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Prove that you are a real retailer

This is the most basic question that any supplier will ask you - are you a real retailer, or are you trying to get the retailer's consumer just to get the wholesale price?

To prove that you are a legitimate retailer, you want to be able to show something to your dropshipping suppliers, such as:

An effective website

Your federal EIN number

Resale certificate

A website may be an investment, but you must have it before you start any business. After all, this is e-commerce.

Having a full-featured website (with shopping cart technology) will show your seriousness to your suppliers, and your EIN will help accelerate the onboarding process with that particular supplier.

Can you move the product?

Suppliers do not want to sign customers who cannot move products. You may be asked if there is a plan to sell everywhere, "Oh, I just want to sell things on my website."

First of all, if it is not the first question, you will be asked if you have a sales history. Suppliers want to see that you have an existing customer base that may generate sales in the short term, rather than waiting for you to build a customer base from scratch.

If you don't have a sales history, it's not the end of the world.

Before talking to a supplier, you need a well-thought-out marketing and business plan and a potential pricing strategy to replace the sales history. They want to know exactly what your business model is. Specifically, they are interested in understanding what you plan to do in marketing to help with mobile products.

Suppliers want to ensure that their products are presented fairly and that, to help with this process, they can even export product data directly to your website. Either way, your marketing and marketing strategy will be the subject of a conversation with any supplier.

Have you had a retail/commercial experience before?

Many people who build an online store powered by dropship technology often work in delusions, that is, direct investment is a “get rich quick” program. Although you can make money with this model, it requires as much work as you have your own inventory.

That's why you will be asked about a previous business or retail experience. Suppliers want to know that they are attracting people who understand the world of retail and dropship watches.


If you have no prior experience and this is your first step in the e-commerce space, it may be more difficult to find a supplier to start your business immediately. However, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot find a supplier that does business with you. Make sure you have a specific business and a well-prepared plan, don't worry. There is a lot of information for reference.

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