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Every class has a heel wow classic gold Every class has a cleanse. As in every course each spec has Antonio, has its very own son, has its this or that. While I see the point you're making about WoW Classic World of Warcraft, I think people might prefer being stuck into specific roles and limitations then to look at their course at everybody else's Blizzard is the same company it was back then. They will ONLY alter WoW Classic for the worst. All the devs that knew how make improve WoW Classic are gone. Did you even think this thru for a second? Let's say that they buff the threat generation or something for vent pallys in order that they can tank better Where is this port pally tier set coming from then lawbringer(tier1) and decision (tier2) have no block or dodge, parry modifiers onto them? Nope pallys had mana issues in long struggles as in any raid boss. And their moves the class dream and individuality just like it did in retail.

Given on WoW Classic already. Ion's decisions have already nerfed raid content to be simpler than LFR along with the large content streamers want WoW Classic shifted for their biases. Seriously f#%# it. I will play Nostalrius 2 and watch Blizzard go bankrupt catering to people who roll a course like warrior, expire to par 10 murlocs and then cry in their paladin not being all powerful with a victim complex. Have fun using a changed, broken WoW Classic according to people who do not realize that you can't have 40 man raids without lots of healers, rather than realizing that ALL CLASSES RESPEC TO RAID including mages, rogues and warriors. The mage suspend PVE spec in early tiers doesn't have shatter. It is horrible, yet you think they magicaly have exactly the identical spec for PVE, goldfarming and PVP.

Obvious this guy never raided in Vanilla which is why he thinks Tier 2 and 1 had 16 debuffs (Ion lied to you idiot) and that 1.12 rogues"2 shot everyone" based off old videos against undergeared players, often at various spots, when a few individuals even had a PC that could capture footage in 2004-2006. Meanwhile in 1.12 Reckoning paladins can one shooter rogues (occurred to Payo on livestream). Druids are among the top 1 v 1 classes (see StormX), ele shamans mess people (see Wrex) and hybrids are in no way poor and they never were. The men and women who played them like Mash were, while calling others"casuals". Maybe you should have actually learned to play that druid rather than blaming class design for the reason you failed. Then again that is why you remained on the class to have that built in justification isn't it.

I am a ele shaman main btw and I respec to cure in raids and buy gold classic wow you? Are crap. Shamans need no fans, elemental does NOT need to be workable and you are a HEAL hybridvehicle. If you're a cure hybrid which never cries offheals or dispels at a BG, you are trash. Nobody wants to play you. If you do not wish to learn how to cure then do not play a heal hybrid. You know what? Don't play WoW Classic and don't play MMO's. Go drama that idiotic Anthem game or Destiny or the MMO YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR. Present WoW. You clowns crushed WoW and want to ruin it all over again.



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