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I do not believe that the online shopping thing, since last year I open his own shop, there is recognition of online shopping. Understand the thoughts of the heart to open the shop owner, no matter what the owner as long as the open shop he can not just want to earn a count an his shop but would like to be able to go on and so will normally be done well, so I also big guts to start shopping online. bought several really good, something good quality, the price is cheap.

   I want to buy a jersey and I are in New York, where a shop to buy, I used to work there, so convenient to work from home, so I do not want to re-passed the Internet, I wanted to buy a I enter my favorite Calvin Johnson Nike Jersey looked, there are many, but the price is over 200, there are more than 120 I've bought over 89.99, so I chose a shop, the price 89.99, on a good that is genuine, so it is assured that the other receipt


   But the next day to get the goods, I'm really too upset and I kind of habit is to express to the general on the signature, nor inspection (because a lot of my auto insurance the list, this operation are generally so into the habit.) but other courier people go, I opened it, the appearance of this Nike jersey and I've Reebok jersey is immeasurably not only looks rough, but there is a long scratch, I and immediately put on to go. appearance is not good on MSN, I immediately called the shop owner, and he said the results of his answer and I'm really disappointed., he said to give you the shirt must be genuine, and said I used must be licensed, that previously bought must be more than 80 yuan, had known this should allow me to buy his store over 200 kind .. There may be said that the scratches did not see, also said why I was not inspection I can return, he said you can, but I bear the toll of back and forth I also stressed that the festival say that the sound quality is not good, he said the jersey to wash said some time will be good .


After this, I summarize a lesson, must later inspection, even the courier of people unhappy is face to face inspection, so if appearance is not good, you can reject the or something to the hands, returns are uneconomical good quality and low price, Although things can retire, but the courier or to own a shoot things and be careful now, I find a professional Detroit Lions Jersey Shop ( above all of goods, no longer the same as before, to delay a lot of time in order to find a good jersey. I feel good things should come to share with you! So write this diary hope you will support, and who has a good jersey website hope everyone will come to share!

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