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Classic will CHANGE buy wow classic gold People weren't asking for WoW Remastered, they had been asking for Vanilla WoW. If you rebalance the classes (even with amounts only), you bring in a new meta. A completely different feel than what Vanilla needed, that's 100% sure. WoW Classic is a type of a mythical game that people either didn't play, possibly didn't play in a really long period (pservers apart ). If you change the sense of WoW Classic similar to this, it just won't be the same game .

I believe that most people will play WoW Classic till some point where they break of having restricted mana, becoming one shotted, wiping 300+ occasions, things getting stolen, each guild hoping to replicate Leeroy Jenkins, too much grind, bad luck strike, bad luck wipes (taunt miss for instance ), and many many many other shit they

never saw before will make them either quit WoW Classic or go back to retail. That is my point of view. I had been kicked out of a guild in TBC since"I shed mana too fast". Yet another thing; I really agree with your point of some specs are not going to be viewed played in raid is going to be a game breaker. As myself I'm going to play enhancement shaman on account of the broken windfury they had, but I believe that I'm not likely to stop playing retail too due to the fact that I'm really enjoying it (Yeah I fucking know retail is trash waah waah).

I actually love the images and the story, and I think what wow classic gold blizzard did in terms of class balancing and changes is not perfect but great for all specs. 1 last point old doesn't have to be golden WoW Classic won't be still a success if blizzard did not work their asses off to make this massive content that"isn't worth my 12 bucks". I love


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