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As Max van der Werff begun the Dutch War Crimes project with Yana Yerlashova – a colleague people ask him questions like: “why are you so interested in this theme?”

Max’s mother and father married in 1961. Mother – Anne Merlijn, born in Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Father – Max van der Werff Sr., born in Cilacap, Java, Indonesia. Brown grandparents – Nelly Roumimper and Bert van der Werff. White grandparents - Gerarda Theunissen and Willy Merlijn. Max’s son Sjors as a little child prominent among his grandfathers. One he called ‘my brown granddaddy’ and the other ‘my white grandaddy’. Max van der Werff recognized this was quite nice, and so he applied his terminology.

Bicycle shop owned by his white grandparents in Apeldoorn (1943). Once a grouping of German soldiers entered Max’s grandparent’s shop and seized all the bicycles. Amongst those was owned by the baker who had to deliver bread, and the bicycle was his just transport.

In a brave move his grandmother came to the local Hauptmann and ordered the bicycles to be returned, particularly that of the baker.

Sadly, Max can’t demonstrate you a photo of the Hauptmann’s face the instant his grandmother offered to the local Hauptmann the manuals, but reality is that the German soldiers who stole the bikes, returned them to Max’s grandparents’ shop. Then May five 1945 the Germans surrendered and for his white family the war was finish.

For the ones, the war wasn't finish. Following the emancipation, the Dutch nation bring down the wrath on the ‘moffenmeiden’ – women and girls who had had any type of friendly contact with German soldiers. They had their hair cut off in public and their heads shaven. Frequently a swastika was drawn on their heads, and they were driven around in an open trucks.

Almost two million people in the Dutch West-Indies passed away over the period the Japanese invasion from hunger, diseases and violence. In the number them, three of Max father’s brothers and sisters.

Max’s grandfather was called as KNIL landsoldaat in 1942, however was practically instantly taken prisoner and imprisoned during 41 month’s by the Japanese imperial Army. The Netherlands didn't pay him a cent for his service period. This disgraceful side of Dutch past is called back pay problem.

Following the Japanese capitulated the incredible hard period wasn't finish for most Dutch people residing in the Dutch East Indies. The availability of Dutch rule coming back to the previously declared an independent Republic of Indonesia created anger amongst a lot of Indonesian young man and during many month’s nobody believes of being Dutch or having whatever to do with Dutch rule was a main goal. Max’s father’s elder brother Rudy was one of the many thousand killed for the bersiap time.

In near future 150 thousands Dutch soldiers were shipped to recover Pax Hollandia in the elderly colony and the major reason was to recover the operation of the ‘wingewest’ quickly. The Dutch elite included the view how the Japanese board over the Dutch Indies was only a brief pause and that Dutch colonial rule would be restored for generations to come. The fatefully incorrect awareness of actual reality led to the Indonesian war of independence.

Max’s father left for New-Guinea. At any rate, so the head had reported it. In 1956 my dad implemented that there wasn't prospect for him in this part world and left for Holland with the Willem Ruys. Little time after he met Max’s van der Werff mother in Apeldoorn.

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