How to clean stainless steel cookware? How to choose stainless steel cookware?

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Stainless steel cookware how to clean it? Although stainless steel cookware is loved by many people, but clean stainless steel pan, so many people are distressed because of this problem, although many cleaning methods, but can not maintain the gloss stainless steel cookware, so today I want to give Everyone talks about how to clean stainless steel cookware? In the ordinary life, how to choose stainless steel cookware? Let's take a look.

First, how to clean 304 Stainless Steel Pipecookware

1, baking soda solution is weakly alkaline, its particles are soft crystals, hardness and human nails or gold is almost the same, wet with water, the crystal corners can be dissolved, so as a friction agent, not only can remove the appliance surface The dirt will not cause damage to the pot, and it will be milder than toothpaste and salt.

2, must not use steel brush to brush, with decontamination powder and salt and other large particles of crystal is not recommended, friction is relatively large, especially the high polished stainless steel cookware, you once found that the pot is Clean, but the polished surface is not bright.

3, after each use is best not to wash with cold water immediately, this will produce water mist, so that the pot is not easy to clean, you can use warm water to clean.

4, with a sponge cloth to wipe the appearance can be, so that will not scratch the surface of the pot body.

5, do not use strong alkali or strong oxidizing chemical agents, such as bleach, etc. for cleaning.


Do not long-term acidic or alkaline foods.

Do not dry the pan for a long time. Continuous drying may cause damage to the pan.

Second, how to choose stainless steel cookware

1, the material to a multi-layer composite alloy structure is better, if you use a single-bottomed cookware for frying, it will easily lead to uneven cooking, affect the delicious dishes. Combined with the multi-layer structure of other metals, the pan can be evenly heated and heat-conductive, and the food cannot be scorched due to a single point of high temperature in the pan, and fumes are not easily generated.

2, a good pot, the distribution of the bottom structure of the pot should be uniform This can take into account the characteristics of poly heat and heat quickly and evenly, making cooking easier to control.

3, good sealing performance Sealing with a thick lid, can accelerate the thermal convection in the pot, so that the food quickly and evenly heated, retaining more food moisture and nutrients.

4, other details of a good pot in the details of the design is very user-friendly, such as at any angle can ensure that the soup from the edge of the pot was water column, will not spread pollution pot body; pot handle, pot ear, pot pedicle The use of heat-resistant and not easily deformed materials, add fire-proof steel rims to prevent burns caused by hot burning and accelerated aging; pot handle design ergonomic, with thumb force point, convenient grip; can be placed overlapping, saving storage space, etc. . Many details are actually mandatory standards in foreign countries.

The price is generally very good in the three or four hundred dollars. The above is to introduce everyone to the304L Stainless Steel Bar  cookware how to clean and stainless steel cookware how to buy all the knowledge, I hope to help everyone. If you are still troubled by the stainless steel pot cleaning method, you can look at this article and believe it will help you solve the confusion.

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