I felt unhappy and Maple story M Mesos repressed

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I felt unhappy and Maple story M Mesos repressed at school; how can I be myself together with classmates and teachers who'd turn their nose up to anything that was marginally different from them? In Maplestory, I felt as though I'd discovered a family who respected me, even though we did not always concur. At college, sharing a fresh opinion would indicate me as a target for ostracization.My Maplestory friends, like every typical group of friends, was far from perfect. For many years, these online friends were there for me when I had no one , but finally, that shifted. Back in Maplestory, I found a Canadian woman who had been a few years older than me, a buddy. She listened to me once I got stressed out and made me laugh when I was on the brink of tears. After years of late night conversations and hours spent trotting around town on our hog mounts, she met with an older boyfriend from Florida in Maplestory. After that, she began to snub me. The new guy encouraged her to dismiss me; he would mock me and repeatedly accuse me of being a lesbian because I was attached to her. She was my very first companion, and that I hadn't ever lost someone so significant to me before. 1 day, I logged in to find that all of my accounts was totally wiped--no money, weapons, or clothes. Right away, I guessed my previous friend, who had popped up from the blue a few weeks before to request help hacking somebody else (I had refused). I also realized, in shame, she still knew my password from back when we were buddies. I had not even thought to change it. It'd never occured to me she would do something so cruel. I felt unhappy. Not only had I lost my very best buddy, I had lost everything Maplestory M Mesos else I'd worked so hard to earn in this game. My other Maplestory friends offered to help me get back at her boyfriend (who I also suspected as a co-conspirator). I denied. I didn't see the purpose. It would not give me back my things or my friend.


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