The History of Snowboarding

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Winter is the favourite season of the year and also hosts the most celebrated festival around the globe. By winter, we imagine Christmas, snow and snowboarding. Yes, snowboarding is one of the favourite sports of the winter season. It is highly energetic and highly refreshing sports.

How was it invented?

The first snowboarder on record was M.J. Burchett, who was frequently seen surfing down the hills on a plank of plywood during the year 1929.

The second most noticeable figure of skateboarding was Tom Sims who soon grew addicted to skateboarding after going for a holiday to California. Though whenever winter came, he used to get utterly disappointed as his skateboard didn't allow him to skateboard on the thick snow. That bus when he decided that he would make a skateboard that can be used on snow as well which thus led to the invention of snowboards. He made a plank of pine with a noise kick attached to the front side and a carpet mounted on the top of the plank for the traction. Underneath the board, the surfer put candlewax, and aluminium w2hich would allow him to slide across the snow smoothly. He named it Sims snowboard, and it is now one of the most famous brands of snowboard available in the market.

Though, snowboarding didn’t become an active sport until the year 1965, when Sherman Poppen, just another ordinary man, bolted a pair of skis and attached them with a length of cord for balance so that his children could go out during the winter. Poppen termed it as Snurfer which soon became famous. All his neighbours came running to him and asked him to build them a pair of the same. The product was quickly a hit in the market, and now, it is among the top brands of snowboards available in the market.

The most noticeable year in the history of snowboarding is the year 1977 when snowboards witnessed a vast difference in their manufacturing style and technology. Now there are many famous brands available in the market wh0o manufactures snowboards that6 would allow you to pace down the hill while moving in different direction and swirling between the snowy rocks.

These snowboards also allowed the surfers to perform various tricks with the help of them which eventually led to the discovery of many snowboard trick names. Many noticeable snowboarders perform these extreme stunts and are featured in the transworld snowboarding magazines.

Over the years, snowboarding has turned out to be a favourite sport among sports enthusiast for the winter season. There are plenty of best snowboarding quotesfrom the snowboarding lovers. Check out some of the best snowboards at and make your winter an active season.


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