Smart Transportation a Step toward Smart Cities

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Smart transportation is a progressive service sub-segment of the automotive sector for customers, aiming to provide innovative assistance in different modes of transport and enabling them to be better informed. Smart transportation is the first to emerge as a key to smart cities.

Smart transportation can improve overall situational awareness by strengthening competence to share information quickly. It provides an integrated approach to risk management as it reinforces emergency preparedness and response capabilities such as violence, medical emergencies, track obstructions, and other similar types of disruptive events in cities. Increased safety awareness among consumers’ are also fueling the smart transportation market growth. The establishment of an integrated transportation depends upon infrastructure that can communicate with smart vehicles. Automotive and construction industries have taken steps together to enhance smart transportation as part of smart cities to provide substantial improvements for the performance of transportation networks and raise its efficiency.

The growth of smart transportation market is also gaining traction for its time and fuel saving abilities. Smart transportation includes car navigation, traffic signal control systems, container management systems, variable message signs, and automatic number plate recognition. Smart transportation improves productivity as well as reduces accidents and greenhouse emission.

Forever incrementing road traffic is major concern for most cities, particularly during peak hours, coupled by car parking issues that further contribute to traffic congestion. Smart signals and smart parking are two major contributor for a successful smart transport. It can sense other vehicles and road conditions ahead, allowing commuters to take preventive actions under dangerous conditions via signal systematic monitoring of arterial road traffic (SMART) signals infrastructure that collects and monitors event-based high-resolution traffic data from multiple intersections and generates real-time signal performance measures, including number of stops, queue length, intersection delay, and level of service to protect vehicles and find alternative way of working the whole system to prevent gridlock. Smart parking is a sensors monitoring techniques used to show the occupancy of cars parks and increasing the parking occupancy.

Smart Transportation Market: Green Corridors a Disruptive Trend

Governments have been largely focused to eliminate problems by building a new motorway, widening a road, putting up signs, and establishing commuter lanes. Green corridors is the latest trend to support smart transport and environment. Automotive players strive to maintain their dominant position in the market by investing into R&D and forming strategic partnerships to drive sales and overall growth is primed to help the market prosper in the near future.


In order to become more sustainable, livable and efficient cities need to become smarter with smart transport that senses the traffic, other vehicles and road conditions allowing to take preventive actions such as finding alternative way for vehicles to avoid traffic jam.

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