Sex dolls are amazing subjects for photography

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You also have to ask other questions to find out why you should choose a TPE sex doll instead of silicone. Is she a pure companion? Or is not it sex with you? Do you think you can take a warm bath for her? Are you ready to wear white clothes? What makes you see, touch and make both? How far do you want to be from her? Can you pay for their repair? Your answer to the above question will determine if you should opt for a TPE doll.

First, TPE sex dolls are cheaper. Soft skin and a realistic feel require a lot of service to maintain a good condition. TPE sex dolls are tender and soft and can only be used for sex. To bathe with her, the water should not exceed 35 ° C. The sensitivity of her skin, in turn, allowed her to wear pale white clothing to avoid dyeing soft skin. TPE sex dolls are surprisingly soft and very flexible. But they are not for everyone. TPE sex dolls only belong to those who can fully serve and appreciate them.

Sex dolls are amazing subjects for photography. Most higher priced dolls have incredibly realistic faces, as well as accurately proportioned bodies.They can be posed in any position you desire since they have a metal skeleton underneath allowing you can move and position their joints. These joints lock in place and gives photographers a chance to practice their photography skills with a model that they have complete control over. If you’re planning to take photography of your love doll, make sure you get a doll with the “Standing Feet” option for more posing options.

These realistically proportioned dolls can help artists draw the human body without having to hire a model. Remember those art rooms where artists sit in a circle and draw a naked person in the center? Well, you don’t need a naked person because you have a sex doll as your model. You can position your doll in any pose, allowing you to draw and design very realistic drawings without an actual human model. The possibilities are endless. Sex dolls will definitely improve your art skills of drawing humans.

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