Care and maintenance of sex dolls

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Conscience merchants usually use advanced import material, real doll skin does not out of oil so easily. To wash once every 15 days generally, after taking a bath, daub talcum powder, can increase feel. Use washing powder, dishwashing liquid, body wash,and soap. Total strongly alkaline chemicals, such as alcohol, are prohibited, 84 disinfectant;

The sex doll can be repeatedly rinsed with the cleaning machine presented, after cleaning, use dry cloth to absorb water and blow dry with a hair dryer. The doll cannot wear dark clothes, tpe is easy to absorb color, can be used to remove after dyeing, apply every 12 hours. Until it's completely removed.

Storage: try to maintain factory settings posture when storage, can extend the life of the doll. The special position will make the material tense for a long time, which may tear. Non-stand-up lifelike sex dolls can cause penetration of the soles of the feet, so if you want a doll to stand, you need to customize the stand-up style. When the doll is especially dirty, can not remove the stains, can be used to remove makeup oil, olive oil wipe.

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