Blockchain technology is the future of jobs, start learning today!

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Many of us have heard of blockchains, most probably in the reference of bitcoins and similar digital assets. But, only a few are aware that the applications of block tech go far beyond just creating cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is good for many things, from protecting digital identities to tokenization of assets and much more.

What is Blockchain Tech?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) which provides a way to perform secure and transparent digital transactions through a network containing a distributed ledger. Wondering what a distributed ledger is? A distributed ledger is a record of data or transactions which is shared among all users in a particular network. Think of it as a public network in which all nodes are interconnected and share the same copy of the ledger.

What is the benefit of a distributed network?

Well, a distributed ledger ensures that all transactions in the blockchain network are public and transparent. All transactions in the network are automatically updated in each ledger copy simultaneously. That means all users in the network have the same data. No information can be accessed or added without making changes to the same time. This ensures complete security and transparency in blockchain transactions. This also protects the immutability of blockchain records.

Blockchain for the future

Blockchain is a technology of the future, but it is being used in the present. Many startups are trying to solve the real problems of our world. These companies are regularly hiring blockchain developers, engineers and job seekers and paying them handsomely.

Like Upwork, blockchain has now become one of the top skills, both in terms of demand and pay. Getting acquainted with blockchain is the smartest move you can make right now to build a solid career.

Blocklogy for Blockchain Education

You can learn the blockchain technology with the Blocklogy eLearning app. $ 1.00 USD with this app You can register for a course.

Blocklogy is a complete blockchain learning solution designed with every type of user in mind. Blockchain courses in the Blocklogy app are divided into 3 modules - Basic, Intermediate and Expert.

The Basic module is designed for students (school level) and beginners. I know, even if you're starting out in the world of blockchains, the basic module will teach you to get started. It consists of five courses. Some of the key areas include cryptocurrency and its types, wallet types, solidity programming languages, coin vs. basic token, ERC20 tokens, etc. By the time you finish the basic module, you'll have a good idea of ​​how to block the works and features and functionalities.

The second module is the next phase in blockchain learning. This stage is about getting hands-on experience in IOT based blockchain experiment using GETH, Raspberry Pi, etc.

The expert module is all about learning the practical implementation and application development in blockchain technology. Some of the covered topics include Blockchain Data Structures, Ethereum Public Blockchain, and Quorum Private Blockchain.

Each course at Blocklogy consists of quizzes, tests, practical sessions and a final test. Students who clear the final test successfully also get a certificate of completion.

The blockchain course at Blocklogy is designed from the career perspective to prepare job-ready talents. Enroll now in the Basic course for just $ 1.00 USD.

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