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Average player wouldThe Maplestory 2 Mesos main issues with Bonus Possible and Nebulites is that the lack of accessibility to players within game content trading and also money shop does not countThe main issue why Additional Alternatives and Star Force growth wasnt released as a result of the fear of powercreep and that itll only benefit the endgame players Doesnt mean players can not Although it is a fact that players will benefit more Im pretty sure Added Options is much more balanced than the current Nebulite and Bonus Potential system if Nexon America introduces it correctly Does not imply it must be just because the system may seem unbalanced There can always be a way of readjusting it for the players I feel that a lot of us have been kneecapping every other in terms of segregation of FreetoPlay VS PaytoWin or Reboot VS NonReboot I think we all could coexist without having to eliminate another or one However there does need to be more balanceHacking and gambling are both not good ideas to farm more MS Mesos yourself Maple Story 2 Mesos why not choose some correct and safe ways to acquire mesos dont you guys know that MMOak is a professional online store for MapleStory goodsMapleStory Flames and Nebulites on GMSKMSEMSHave you got some thoughts on Nebulites and Flames which can be both important on Buy affordable products here: https://www.mmogo.com/
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