What You Should Know About Rocket League Rocket Pass

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The Rocket Pass is a limited-time progression system in Rocket League that allows players to gain new content and Rocket League items in a variety of ways. Every year, there are a range of Rocket Passes, each with its own collection of new, exclusive content. 


All items from Rocket Pass 1 can be freely exchanged with other players; however, beginning with Rocket Pass 2, items in the Premium Upgrade route for Tiers 1-70 cannot be traded; however, 'Pro Tier' items (i.e. Tier 71 and above) and Free items can still be traded with other players. 


Pro Tiers: Starting with version 1.92, a player's Rocket Pass Tier at the time of purchase can determine whether or not they are eligible to purchase Pro Tiers. 

Any Tier package is available to Tier 1-40 players. 

Tiers 41-58 have the option of purchasing up to 12 Tiers. 

Tiers 59-64 have the option of buying up to 6 Tiers. 

Level 65-69 players can only buy one Tier at a time. 

Pro Tiers will also be unlocked by progression for players who have reached Tier 70 or higher. 


Rocket Pass Premium: Players who have reached Tier 59 or higher on the free Rocket Pass track will be able to buy Rocket Pass Premium, but not the Premium + 12 Tiers pack. 


Everyone can receive free new battle-car customization pieces, Player Banners, and in-game Titles thanks to the free Rocket Pass, which unlocks rewards automatically. You can buy the Premium Rocket Pass upgrade for 1,000 Credits if you want to unlock more content (USD 9.99 or regional equivalent). You can unlock new premium customization products, such as premium battle-cars, premium Player Banners, premium Titles, and premium Credits, as well as ‘XP Boosts,' which multiply your won XP in the Rocket Pass, and ‘XP Awards,' which can help you progress through the Rocket Pass more quickly. While a Rocket Pass is active, you can upgrade to premium at any time without missing any progress; premium rewards are automatically available up to the current pass tier. If you are interested in buying the Premium upgrade, you will be able to preview all of the content before purchasing, so you will know exactly what will be sent to you. 


You receive one Pass Tier every time you level up while Rocket Pass is enabled. The more Tiers you receive, the more benefits you'll be able to use. You can even ‘Tier Up' by buying Tiers outright with Credits if you want those Premium incentives sooner rather than later. If you've purchased the Premium upgrade, you will start earning 'Pro Tiers' once you've unlocked all of the available Tiers in your Pass. Each Pro Tier grants you a chance to receive a Painted and/or Certified version of a Premium Rocket Pass item you've already unlocked. If you've completed the entire package of each Paint Color and Certification for the current Pass, there are no repeat incentives from Pro Tiers.

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