Wedding photos in bad weather

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Grafton is a photographer in Oregon, USA. His works are famous for his bold style and novelty and are loved by young people.
The young man Jones and his fiancee Nicole were ready to take a wedding photo and found Glafton. Grafton arranged for makeup artists to give them makeup, then helped them select several sets of dresses, brought some equipment and props, and drove to an ancient city in the suburbs to take pictures of the location.
The secluded ancient city is full of vitality and vegetation. After preparing to stop, Grafton began to guide Jones and Nicole to put on a variety of shapes, and he kept changing the angle to shoot. After several sets of photos were taken, Grafton looked at the preliminary results of the photos and shook his head gently. Perhaps he was somewhat tired of his beauty, and he felt that he had not taken his ideal feeling. It was going to change the background and make another shot. The sky suddenly rained. Grafton took out the prepared umbrella from the car and handed it to Jones, standing in the side of Nicole's mouth and muttered: "It's gonna die, this ghost weather, and it won't be enough!" Jones opened the umbrella, and took a Can be embraced in her arms, smiled and said: "It's all right, baby, it's romantic enough to rain." He said a light kiss on Nicole's face, and this scene was just a short distance away from Glover. Taken down.
Grafton took a look at the effect of the shooting, his face could not help but make a smile. He was a little excited and shouted, "Jones, Nicole, come and look, this is the most beautiful picture I have taken today. I really want to thank this ghost weather!" Jones pulled Nicole's hand and ran over to take it. Looking at the camera, the next pair of lovers kissed sweetly with the red and white umbrellas, the raindrops frozen in the sky above the umbrellas and lovers, and the background of the ancient city with flowers and trees, the whole picture was awesome.
Immediately afterwards, Grafton took the rainy days as background to take several sets of photos for the two newcomers. Some of them were walking in the rain under umbrellas, and some were on the ground scattered with rose petals. With the backdrop of rain, the screen in front of the camera suddenly became romantic.
Grafton flushed out the pictures and made a frame. He left a copy and put it in the window of the studio. He named the wedding photo “The Old Man in the Wind and Rain”. After seeing many young couples, they made an appointment with Glafun and asked to pick a bad weather to take a wedding photo.
Some couples deliberately chose to take photos before the storm approached. The background of the wedding photos was the dark sky over the mountains and the dark clouds. The bride’s hand was holding a bouquet of sunflowers, and the groom’s tender money was either embraced or embraced. This makes the photo thrilling and exciting coexist, inadvertently, there are a few lightning strokes, but also increased the illusion of the picture. In the winter, the snowflake became the elves of Grafton's lens. The new people embraced each other in the snow. Through the shadows of light and shadow, the snow-snowed sky turned into a romantic starry sky. It was romantic interpretation to the extreme.
In people's habits, it is considered that wedding photographs should be selected for fine weather, and Grafton's accidental capture in bad weather produced stunning results and allowed Grafton to achieve success and honor.
The United States has no formula. As long as there is a heart that is good at capturing beauty, whether it is skies, clouds, or squally showers, it will become the most beautiful scenery.


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