The matter is with Runescape gold

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At the time I reported them, they had 20-30m xp in woodcutting. All from chopping magic trees.

The matter is with Runescape gold their bot detection and banning (or lack thereof) first and foremost. Just saying if they ever got their act together pairing that with raised requirements would really help.

If they got their act together is such a shit line. It is really really really complicated to detect bots, partially because of what rs is as a match, add a small amount of error into your own robots, and bam you appear to be a legit player.

Like I agree it is a problem, but people with no programming knowledge talk such shit regarding bot detection when it's actually incredibly complex. It's like constructing anti virus software, ever changing and adapting, and the job required versus the profit of the business is really hard to balance.

It is possible to add all of the Cheap OSRS gold tiny mistakes you desire, when I see 60"players" walk with termed huekbevodbbdu1626367 and they all look exactly the same. I don't give a shit how many errors there are. That's not a legitimate player. It is either a bot or gold farmer promoting their spoils.

Never once said or implied it had been easy in any way, but it's their job. The fact is Jagex as a company just does not feel the necessity to devote the funds necessary towards the matter.

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