Safety Precautions During Installation of Dazen Panoramic Elevator

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1.Before the operation, in accordance with the erection of scaffolding operating procedures, check the scaffolding of the Gordon is reliable; operation layer pocket network is linked to complete; scaffolding operation layer has been installed.

2. the operation is strictly prohibited down parabolic or throw mortar, so as not to fall into the skin or mortar splashed into the eyes.

3. the welding machine should be set on the rain cover, no moisture pad, a secondary power connector to have protective devices, the second line using the terminal, and the length of not more than 30m, a power supply using rubber cable or wear plastic soft Tube, the length of not more than 3m, and welding wire must be used copper core rubber insulated wire.

4. distribution box, switch box should be installed in the dry, ventilated and at room temperature, shall not be installed in the serious operation of the gas, flue gas, steam, liquid and other harmful media; shall not be installed in the outsiders Solid impact, strong vibration, liquid dipping and heat baking sites.

5. the switch box inside and the top should be binding fire board, the implementation of "a machine a brake a leak" system, the fuse shall not use other metal instead, and the switch box lock number, a person responsible.

6.each sub-project construction must be issued by the professional foreman written safety technology to the end of the team to fulfill the signature procedures before construction, and before the construction to the team members to each member.

7. into the construction site must wear helmets, more than 2 meters altitude must wear seat belts.

8.the steel structure is a good conductor, surrounded by a good grounding, the construction of the power cord must be rubber cable, all electrical equipment should be installed leakage protection switch, strictly abide by the safe operation of electricity procedures.

9.high-altitude operations are strictly prohibited disease operations, the construction site to prohibit drunken work, hot weather to do a good job cooling work.

10.chlorine, acetylene, paint and other explosive flammable materials, should be properly kept, is strictly prohibited in the fire near the operation, no smoking.

11. welding platform should be made on fire prevention measures to prevent spark splash. Click Panoramic Elevator to see more information.

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