- Comunicati pubblicati - Comuni - Comunicati pubblicati - Comuni Thu, 19 Jan 2017 18:00:42 +0100 Zend_Feed_Writer 1.11.10 ( Some basic knowledge of Sinorock hollow drilling rock bolt Wed, 18 Jan 2017 10:42:37 +0100 sinorockzqq sinorockzqq Rock anchor system is today’s solution for a fast and efficient anchoring system into virtually any type of soil. It has been successfully utilized for plenty of hydropower projects at home and abroad. By more and more practices, rock anchor system is proven to be 

an ideal, effective and environmental solution for hydropower station, railway, highway, subway and mining projects.Quick and reliable technology is essential for construction. Grouting rock anchor can solve 

defects that unfilled grouting of traditional mortar anchor bolt during the construction and can’t grouting with pressure. The operation is simple, cost is low, construction is convenient and efficiency is clear. Grouting rock anchor can save engineering materials and improve utilization rate. It’s a very ideal choice for metro rail and tunneling projects.

The technical features of hollow drilling rock bolt are: the main part of it is a hollow bolt, which can act as a drill pipe and the pipe for grouting. Before grouting may take advantage of the empty properties, blowing dust after rock drilling construction; The hollow bolt can act as grouting channel, when grouting, cement grout ejected from the drill through the hollow bolt, which can make the bolt closely bonded with the surrounding soil, achieving the purpose of the reinforcement of rock mass.


Before drilling, the shank of the connecting rod connected to the hollow bolt body and rock drill, after punching to design depth with the rock drill, installation plate and nut, then grouting. The size of the bit can control the size of the hole, generally the size of the hole is about 2 to 3 times the diameter of the hollow bolt. Since its rod can be freely cut, it is not only suitable for railway, tunnel and slope reinforcement engineering, more suitable for the foundation sink, hole collapse, landslides and other geological disasters of governance.

The quality structures of Sinorock IBO drilling anchors Mon, 16 Jan 2017 09:45:14 +0100 sinorockzqq sinorockzqq Wondering how we purchase raw steel material and how we produce IBO drilling anchors?

Do you know how many workers are needed in a IBO hollow bar production line?

Don’t satisfy with anchor bars you received? Technical data or packages? Professional analyst can answer all your questions.

The manufacturing technique of IBO hollow drill bars is complicated. It requires advanced metal heat treatment technique.

The company and factory structures shows how we perform to finish the work.

IBO manufacturer structure
Sinorock - We are leading manufacturers of SDA bolts for Industrial and Engineering applications Thu, 12 Jan 2017 08:14:47 +0100 sinorockzqq sinorockzqq Sinorock - We started as manufacturers of SDA bolts for Industrial and Engineering applications. Over the years we have grown and have built up on our vast fund of experience and expertise in the line and we believe we are second to none.

We have also extended our SDA bolts products range and this can broadly be described as ranging from wood Veneer based Components, glass reinforced composites SMC &  DMC moulded components, epoxy resin castings, cotton fabric composites, composites using combination of both glass and wood compreg, other composites using high tech fibres like polyester, kevlar, etc.

Companies choosing our material can be assured of full understanding of their requirement and the necessary technical and production services to meet them.

Best Focuses For Making Home Moving Smooth And Blunder Free Sat, 07 Jan 2017 11:43:32 +0100 Top Packers Movers Hyderabad Top Packers Movers Hyderabad  

At whatever point you require #move to another place it Incorporates all your family products to be moved. At the point When the movement is arranged then it is important to do everything deliberately and with arranging appropriate. A fruitful migration relies upon on how the merchandise were pressed, if the products are stuffed with the correct pressure with a strategy then it will move #most Likely safe at the craved area and you will appreciate a sheltered movement with all your family unit products. In this way, in this circumstance what comes in your mind first is packers and Movers Organization. Packers and Movers Hyderabad is dependably there to help you individuals at whatever point and wherever you have to migrate Securely and soundly. 

When you have to move some place this gives you push That in what manner will you #move Securely with all effects. The principle concern is the wellbeing of the merchandise and this makes the migration strategy to boisterous and tiring one as you have to #pack products with the most extreme care Particularly the delicate and fragile things. Packers and Movers Hyderabad know the correct pressure with a strategy to pack the products and utilize #top notch materials for bundling pressure to keep the merchandise from harms. They are gifted and prepared to #pack #transport the products and Securely at the fancied area with no bother. Contract packers and movers and make your tranquil migration With Their productive work. Well here are some overriding Focuses That You ought to accomplish for having a smooth move: 


Name and shading all the cases: You Should name the crates with the names That what is inside or Which room it has in place as well. 


This will give you a bother free move regardless of The Possibility That You are doing it without anyone's help. This will help you while #unloading the products at your new home. You can likewise shading the crates know it will be simpler to Recognize the merchandise Which room it has in place with for instance the cases That contains kitchen utensils and things can be hued correspondingly the drawing room with red boxes with green room with blue and so forth . Making a stock rundown bodes well: Once you hued all the cases and named them then You Should Make to stock rundowns. This calendar will help you to Recognize what were stacked into the truck and what is passing up a major opportunity. At the point When the stock is made keep in mind to make a duplicate of it if Should there arise an occurrence of missing the first duplicate and track the merchandise until they craved Securely Achieve the area.


Henceforth attorney packers and movers to have a #safe and bother free migration they will do the methodology of migration in the interest of you in the least time and at reasonable #cost. At Packers and Movers Hyderabad you can discover blackberries articles on #home #moving, private migration, #car #transportation, corporate movement, and so on.


Source Homepage:



Corso di potatura Ulivo di Primo e Secondo livello 2017 Siena Wed, 04 Jan 2017 14:30:02 +0100 Studio CEAA Studio CEAA Siamo lieti di presentarvi per il secondo anno consecutivo dopo tutto esaurito dell’anno precedente: il Corso di potatura Ulivo 2017.

Quest’anno a differenza dell’anno precedente il corso si strutturerà in due livelli: per principianti ed avanzato

Il corso è Patrocinato dal collegio dei Periti Agrari e Periti Agrari Laureati della Provincia di Siena.




    (7 ore – 15 Febbraio 17) presso sala riunioni Studio CEAA (Monteriggioni).

Gli argomenti saranno i seguenti:
Principali forme di allevamento dell’olivo in Toscana;
Nozioni di gestione agronomica;
Tecniche di potatura;
Illustrazione dei recenti mezzi tecnici per la raccolta delle olive.

Relatori: Dott. Luca Taverni, Paolo Salvestrini-Pellenc Italia, Dott. Leonardo Imbimbo, Dott. Francesco Farabullini-Sumitomo Chemical Italia, Gilberto Pastorelli-Certis Europe, Alessandro Borghi-Mundi sas.


(20 ore – suddivise in 4 giorni: 02/09/16/23 Marzo 2017) presso Az. Agr. Gagliole (Castellina in Chianti) e Az. Agr. La Cava (San Gimignano):
aspetti pratici sulle tecniche di base della potatura dell’olivo in Toscana a vaso policonico.

Relatore: Dott. Leonardo Imbimbo.







(7 ore – 08 Febbraio 17) presso sala riunioni Studio CEAA (Monteriggioni).

Gli argomenti saranno i seguenti:
Principali forme di allevamento dell’olivo in Toscana;
Tecniche di potatura, potatura di produzione, allevamento e riforma;
Illustrazione dei recenti mezzi tecnici per la raccolta delle olive;
Nozioni sulle principali avversità dell’olivo;
Nozioni sulla frangitura delle olive

Relatori: Dott. Luca Taverni, Paolo Salvestrini-Pellenc Italia, Dott.Leonardo Imbimbo, Dott. Francesco Farabullini-Sumitomo Chemical Italia, Gilberto Pastorelli-Certis Europe, Alessandro Borghi-Mundi sas.
(20 ore– suddivise in 4 giorni: 01/08/15/22/ Marzo 2017)
presso Az. Agr. Gagliole (Castellina in Chianti), Az. Agr. Poggio degli Olivi (Montalcino) e Az. Agr. La Cava (San Gimignano): aspetti pratici sulle tecniche specifiche della potatura dell’olivo in Toscana a vaso policonico. Potatura di produzione, allevamento e riforma.

Relatore: Dott. Leonardo Imbimbo.



Obiettivo: il corso ha lo scopo di fornire all’operatore le competenze specifiche delle tecniche di potatura dell’olivo inerenti alle moderne esigenze del settore.

Durante il corso saranno fornite in uso le seguenti attrezzature: seghetti e forbici.
A fine corso saranno rilasciati:

Vista la forte partecipazioni l’anno precedente vi suggeriamo di iscrivervi il prima possibile.
Il termine delle iscrizioni è previsto per il 15 Gennaio 2017. Max 20 partecipanti.

€ 160 + IVA

Per informazioni dettagliate del corso contattaci a:


333 3003823 Dott. Leonardo Imbimbo
331 4554652 Sara Verdini

Scarica il modulo di iscrizione

Advantages of Sinorock hollow bar anchor for difficult ground conditions Wed, 04 Jan 2017 10:10:25 +0100 hollowbar hollowbar Hollow bar anchor is suitable for broken rock, loose soil and conditions which are difficult 

to drill holes, such as fracture zones, decayed rock, gravel, sandy gravel, backfill ground. 

In order to have optimal result, drill bits can be used differently according to the rock 


Here the advantages of Sinorock hollow bar anchor

1. Low cost.

Compared with traditional supporting technologies, hollow injection anchor effectively 

decreases input and transport of supporting materials, then reduces materials’ cost.

Because hollow injection anchor penetrates into surrounding rock body, tunnel cross-section doesn’t need to be taken up, at design, it can decrease cross-sectional area, which will 

save excavation cost.

The stability of hollow injection anchor supporting is good, it can decrease amount of 

maintenance and then reduce cost of maintenance.

2. Rapid supporting function.

Compared with traditional supporting patterns, hollow injection anchor has small amount of materials and light weight, which can fasten transport speed and improve excavation 



During excavation, application of hollow injection anchor can reduce workers’ labor 

intensity, decrease operation procedure and improve working efficiency.

Hollow injection anchor combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together, construction 

procedure is simple. It can realize rapid surrounding rock support.

3. Good supporting effect.


Through analysis of hollow injection anchor supporting mechanism, hollow injection anchor 

belongs to active support. Using rock bodies’ self-supporting capacity to form stable 

structures, which can improve stability of integrity.


What Are Greentelftth Fiber Optic Rack Tue, 03 Jan 2017 09:56:16 +0100 ningbo tel ningbo tel Fiber Optic Box racks are preferable in many cases where power lines run in close proximity to the data cables in order to avoid electromagnetic crosstalk to which fiber optic racks are immune. Where there are air conditioning and/or fan motors, which may be necessary for the computer system and are close to the data cabling, the use of fiber optic rack will avoid cross talk interference with the data signals.

Distance considerations are aswell of abundant accent in the bureaucracy of a computer allowance abstracts system. With cilia optic arbor , we are able to extend the distances that we can run top acceleration abstracts as compared to chestnut cables. Where there are bequest chestnut cabling systems that accept to abide in operation, there are media converters which interface the cilia arrangement with MTP 12 cilia accumulation abortion adapter ports and aswell accept assorted RJ 45 ports on the foreground which interface the chestnut cables. Abate media converters are aswell accessible that interface one or two chestnut bifold ports on the ascribe and catechumen the arresting to one or two cilia bifold achievement ports for 10/100/1000 gigabit ethernet systems. By the appliance of these devices, the absolute bequest arrangement can be continued to interface added limited systems than ahead was possible.

Fiber optic application panels are mostly army in 19 inch broadcast racks, but they can aswell be army on freestanding rails, in cabinets and aswell on walls. For cilia optic cabling installation, you should plan the area of your cilia connectivity accouterments carefully, including cilia application panels. You can accept amid absolute cross-connection and application panel. It is aswell all-important to align your acquisition and bathrobe of your cilia application cords if you accept to use cilia panels. In the meantime, you aswell accept a best to use cilia optic arbor administration brackets to abstain the dangling cilia application cables.

They are acclimated for accumbent cabling as able-bodied as lightwave accessories connections. You should plan your cabling blueprint anxiously to align these application panels calmly for able cilia application cable lengths. These two types of panels should be as abutting to anniversary added as possible.

In ample installations, cilia application area may accept several application panels. They are usually placed ancillary to side, so that cilia application cables can cantankerous affix anon after aggressive the balustrade in a avenue beyond the top of the racks.

If you accept hundreds of chestnut cables active from servers to switches you may in fact impede air breeze beneath the computer allowance floor. If you are ambidextrous with smaller, thinner Fiber Patch Panel | Fiber Optic Box | Fiber Termination Box Manufacturer - , you do not set up abundant of a block to your air flow. If you accept to go through walls amid computer rooms, the all-important holes are abundant abate and are easier to blaze stop. The weight of the cables captivated by the clue on top of the cabinets is aswell appreciably beneath and appreciably beneath bulky.

Piano di Zona S2: un catalogo delle imprese per la vita indipendente dei disabili Tue, 03 Jan 2017 09:25:13 +0100 salerno trading salerno trading Il Piano di Zona Ambito S2 rende noto che è stato pubblicato l’Avviso Pubblico finalizzato all’acquisizione di manifestazioni d’interesse per l’iscrizione al “Catalogo dell’offerta delle Imprese per la realizzazione del progetto Vita Indipendente – Borse Lavoro”.

Sono ammessi a presentare la propria manifestazione di interesse all’iscrizione al “Catalogo” i soggetti pubblici e privati, comprese le istituzioni scolastiche, che abbiano sede operativa in uno dei 14 Comuni dell’Ambito S2, o della provincia di Salerno, in possesso dei necessari requisiti previsti dalla legislazione vigente.

Il catalogo delle imprese è volto a favorire il potenziamento di una rete estesa, qualificata e differenziata di imprese pubbliche e private disponibili ad offrire la possibilità ad una persona adulta con disabilità psico-fisica di poter vivere una “Vita Indipendente”, di poter prendere decisioni riguardanti la propria vita e svolgere attività di propria scelta.

L’inserimento lavorativo è uno strumento educativo/formativo per facilitare l’inserimento nel mercato del lavoro di soggetti appartenenti alle cosiddette fasce deboli attraverso una esperienza lavorativa. L’inserimento presso l’azienda, l’impresa, l’ente pubblico etc. non costituisce un rapporto di lavoro dipendente con l’impresa ospitante, e potrà avere una durata di 12 (dodici) mesi, eventualmente prorogabili. Il monte ore settimanale e i giorni sono stabiliti in relazione alle risorse economiche disponibili e al numero dei beneficiari selezionati dalle procedure con evidenza pubblica che man mano verranno effettuate, nel rispetto comunque dell’articolazione di orario ed esigenze del settore di accoglienza.

Con l’Avviso non è posta in essere alcuna procedura concorsuale, paraconcorsuale o di gara di appalto di evidenza pubblica. La manifestazione rappresenta una semplice procedura di individuazione delle imprese, sia pubbliche che private, presenti sul territorio dell’Ambito S2 e della provincia di Salerno, da inserire nel costituendo Catalogo d’Ambito.

Il Catalogo delle Imprese è pubblico ed ha validità triennale. L’iscrizione avverrà solo a seguito di valutazione positiva della richiesta da parte dell’Ufficio di Piano. Il Catalogo resta sempre aperto e sarà aggiornato con cadenza trimestrale. Il primo Catalogo sarà costituito dalle domande ritenute valide e pervenute entro 30 giorni dalla pubblicazione del presente Avviso all’Albo Pretorio del Comune Capofila.


Per informazioni consultare il sito del Comune di Cava de’Tirreni - Capofila dell’Ambito S2, all’indirizzo, nella sezione albo, Piano di Zona S2.

​​Soil nailing systems are advantageous in many circumstances Fri, 30 Dec 2016 10:10:16 +0100 sinorocksoilnailing sinorocksoilnailing Soil nailing is a technique used to reinforce and strengthen existing ground.  Soil nailing consists of installing closely spaced bars into a slope or excavation as construction proceeds from top down.  It is an effective and economical method of constructing retaining wall for excavation support, support of hill cuts, bridge abutments and high ways.  This process is effective in cohesive soil, broken rock, shale or fixed face conditions. 

​​Soil nailing systems are advantageous in many circumstances. First, where construction schedules are critical, the general excavation can begin immediately in conjunction with a Sinorock, thereby reducing the overall project schedule. Second, soil nailing systems can be installed within soils that are too dense to be penetrated with conventional driven earth support systems. Finally, Sinorock are beneficial at sites where rock is at or above subgrade elevation , where additional “toe” would otherwise be required for conventional earth support systems.

Hollow bar anchor is widely used in foundation pit support engineering Mon, 26 Dec 2016 10:40:28 +0100 hollowbar hollowbar <a href =""><b> Hollow bar anchor </b></a> is widely used in foundation pit support engineering recent years. It can combine drilling, grouting and anchoring together, time-saving and high-efficient. In addition, during the construction, there is no shake, no noise and no deformation phenomenon, it has little influence for surrounding environment. After its installation, the intensity of wall is strong, stiffness is big and supporting stability is good. If <a href =""><b> hollow bar  </b></a>is shorter than designed depth, coupling is used to connect another one and lengthen it. Drill bit is made of materials with strong penetrating power, which can drill rock with different hardness. Grouting can keep certain pressure and be benefit for slurry filling gaps among surrounding rock. Nut can concentrate and transfer stress to its plate. Hollow bar for hydroelectric can also used for supporting slope, reinforcing surrounding terrain and avoiding collapse or other geological disasters.

I was awarded an Academy Fellowship Thu, 22 Dec 2016 06:29:00 +0100 rscape66 rscape66 My first thought on learning that I was awarded an Academy Fellowship was that to be in the company of some of the greatest talents the entertainment industry has ever seen is truly humbling and secondly that Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold this is an award not just for myself, but for all the people I?ve ever worked with .Chief executive of BAFTA Amanda Berry OBE noted: We are delighted to be honoring Peter at this point in his long and successful career in video games.

He is one of the leading figures in the development of video games as an art form and an inspiration to the next generation of creative minds. The BAFTA Game Award nominations were announced last week, with Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Call of Duty: Black Ops in the running for seven awards each.The awards ceremony will take place in London on March 16, and will be streamed live on the BAFTA website.Molyneux is also set to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's Game Developers Choice Awards, which will take place on March 2..Video game designer and industry veteran Don Daglow has revealed his new game development studio, Daglow Entertainment, LLC.Founded this week, the new studio will now start recruitment for its first title, a Facebook game based on a top-tier license with a major high-profile publisher .

The company is based in Sausalito, CA, and is looking to expanding its focus later in the year to mobile and portable platforms.Daglow will give a presentation at the upcoming GDC 2011, entitled 10 Lessons from 20 Years as An Entrepreneur . He said that now was a good time to revisit those lessons , due to his new start-up, and is hoping to shape the future of social and 4rsgold .Daglow is best known for founding game developer Stormfront Studios in 1988, which eventually ceased operations in 2008 after losing a $20 million contract.At the IGDA Leadership Forum last November, he said RS Gold that This is the most exciting era of game development yet . Suddenly it's a much more confusing world, he said. But it's also a world that is very much more exciting because there are more ways to publish games.

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Steve Mason JerseySteve Mason JerseyLets be honest Authentic Neal Broten Jersey , who doesn t appetite a collapsed stomach? But for abounding bodies it doesn t bulk how abounding crunches or sit ups we do it never seems to happen. If I had a dollar for every time anyone asked me the afterwards question: Accustomed I do hundreds of sit ups and crunches but I still acceptance fat about my midsection. How come?Well afore I acknowledge the 6 backpack system, aboriginal I m traveling to deflate some absolute important belief apropos how to get 6 backpack abs.Myth 1. You acceptance to lose weight to see your abs.This is not absolutely true, the focus should be on fat accident rather than weight loss. The reason? Your physique consists of fat accumulation and angular physique accumulation muscle, bone, water, organs etc. The key is to abbreviate your fat


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Retain the unstable soil mass with Sinorock soil nails Sat, 17 Dec 2016 09:00:33 +0100 sinorocksoilnailing sinorocksoilnailing In many construction projects soil nails are used to retain the unstable soil mass. To accomplish this, soil nails are installed in an evenly spaced close geometric pattern. When installing a soil nail stabilization project, the soil nail installations and the excavation must be accomplished in incremental depths of 1.2m to 1.8m until the final depth of cut is accomplished. Usually only one increment can be completed per day. Immediately following the incremental excavation of the soil and the soil nail installations, the vertical face of the soil is covered with a steel reinforced coating of shotcrete. Soil nails are passive structural elements and are not tensioned after installation. The soil nail gains pullout resistance from within the sliding soil mass in front of the slip plane and the stable soil mass located behind the slip plane. The geometric system of soil nail placements creates an internally reinforced soil mass that is stable. Notice that each soil nail shaft has a great number of helical plates with the same diameter. These helical plates are evenly spaced along the entire length of the shaft. By comparison, a tieback anchor has one or more helical plates situated at the tip of the tieback. These helical plates generally increase in diameter along the shaft away from the tip. Once a tieback anchor lead section is installed, extensions without helical plates are used to extend the helical plates at the tip to the target depth. Soil nails, on the other hand, will always have identical evenly spaced, small diameter helical plates along the entire shaft from beginning to end.

Sinorock were engaged to assist in the investigation and design of the an alternative soil nail excavation support system.

Also, and even though there had been our previous geotechnical investigation at the site using a drilling equipment,Sinorock recommended that additional test pit investigations being carried out as part of the design process, as well as to ensure the safety and stability of the proposed excavations. The result of the additional investigations confirmed Sinorock's initial view that the strength of the strata assessed by the drilling investigation, was in error and that a soil nail method of excavation support would be appropriate.

Subsequently, the excavation was undertaken using the Sinorock recommended approach and completed on time and well under budget. The installed system also embodied a number of unique approaches to the way in which a soil nails are installed that were developed in conjunction between Sinorock engineers and the project builder.

Soil nailing support - a fast and efficient method of application Thu, 15 Dec 2016 09:22:30 +0100 sinorocksoilnailing sinorocksoilnailing Soil nails are slender structural elements used for reinforcing the ground/rock mass. They are applied in permanent and temporary support systems stabilizing slopes, landslides and retaining structures as well as in tunnelling. The Sinorock's soil nailing system ensures a fast and efficient method of application with a superior strength and rigidity that we believe is the best available.Sinorock is specialized in design for excellent soil nailing system and is recognized as an industry authority in these fields.Sinorock foremost strength is its innovative approach to solving unique engineering problems. Sinorock has extensive experience in a broad range of anchoring products and solutions for infrastructure projects, heavy engineering construction and commercial building work. Sinorock - We are a progressive, problem-solving Soil nailing manufacturer, working in long-term partnership with our customers to realise your project’s full aesthetic and functional potential. As you would expect, our extensive Soil nailing system processing facilities are world-class. Our expertise and advanced specialist skills have ensured the outstanding success of a diverse range of high-profile projects around the globe, cementing our reputation as the number one supplier in the geotechnical anchorage industry.]]> Buy 2% off Riders of Icarus Gold and Delete Ownerless Riders of Icarus Pets Efficiently Thu, 15 Dec 2016 04:43:31 +0100 esomalls esomalls Dec 15, 2016 -- Have you discovered that there is a large influx of pets in part of areas in Riders of Icarus? If your answer is yes, you may realized that it would cause some impact on your game play experience. At present Icarus has proposed some desired solutions which come out to be perfect. Time to buy Cheap Icarus Gold on RoIStore to restart your journey.


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Sinorock - we are authorized stocking distributors for hollow anchor bolts Wed, 14 Dec 2016 09:35:29 +0100 hollowbar hollowbar hollow anchor bolt which can support the rock at once after installation, own sufficient prestress and whole-grouted, and even infiltrate surrounding rock fissures. On one hand, the surrounding rock is broken, which makes the drilling holes are difficult to form. On the other hand, there are such special situations which require minimize vibration to avoid collapse. As an important form of reinforcement in geotechnical engineering,hollow anchor bolt supporting is safe, effective, and economical, etc. Therefore, the hollow anchor bolt will have more and more application in the international geotechnical engineering fields. Sinorock prides itself on supplying innovative, cost-effective, safe and optimal quality hollow bar products to its customers. All products are backed by years of related experience and expertise in underground mining operations. Sinorock is a SABS ISO 9001:2008 accredited company that places emphasis on quality work and continuous improvements to its products. The Sinorock company was built on a foundation of experience, determination, service and quality earning us an outstanding reputation for manufacturing quality anchor bolt products in all types of materials. At Sinorock Company we are authorized stocking distributors for hollow anchor bolts. We also stock standard & long type SDA bolts in a variety of materials such as: corrosion resistant nickel,stainless steeland HDG (Hot Dipped Galvanize), zinc plated, Polytetrafluoroethylene coated, & polyolefin coated.]]> II CONCORSO NAZIONALE DI CANTO CORALE ‘CITTA’ DI LAINATE’, SI APRONO LE CANDIDATURE Tue, 13 Dec 2016 10:34:46 +0100 Ufficio stampa Lainate Ufficio stampa Lainate



Aperte fino al 31 marzo 2017 le iscrizioni alla competizione nazionale



Ai primi classificati per ogni categoria premi in denaro


13 dicembre 2016


Dopo il grande successo della prima edizione si lancia il bis!

Il Comune di Lainate e il Coro ‘In Laetitia Chorus’ diretto dal Maestro Massimo Mazza sono pronti a dare il via al II Concorso Nazionale di Canto Corale ‘Città di Lainate’ per l’assegnazione del Trofeo «Villa Litta» che si terrà a Lainate il 6 e 7 maggio 2017.

Il Concorso è riservato ai complessi corali non professionisti (questo non riguarda i direttori dei cori ed eventuali musicisti accompagnatori).


“Forti della positiva esperienza della prima edizione a cui avevano partecipato una quindicina di formazioni corali - spiega l’assessore alla Cultura Ivo Merli �“ abbiamo deciso di riproporre la competizione nazionale anche per il 2017. Convinti che la bellezza della musica che nutre mente e anima sia una valore da diffondere e condividere, l’Amministrazione comunale tornerà a tessere le fila di una rassegna che quest’anno vogliamo ancor più partecipata e capillare sul territorio italiano. Sarebbe bello poter avere rappresentanze da tutte le regioni italiane e provenienze differenti. Sarebbe la dimostrazione concreta che la musica unisce e supera tutte le barriere”.


Il II Concorso Nazionale di Canto Corale ‘Città di Lainate’ sarà suddiviso in quattro le sezioni: Categoria A - Cori voci miste; Categoria B - Cori voci maschile; Categoria C - Cori voci femminile e Categoria D -Cori voci bianche, per coristi nati dopo il 1.1.2003.

Il Comitato artistico ammetterà i cori alle competizioni, a suo insindacabile giudizio, in base all’ ascolto della documentazione sonora pervenuta e in base all’esame del curriculum. Il presidente e i membri della Commissione giudicatrice del Concorso saranno nominati dal Comune di Lainate su indicazione del Comitato artistico. Intonazione, qualità vocale, interpretazione saranno i parametri basi sui cui i giudici saranno chiamati ad esprimere un voto (in centesimi).


In palio, anche quest’anno, per ciascuna categoria del Concorso Nazionale di Canto Corale ‘Città di Lainate’ ci saranno premi in denaro: primo premio Euro 750,00 - secondo premio Euro 500,00 - terzo premio Euro 250,00. Tra tutti i cori vincitori della propria categoria, quello che otterrà il punteggio più alto si aggiudicherà il primo ‘Trofeo Villa Litta’. La Commissione giudicatrice potrà ammettere al concerto finale, fuori concorso, anche altri cori meritevoli.


Le domande di iscrizione dovranno essere inviate per posta o consegnate a mano al Comune di Lainate �“ , l.go Vittorio Veneto 12, 20020 Lainate. Il plico contente l’iscrizione e tutta la documentazione richiesta dovrà giungere al protocollo del Comune di Lainate entro e non oltre le h. 24.00 del 31 marzo 2017, pena l’esclusione. Non sono ammesse iscrizioni via fax o email.


Per il regolamento integrale del concorso e il modulo di iscrizione (richiesto un versamento di 150 euro) è possibile consultare la sezione dedicata nel sito comunale:

Ufficio Comunicazioni 
Comune di Lainate e Villa Litta
L.go Vittorio Veneto, 12
Pagina Facebook: Comune di Lainate
Pagina Facebook: l'Ariston Lainate Urban Center

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OGGI, ORE 18.30 ESERCITAZIONE PROTEZIONE CIVILE: SIMULAZIONE ALLAGAMENTI Tue, 13 Dec 2016 10:12:00 +0100 Ufficio stampa Lainate Ufficio stampa Lainate
Buongiorno, solo per segnalare che oggi ci sarà una Esercitazione della Protezione Civile.

Il giorno 13 dicembre 2016, alle ore 18.30, sarà organizzata una esercitazione di Protezione Civile che simula l’esondazione del torrente Lura con l’allagamento delle vie Sant’Alberto e via Verga.

Durante l’esercitazione le strade interessate (tratto di strada di strada comunale, compreso tra la via Sant’Alberto e la via Verga, a partire dall’intersezione di Via Don Minzoni via Sant’Alberto e fino al confine con il Comune di Caronno Pertusella incrocio tra le via Verga e la via Bariola) saranno chiuse dalla Polizia Locale con divieto della circolazione ai pedoni ed ai conducenti di veicoli fino al termine della prova.

Un saluto pb

Ufficio Comunicazioni 
Comune di Lainate e Villa Litta
L.go Vittorio Veneto, 12
Pagina Facebook: Comune di Lainate
Pagina Facebook: l'Ariston Lainate Urban Center

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