Was made to eat. It satisfies Blade and Soul Revolution gold the

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Was made to eat. It satisfies Blade and Soul Revolution gold the cake section of your soul.You could keep eating the cake, slice after slice, until you start feeling a little sick and chewing gum becomes a job. Or you could enjoy that small slice, remember it fondly and know that should you ever need another taste it is out there somewhere, hopefully not climbing


mold.I've had my slice of Blade & Soul, also for the most part it was yummy. You should try some.I would say the problem is having group content that is meaningful rather than something arbitrarily added to make a grind such as in B&S. In FFXIV, you need to complete the group dungeon to keep the story. In WoW, the early group


content was discretionary, but supplied strong items for your level.Honestly, I'd say the main culprit in today's MMO issue is the leveling rate. Something that used to take to the player has become a 3-4 months affair. At this speed, it is evident any group content giving strong items is useless at it would only last 2-3h at least 2-3 28,


whereas it lasted .That is as it isn't actually armor although BNS Revolution gold the armor is very skimpy. They're really outfits. The armor provides no stat bonuses because the only things that matter would be the weapon, soul shield and accessories. The outfits are purely for dressing up your character.Also, your comment prompted me to make this



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