How to make reasonable use of hardware accessories aluminum doors and windows

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What is the role of door and window hardware fittings in doors and windows? People are often misled by the fitting of accessories, and in their hearts become a supporting role in doors and windows, which is essentially a misunderstanding.

Hardware accessories are the key components that determine the performance of doors and windows. The design of  1100 aluminum coil strip doors and windows is first of all based on the architectural design of the performance of doors and windows. In order to meet the functional requirements of the building, the performance of  aluminum plate doors and windows and related design requirements are reasonably determined. The architectural design of windows and doors is based on the aesthetics of the whole house and the resistance to wind pressure, watertightness, airtightness, heat preservation, heat insulation, and sound insulation of the entire area. Imagine that according to the physical properties of the doors and windows (wind pressure resistance, watertightness, airtightness, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat insulation, etc.) and mechanical performance (opening and closing force, repeated opening and closing) The hardware accessories do not matter?

Hardware fittings are the parts that are responsible for the close connection between the frame of the door and the window and the fan. Without its existence, the doors and windows will only become dead fans and will lose the significance of the doors and windows. We analyze the effect of hardware accessories on doors and windows from the performance and function of doors and windows:

1. Physical performance indicators of doors and windows include: wind pressure resistance, airtightness, watertightness, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, and wind pressure resistance.

When the inner flat open window is under positive wind pressure; the hardware lock point is forced, so it is better to use multiple lock points. The more lock points, the smaller the force that each lock point exerts on the midline, and the less deflection of the deformation.

When the inner casement window is under negative pressure: the frame is stressed.

When the external casement window is under pressure: the lock point is subjected to force, so it is better to use multiple lock points. The more lock points, the smaller the force that each lock point exerts on the midline, and the less deflection of the deformation.

When the outer casement window is under positive wind pressure: the frame is stressed.The above can be seen that the effect of hardware accessories on the performance of wind and pressure of the primary performance of doors and windows, determines the success or failure of doors and windows; Similarly, airtight, watertight, thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and hardware accessories are involved in the sealing of doors and windows related. Hardware locks and locks are distributed around the entire door and window. When the doors and windows are locked, the lock points and the lock seats are firmly buckled and cooperate with the hinges (hinges) or the slide stays to provide a strong seal pressing force so that the seal strips are elastically deformed, thereby providing sufficient doors and windows. The sealing performance of the fan and frame can greatly improve the performance of doors and windows. Similarly, the mechanical performance indicators (opening and closing force, repeated opening and closing) of doors and windows, and other opening and closing requirements are inseparable from the requirements of hardware accessories.

2. Doors and windows are lightweight components, and its use of energy consumption accounts for more than half of the building energy consumption. It is the most important aspect of building energy conservation. The energy saving of doors and windows should be fully considered when designing, that is, insulation and heat insulation. If there are no multi-point lock hardware fittings, doors and windows do no better, its insulation, heat insulation can be imagined.

3. Similarly, the anti-theft performance of doors and windows is also a concern of the owners. In this regard, the anti-theft performance of hardware accessories is particularly important in the development of smart anti-theft doors and windows.

4, doors and windows have a variety of window shapes and structural forms, and all kinds of window-type functions are dependent on the configuration of hardware accessories. Just imagine, there is no hardware, how to achieve the flat open under the hanging window is open and inverted function? Push-pull folding doors and windows in how to achieve both the push-pull and fold function? Inverted push-pull, activity shutter, etc., which does not rely on hardware What does the accessory do to achieve its unique features?

It can be said that hardware accessories are the heart of door and window accessories.

For a long time, people's understanding of door and window hardware components was only considered to be a minor, non-functional thing, and the result was appalling. Many windows and doors, curtain wall companies (including some first-class qualifications), design institutes, and owners have a greater understanding of the main role of door and window hardware. As a result, there are often cases where the size of the grid is too large, or unnecessary window weights are added, and even the configuration of the hardware components is changed at will, resulting in phenomena such as wind pressure, watertightness, and insufficient air tightness. Such examples are not uncommon.

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