2B segment is developing more dynamically. A study conducted in 2012 by Future Market Insights estimated the number of corporate users at about 100 million, and the volume of this market was about $43.3 billion. Initially, corporate users were also driven by the desire to reduce communication costs, and then added to this the understanding that VoIP services can save on infrastructure.

Finally, the corporate segment has come to use applications with built-in communications, which today greatly stimulates the development of the entire VoIP market. We are talking primarily about cloud PBX, call-centers, CRM, document management, accounting, ERP and other applications that allow not only to reduce costs but also to optimize business processes and increase revenue. This direction is now developing most rapidly. For example, the growth rate of the virtual PBX market in Russia reaches 35-50% per year, and in the whole world is 20-25% annually.

The next phase of VoIP market development is the mobile segment. Experts say that very soon mobile devices will become the main means of using VoIP-technologies, and the growing popularity of UC and BYOD models will accelerate this process. According to Juniper Market Research forecast, by 2017 there will be more than 1 billion users of mobile VoIP services provided by OTT model. Other sources claim that by 2016 mobile VoIP applications will bring a profit of $ 36 billion [3].

An important driver for the development of the mobile segment of IP-telephony is also the active development of the LTE ecosystem. So far, such networks across the country have built only small States like South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore, but in the near future, their example will be followed by the United States and Japan.

According to analysts, now the majority of users call via VoIP from computer to phone. At the same time, in the next five years, the profit from VoIP calls from phone to phone will grow by almost 15% annually, but a serious increase in the number of calls from computer to computer is not worth waiting for.

Prepared by Julia Rybalkina from:

Titolo UniCredit – un ottimo investimento per i trader Thu, 07 Feb 2019 16:17:29 +0100 pressnews pressnews

Ha iniziato come servizio bancario italiano, e ora è un gruppo da miliardi di dollari presente nei paesi di tutto il mondo. 


Secondo il principale stock broker, UniCredit è uno dei titoli con le migliori performance nel mercato azionario dell'Eurozona e può essere una grande aggiunta a qualsiasi portafoglio.

UniCredit — Ieri e Oggi

UniCredit è stata fondata nel 1998 dopo che le banche che costituivano il Gruppo Unicredito Italiano - Rolo Banca e Banca Popolare di Rieti - si fusero, insieme ad altri gruppi bancari italiani. Un anno dopo iniziò la sua espansione, acquistando la Polish Bank Pekao; e nel 2000, il gruppo si fuse con Bank Austria. Un'altra grande mossa è stata fatta due anni dopo, con quello che è stato chiamato il progetto S3, quando il gruppo ha fuso sette delle loro reti bancarie: unite 7 della loro rete bancaria: Cariverona, Cassamarca, Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto, Rolo Banca, Banca CRT e Cassa di Risparmio di Trieste in Credito Italiano; e Credito Italiano è stato rinominato in UniCredit Banca.

UniCredit ha iniziato ad impegnarsi in transazioni più grandi che hanno aiutato il gruppo a diventare un gigante. La società ha venduto i suoi crediti deteriorati e UniCredit Credit Management Bank; il ramo d'azienda di servizi mobiliari rappresentato attraverso 2S Banca - che è stato venduto a Société Générale per 579,3 milioni di euro; il settore commerciale delle carte da Austria, Germania e Italia - che è stato venduto alla società italiana SIA per € 500 milioni; così come la banca ucraina Ukrsotsbank ad Alfa Group.

Al giorno d'oggi, il gruppo UniCredit possiede e gestisce circa 16 filiali; è presente in oltre 50 mercati e 18 paesi. Alcuni dei prodotti che fornisce sono servizi bancari, di trading e di investimento, oltre a servizi assicurativi e di credito. La sede principale si trova a Milano, in Italia; e le persone chiave sono il presidente Giuseppe Vita e l'amministratore delegato Jean Pierre Mustier.

UniCredit sul Mercato Azionario

Il titolo UniCredit è quotato in borsa e può essere scambiato su tre borse: la Borsa Italiana (BIT: UCG), la Borsa di Francoforte (FWB: CRI) e la Borsa di Varsavia (WSE: UCG). Lo stock è anche un componente degli indici del mercato azionario EURO STOXX 50 e FTSE MIB.

Il modo migliore per vedere se un titolo è un investimento degno o meno - è controllare la sua salute finanziaria. UniCredit è considerato uno dei titoli italiani di maggior valore e uno dei migliori titoli dell'area dell'euro. Nel 2007, il gigante aveva un fatturato di 19,619 miliardi di euro e un reddito netto di 3,708 miliardi di dollari. La sua salute finanziaria è stata prospera negli ultimi dieci anni e ha registrato una crescita continua. La società dovrebbe registrare una crescita annua del 13,4%, una percentuale superiore alla media del mercato italiano.

Come investire nel titolo UniCredit?

Il titolo UniCredit è un ottimo modo per diversificare il portafoglio di investimenti e anche aggiungere valore ad esso con una società così prestigiosa. Questa cosa è possibile grazie all'aiuto di un agente di borsa online e può essere fatto in pochi minuti e passi. Tutto quello che devi fare è registrare un account e iniziare a fare il tuo investimento. Tuttavia, la scelta di un broker è una decisione molto importante ed è necessario prestare particolare attenzione ad alcuni dettagli, ad esempio se la società è regolamentata o se i costi per investire nel titolo sono chiari. è un broker di titoli online noto nel settore per la sua professionalità e trasparenza. È visibile sulla sua homepage che è regolamentato e concesso in licenza da CySEC; e il broker ti presenta anche i tassi di commissione per la compravendita di azioni in base alla tua posizione e al tipo di conto che scegli. Inoltre, TradeFW broker offre ai suoi clienti una piattaforma di trading e strumenti performanti, materiali didattici, supporto live dedicato 24/5 e servizio clienti professionale. Queste caratteristiche sono praticamente tutto ciò di cui un investitore potrebbe aver bisogno per un investimento sano e gratificante.

UniCredit non è solo un altro titolo italiano, ma un'azienda dalla risonanza globale. La sua capacità di mantenere un tasso di crescita degli utili anno su anno positivo e una posizione così imponente nel mercato azionario dell'Eurozona, sono due solide ragioni per cui può essere un grande investimento. Inoltre, gli esperti prevedono che avrà una crescita annuale significativa, e solo questo è uno dei migliori segni che rappresenta un titolo di valore a lungo termine.

Bitbon System — Smart Investments into the Future Thu, 07 Feb 2019 15:47:49 +0100 pressnews pressnews

Modern investment methods and stock markets can no longer fully satisfy the needs of acting investors and individuals willing to attract funds. Limited access to crowdfunding platforms, overregulated economy, absence of project evaluation methods, risk and security threats are complicating fundraising procedures.

Using the DAO Mechanism: “Pros” and “Cons”

The DAO (digital autonomous organizations) mechanism solves the ICO problem but still uses smart contracts that have proven to be ineffective in terms of management. The decisions are made by a group of people who don’t know each other and aren’t connected in any way, thus there is a high risk of being scammed. The absence of standardized reports and their revision contribute to the issue. As a result of poor reliability, the DAO mechanism can’t handle the functions that were laid upon it.

Relevance of the Bitbon System in Modern Investment

The Bitbon System is an innovative blockchain-based investment platform, which, according to the definition of the developers, is called a Contributing platform. Terms and conditions of cooperation of all parties within the System are specified in Projectbon Protocols of specific projects. The Contributing process involves the following parties:

  • Contributor (investor);
  • Contractat (business offer initiator);
  • Bitup-Agency (agency that admits projects to fundraising and supervises them during all implementation stages).

Thanks to the Bitbon System, investors can choose promising and profitable projects on their own, while business ideas receive funds for their successful implementation.

Bitbon System Digital Asset: Main Terms and Properties

Bitbon Digital Asset is a key component of the Bitbon System. Terms and properties laid down in the Bitbon Digital Asset include:

  • Decentralized management;
  • Social relevance;
  • Protection from unlawful use;
  • Projectbon Protocol;
  • Property rights to assets management system;
  • Blockchain;
  • Assets;
  • Contributing;
  • Crypto asset;
  • Currency;
  • Cryptography;
  • Crypto currency;
  • Digital value;
  • Audit;
  • Transaction security;
  • Inheriting;
  • Smart contract.

Due to the integral system of Bitbon’s qualities, you can determine the cost of any property, and that cost will correspond to the share of property rights to assets of the Bitbon System user.

When choosing the Bitbon System, the user gets a number of new opportunities:

  • Conducting safe deals;
  • Exchanging payment instruments;
  • Accounting;
  • Using the discount system;
  • Attracting financing;
  • Safe transfer of rights to assets and exchange of digital information;
  • Individual mining.

Advantages of Working in the Bitbon System

System users gain additional income when they engage in Contributing. To do that, they have to choose a business project and participate in its implementation in accordance with terms and conditions of the Projectbon Protocol of a specific project that was drawn up by the participants beforehand.

 Transparency and Reliability

The Bitbon System contains a component called the Bitbon System Capitalization Fund, which guarantees profit to System participants (investors). Projects are financed in stages, and after the completion of each stage they are examined for the fulfillment of obligations according to the Projectbon Protocol of a specific project. Based on the examination results, the decision is made on the financing of the subsequent stages. The maximal transparency of Contributing is achieved by allowing free access to the decentralized data ledger of the Bitbon System, which was created as a separate version of the Ethereum Blockchain with original additional instruments and utilities.

Why Digital Investing Is Popular Among Stock Market Investors

Investing within the Bitbon System can be described as up-to-date, stable and reliable. The ability to use the services from anywhere in the world, new functions for executing operations, access management, working at high speed, security, stability and scalability — these are the reasons why you should consider participating in digital investing.


Sevilla FC and Trusted Broker EverFX Reach Agreement on Major Sponsorship Mon, 21 Jan 2019 14:40:28 +0100 pressnews pressnews


For the past couple of days, EverFX has been eager to sponsor one of Europe’s biggest football clubs. An official agreement was signed earlier this week.

Both EverFX and Sevilla FC share and operate under the same values, principles and ethics: fairness, transparency and competitive fervour. This collaboration is just the beginning of what promises to be a long lasting relationship between two institutions that have a common vision and hunger for success.

“This is an agreement we’re equally proud and excited about. From scouting players and nurturing young talent, to winning on the highest level, Sevilla FC have set the standard for excellence both on and off the football pitch. EverFX wants to share and amplify everything this great football club stands for and we’re happy to embark on this journey with such an elite team.”

Georgios Karoullas
CEO of EverFX


About EverFX
EverFX is a trusted broker of CFDs on forex, metals, commodities and more, offering retail and professional traders the liquidity and state-of-the-art platforms to trade derivatives over the internet.  From the vast array of trading instruments and impeccable customer support to extensive market knowledge and trader education, EverFX has created the ideal trading environment for beginners and experienced traders alike.

EverFX is built on the values and principles of diversity, flexibility, transparency and open, reasonable pricing structures.