The way to use LED Strip Light Amplifiers

For amplifiers, is it better to have a lot of small LED power adapters or one big one?

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For amplifiers, is it better to have a lot of small LED power adapters or one big one?
As I often find this questions, it really comes down to the project. I can’t give you easy rule that you should always follow, but I can give guidelines that should steer you down the right path! Getting to your question though, the confused factor is how many outlets you’ll have available for your project. If you have a lot of wall outlets to plug into, then using a small LED power adapter for each amplifier is probably your best option! On the other hand, a big and beefy adapter is gonna be your best bet.

Is it ok for you to wire amplifiers to the original power source?
About this, just make sure of a few things before you run off and put your whole project together. First thing to check, your LED power adapter will need to be able to handle ALL your lights. Also, since you’ll be needing amplifiers, you’ll have to make sure that you have the wiring necessary to connect your amplifiers all the way back to your original power source.

Do LED light bars need amps?
It may come as a surprise, but yes they do! Well, actually,it wasn’t a surprise to you. It is a much less common concern seeing as the extendable LED light bars are so much shorter than their LED strip light companions. However, just like the strips, they do need amplifiers, one per sixteen light bars! So remember, if you’ve got that many extendable LED light bars all in the same chain, you’ll need an amplifier if you want to keep extending the light chain!

If using more amps than needed will that improve quality?
I like your thinking, and in this case, you’re totally correct, more amps than needed will improve quality…a bit. It’s actually so little of an improvement you probably wouldn’t be able to tell with your human eyes. So we don’t recommend using more amps than needed.

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