Bitbon System — Smart Investments into the Future

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Modern investment methods and stock markets can no longer fully satisfy the needs of acting investors and individuals willing to attract funds. Limited access to crowdfunding platforms, overregulated economy, absence of project evaluation methods, risk and security threats are complicating fundraising procedures.

Using the DAO Mechanism: “Pros” and “Cons”

The DAO (digital autonomous organizations) mechanism solves the ICO problem but still uses smart contracts that have proven to be ineffective in terms of management. The decisions are made by a group of people who don’t know each other and aren’t connected in any way, thus there is a high risk of being scammed. The absence of standardized reports and their revision contribute to the issue. As a result of poor reliability, the DAO mechanism can’t handle the functions that were laid upon it.

Relevance of the Bitbon System in Modern Investment

The Bitbon System is an innovative blockchain-based investment platform, which, according to the definition of the developers, is called a Contributing platform. Terms and conditions of cooperation of all parties within the System are specified in Projectbon Protocols of specific projects. The Contributing process involves the following parties:

  • Contributor (investor);
  • Contractat (business offer initiator);
  • Bitup-Agency (agency that admits projects to fundraising and supervises them during all implementation stages).

Thanks to the Bitbon System, investors can choose promising and profitable projects on their own, while business ideas receive funds for their successful implementation.

Bitbon System Digital Asset: Main Terms and Properties

Bitbon Digital Asset is a key component of the Bitbon System. Terms and properties laid down in the Bitbon Digital Asset include:

  • Decentralized management;
  • Social relevance;
  • Protection from unlawful use;
  • Projectbon Protocol;
  • Property rights to assets management system;
  • Blockchain;
  • Assets;
  • Contributing;
  • Crypto asset;
  • Currency;
  • Cryptography;
  • Crypto currency;
  • Digital value;
  • Audit;
  • Transaction security;
  • Inheriting;
  • Smart contract.

Due to the integral system of Bitbon’s qualities, you can determine the cost of any property, and that cost will correspond to the share of property rights to assets of the Bitbon System user.

When choosing the Bitbon System, the user gets a number of new opportunities:

  • Conducting safe deals;
  • Exchanging payment instruments;
  • Accounting;
  • Using the discount system;
  • Attracting financing;
  • Safe transfer of rights to assets and exchange of digital information;
  • Individual mining.

Advantages of Working in the Bitbon System

System users gain additional income when they engage in Contributing. To do that, they have to choose a business project and participate in its implementation in accordance with terms and conditions of the Projectbon Protocol of a specific project that was drawn up by the participants beforehand.

 Transparency and Reliability

The Bitbon System contains a component called the Bitbon System Capitalization Fund, which guarantees profit to System participants (investors). Projects are financed in stages, and after the completion of each stage they are examined for the fulfillment of obligations according to the Projectbon Protocol of a specific project. Based on the examination results, the decision is made on the financing of the subsequent stages. The maximal transparency of Contributing is achieved by allowing free access to the decentralized data ledger of the Bitbon System, which was created as a separate version of the Ethereum Blockchain with original additional instruments and utilities.

Why Digital Investing Is Popular Among Stock Market Investors

Investing within the Bitbon System can be described as up-to-date, stable and reliable. The ability to use the services from anywhere in the world, new functions for executing operations, access management, working at high speed, security, stability and scalability — these are the reasons why you should consider participating in digital investing.


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