Revolution of Drop Shipping Business

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The Revolution of Ecommerce Shipments!

ePacket is one of the most popular delivery methods in the world. This shipment is widely used in Asian countries, especially in China and Hong Kong and is believed to be one of the fastest and safest delivery methods to send products internationally.

Few years back, most products bought from China were delivered by sea, which meant your packages could take up to 8 weeks, at least! This was particularly difficult for drop shipping companies since it was much harder to keep the “blind shipping” strategy. How is it possible that the client believes we deliver our products from the same country if it takes more than two months to get the product? Luckily, ePacket ensures that most orders will arrive to destination within 30 days. Actually, most of these packages will arrive few days earlier than the tracking data suggests!

What is ePacket Delivery?

ePacket Delivery is born from a cooperation between the US Postal Service (USPS) and Hong Kong Post. This service is intented to facilitate the international ecommerce sales between China and other countries, mostly western countries. ePacket Delivery has not only made the transaction between countries much easier, but it has also increase hugely the speed of the deliveries of international shipments.

ePacket Delivery is specially designed for small packages weighing less than 2 kg and that have a declared value of less than $400.

What are the Benefits of Using ePacket?

As you may have noticed, ePacket suggest that this delivery method was designed for ecommerce businesses. The main benefit from ePacket delivery to ecommerce stores is that is one of the fastest, safest and cheapest delivery methods there are to get shipments from China with low custom risks.

Over the last few years, ePacket Delivery has been the favorite shipping method of millions of users around the world. While it started as a special service for the United States, nowadays ePacket Delivery is available in dozens of countries around the world. The growth of this shipping method has been exponential, and this clearly notes the success of this new logistic system.

ePacket Delivery was born from the failure of its predecessor, the called China EMS. China EMS was a previous shipping method aimed for Chinese ecommerce that were selling internationally. However, the shipping times were too long and did never get to be entirely welcomed by western users. Since any other alternative for international shipments was not available at the time, ePacket Delivery found there a great opportunity they did not let go.

The ePacket China is one of the reasons why drop shipping businesses have grown so fast over the last few years too. It was usually said that drop shipping was not a realistic option because shipping fees were extremely high and delivery times were ridiculous.

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Which Countries are Using ePacket Services?

ePacket Delivery started from a cooperation between two countries: US and China. However, the list of countries were ePacket Delivery is available today is huge. Take a look on the following list!










Hong Kong










New Zealand





Saudi Arabia


South Korea







United Kingdom

United States


How long does it take to deliver a ePacket Shipping?

Mexico: 20 business days

Vietnam: 5-7 business days

Russia, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia: 7-15 business days

All other supported countries: 7-10 business days

epacket 2.jpg

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What is the weight limit of ePacket Delivery?

Israel: 3 kg

All other supported countries: 2 kg

How to Track ePacket Delivery from China?

One of the favorite characteristics of ePacket Delivery from ecommerce users is the possibility to track every package in real time. Having a tracking number will definitely increase the engagement of your store. Your customers will feel much safer knowing where exactly is their package, since they will also have the support from an external company (USPS and Hong Kong Post in this case).

Once your package has been delivered, your supplier (Chinabrands in our case) will provide you with a tracking number. You can use this code to track your order using USPS, ePacket China Post or other websites like

ePacket and dropshipping

Chinabrands specializes in drop shipping products straight from China. We have agreements with hundreds of Chinese suppliers and manufactures and are proficient in quality check and inspections. However, deliveries from China have always believed to be chaotic, insecure and very slow.

The ePacket Delivery has boosted the business of most Chinese international ecommerce. By using this new shipping system, most Chinese stores have been able to offer a faster, safer and much clearer way of delivery that also includes a up-to-date tracking number of every order.

Drop shipping from China was usually seen as a potentially beneficial business, but conditions were never met in the past. Nowadays, and thanks to ePacket China and other delivery methods, fast shipping to western countries is a possibility and, most important of all, it is very cheap. Your customers will get faster deliveries, will get tracking numbers and will feel much safer and confident when buying your products. Meanwhile, you will also cut your costs drastically. Win-win!

Customs with ePacket Shipments


As it happens with every other shipping method, customs are also a small issue with ePacket Delivery. In order to avoid custom problems, make sure the value of your packages does not exceed $400 and make sure your order abides with the local laws and regulations. If you are unaware of the local custom situation, contact Chinabrands customer support to discuss what is the best way to get your products delivered to your country without custom risks.

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