Like say a staff wants to nba 2k20 mt

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Yeah, it'd be busted af. Like say a staff wants to nba 2k20 mt tank, they just loan out their best players.He's only working out there so the Mavs should be fine. So no extra break.Or were now's games already cancelled?Kenny drifting back to set literally every day or 2 afterwards.
I'm assuming we will be hearing plenty of things coming from the NBA and owners concerning changes.People in here acting like workers exerting their leverage over their employers isn't a huge deal if they don't strike for months or weeks.Strikes scare the shit from employers. If nothing comes of it, a precedent has been set.
They will do it .They gave the owners a fast grab by the chunks and reminded those who really makes their cash.I think ultimately the players realized that should they postponed the season they would be looked to to do something important concerning activism and action in the meantime instead of simply cancelling.





They would have to seriously place their money by using their mouth is and pressure owners and other ultra-rich/powerful folks to do the same. I'm not saying that as a diss but most gamers likely just can't be ed.This year has had a great deal of notable/prominent figures"dipping their toes" into activism and protest but yanking back when actual consequence was beforehand.I think one of the greatest positives about a strike would've been bringing the very notion of a labor strike to the public awareness as a conduit to modify. As much as we've been told that it is not the situation, the how to buy mt on nba 2k20 labor of the masses retains all the cards should they select to.This is exactly what made Muhammad Ali unique, and I cringe when some modern day actors are compared to him. Ali was willing to sacrifice it all. People today forget that prison was about the dining table. He gave everything for this cause.





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