7 Most romantic date ideas

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Our 7 Most romantic date ideas will help you to win the heart of your beloved one. If you want to arrange an unforgettable surprise on the occasion of a significant anniversary or surprise a partner without a reason, you need to prepare properly. 

Before you plan a date you should decide on a budget taking into account all possible financial expenses so that you can organize a perfect romantic date.

Have you already learned about the tastes and preferences of your second half? Based on this information, you will be able to organize a remarkable event.

If you think that going to the movies and restaurants is banal and boring, we will tell you how to spend a great and interesting time.

Your imagination and creativity will be the best assistance in organizing an unusual meeting. Do not be afraid to surprise and take the initiative. You must do bold things and try to conquer the heart of your chosen one, no matter how long you are together. Romantic actions will be successful both on the first date and at all the next meetings.

Best date ideas for the hearts in love

Let's take a look at the most unusual options that certainly won't leave you indifferent.

1. Romantic dinner on the roof of a multi-storey building. This idea can only be used if both partners are not afraid of heights. Just imagine how you will observe the amazing views of the evening city. The city lights of the metropolis and the glow of millions of stars look very special in the evening. This atmosphere will help you to get the right mood and relax. Nowadays there are certain event-agencies that specialize in the preparation of locations. So, you can entrust all the work to professionals or just do it yourself. If you want to arrange it yourself, you will need:

  • to order or prepare food and drinks. It is possible to arrange only chocolate, fruit and wine;
  • to put the necessary furniture in advance, it can be a small folding table and chairs. Decorated with a fine tablecloth, they will look amazing;
  • to bring some warm blankets as even summer nights are cool;
  • you can hire a waiter who will serve you snacks and so on.

 Do not be afraid to improvise, use some interesting decorative elements to create a romantic mood. A variety of charming decorations for the chosen location will help you to achieve the desired effect. Light the candles and cover the place with rose petals.

If you do not have enough free time for thorough preparation, assign this important mission to the professionals. In this case, you can be sure that your intimate meeting will take place without any unexpected surprises.

2. Dancing classes. If you can not imagine your life without dancing and discos, this master class will be the perfect variant for you. You'll have fun and spend the time to good use. The passionate movement to the music will bring you closer to each other. Strong embraces of a loved one will give extraordinary emotions. Choose a dance that matches your temperament. It could be:

  • tango;
  • waltz;
  • salsa;
  • bachata.

We are sure that any girl will be glad to spend time this way. Inviting to a date, warn your girlfriend that she needs a suitable pair of shoes. After such a master class, you can continue the evening in a nightclub or karaoke.

3. For the fans of privacy. Do both of you share a common desire to be just together? Then try to prepare a romantic candlelight dinner for her. If you are never bored being together and you do not mind spending a good time at home than this is 100% your option!

Have you planned to invite your girlfriend to visit you at your place? Keep in mind that this is appropriate if you are already close enough and trust each other. If you have just started your relationship, this offer may scare her off. She could perceive the situation in the wrong way.

 At first, choose the convenient day of the week and the time that will be suitable for both of you. Try to plan everything so that you are not disturbed by random guests. You should decorate your home, do a big clean-up. Make sure that nothing will distract you and will not spoil your relaxing mood. Put everything in the right place, removing unnecessary items out of the sight.

Decide on the menu and buy all the needed products. It is recommended to cook light meals. For this occasion, you'd better choose some seafood as it is an excellent aphrodisiac. If you expect that the evening will be followed by a night of passion, do not be lazy to cook food, which has the special effect of waking up your secret desires. Among such products are nuts, chocolate, strawberries, avocados, oysters and shrimps.

As the practice shows usually lovers are so passionate about each other that they are completely indifferent to the served food. Therefore, do not take the trouble in cooking some complex dishes.

Cool a bottle of champagne or your favorite wine. Cover the table with a beautiful tablecloth and go to the exquisite serving with fine crockery.

It is necessary to think of the background music. Before the arrival of your passion, light candles. We are sure that with a little effort you will be able to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

4. Visiting the quest room.  Do you like everything mysterious and odd? Then you can go on an exciting date for intellectuals. Nowadays there are a lot of thematic quest rooms. Solving the puzzles, you can feel the adrenaline because all the tasks must be done on time.

Another way to surprise a girl who loves puzzles is to organize the game yourself. For this, you should hide the prize at a certain place. It can be tickets to a movie or a concert where you will go together. Performing a number of tasks together, you get closer to your destination where the prize is hidden. It is possible to implement such a plan in a mini-format when a gift for your beloved is hidden somewhere in your apartment, and her task is to find it, solving puzzles one by one and gradually coming closer to the gift. In this way, you can make a marriage proposal. So, at the final stage of the game, your bride will find a box with a cherished engagement ring. And you will only have to say the long-awaited words of a love confession.

5. Low-cost option. Do you like to take pictures? Then take a camera and go for a walk around the city. If the weather permits walking, you will enjoy a great time in the fresh air and have lots of memorable pictures. Plan your route in advance. Maybe your couple has places with which some warm memories are associated. Visit an attraction park or a zoo, where you can take bright photos and have some fun together. Watching animals, you will remember that carefree time when you were children. Bring with you treats for small animals or birds to feed them together.

6. Perfect date ideas include going on a voyage on a steamboat, yacht or boat with your soul mate. Being close to a body of water makes you feel relaxed and brings you a great mood. This cruise will be surely kept in your memory for a long time. It is an interesting and exciting experience regardless of whether your financial ability allows hiring a boat for only two of you or you will have to share this time with other people.

 Another great opportunity to have fun in the water is to rent a kayak or canoe. In this case, you will definitely be away from prying eyes and ears. Keep in mind that for a long voyage it is vital to be ready for such a "test" physically, as rowing is very exhausting. You will probably stop on the bank in a picturesque place, so it is necessary to bring along a snack prepared in advance.

It is worth taking into account that such a holiday will bring pleasure only if the weather is warm and clear. Be sure to check the weather forecast for the date of your meeting.

7. Horseback riding. This kind of date will attract the attention of the fans of nature and all living things. If your beloved girl has long dreamed of learning horseback riding, do not miss the chance to make her cherished dream come true. Try to schedule an event for the weekend, when you are absolutely free, so you will not have to follow the time and hurry anywhere. If both of you do not feel very confident in the saddle, but still want a more secluded atmosphere without the attention of instructors, you should book a sightseeing trip of your city in a carriage drawn by horses. A romantic trip in a carriage is a perfect option for a first date. You can become a real Prince Charming for your girl.

Whichever of the unique date ideas you choose, do not forget that it is important to pay special attention to your own appearance. Think about your outfit in advance. After all, it's no secret that the presentation is vital. If you go on a first date with a charming lady whom you have admired for a long time, your task is to produce a good impression.

Buy a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. It is great if you already know what flowers she prefers. Choose a symbolic gift that can express your feelings. It will not be difficult to decide what to give her. Take into account the interests of the beloved one or choose among the universal options that may please anyone. These can be soft toys, jewelry, underwear, perfumes and so on. You may ask her friends what she wants to receive as a gift. Girls often gossip about such things.

Feel free to experiment and do things that your own intuition suggests doing. To create a bright and unforgettable moment in your life it is not necessary to spend a huge amount of money. It is enough to use the imagination and work a little in the proper direction. Your sincere desire to make a surprise for your girlfriend will be definitely appreciated and rewarded!


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