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Either way runescape 2007 gold the implementation that they went for was retarded and this push to get into the market is retarded when you truly consider the runescape game which RS3 is. If you feel you are gonna be in a position to do anything than afk revo on mobile then you are very misguided, and maybe because of that there will be a massive push to make the entire game afk revo (that I presume they have to some extent) but I believe they realise that they will lose a lot of the runescape playerbase that they have left to it. With releasing EoC in that attempting to make RS didn't go well they learnt their lesson.Time investment is not of just how good the service being supplied is a sign. Netflix is a much better service for the price, even though nobody invests the same amount of time since they can do OSRS although netflix for example is exactly the identical cost as OSRS. Netflix offers consistent and reliable streaming of HD television. You understand exactly what it is you are paying for and you get nothing less. You will spend more time playing OSRS and find it even more pleasurable, but for $11 a month, you should not have to take care of server problems, account security problems, game ethics issues and a lack of customer service. The purpose is that we're owed for what we're currently paying.

For many, it is not worth spending the time farming gold. In my levels, the moneymaker I can do nets me a bond after playing for about 24 hours total. Consideting 24-36 hours per two weeks and I only play with it will not make sense to invest most of not all of that only afking to buy a bond. I only play on mobile and not very often. Of course for maximum mains who can go on raids and buy the equipment necessary to do the money making procedures, it is probably no big thing. However, for most runescape players, especially mobile runescape players, it's simply not feasible. Back when bonds were 2.5mil maybe, but over 4? Nope.

I tried calling them because somebody caught hold of my account and bought bonds through it.I reported it many times, asked them to remove all bonds in the runescape game and refund the card (it was not my card) because the card particulars were probably being used without approval of the card owner. I showed my google account background to them, showing that their service page and I'd seen with IIRC, over 50 times, a couple hours after the trades happened. My google account history showed that I was not busy, anyplace, I had been asleep, at the time of the transactions.

I delivered them the IPs from my home computer, my laptop connected to house wifi and school wifi to show that the buy happened from another IP. They essentially just said"Just pay the 80+ dollars we had to repay the card owner and we'll unlock your account, we do not believe you did not do this". So yeah, that was the final nail in the coffin for me, never again will I spend second that is currently profiting jagex or another dime.

I remeber if dungeon hunter 5 was still newish, and even then buy RS gold you had to pay anyhwere from 60 to 90 lbs to unlock the very best armour ingame, which would be replaced in the upcoming few months. And no other mobile game will NEVER EVER have an option to convert IN-GAME money into a service.


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