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The Future of Ecommerce: Augmented Reality

It is possible that you are not very familiar with the concept of Augmented Reality (also called AR). However, we are pretty sure you have already got in touch with it.

Augmented Reality is a way to see a different world through the screen of our mobile phones, tablets or television. Whereas Virtual Reality (VR) requires a headset to create a completely new environment and feelings, Augmented Reality makes use of your device to display small changes on the actual reality.( how to dropship on amazon )

The truth is that Augmented reality has been going on for a while now. However, it has only been during the recent years that it has become more and more popular. Maybe you are aware of Pokemon Go, the last Pokemon game for iOS and Android devices all over the world. The main feature of this worldwide successful game was the possibility to see Pokemons through the camera of our mobile phones. We were finally able to catch pokemon on our living room, bathroom or even in the office!

In any case, this technology is far from perfect. Most of the objects we get to see through our cameras have glitches and do not feel entirely real. Yet. Technology is moving forward at a great speed and a lot of big companies are investing millions of dollars to improve the Augmented Reality features.

Bringing virtual products to life in online stores

Can you imagine you could be able to create a hologram of a product you liked online? Have you ever wondered how would that dress look on you? What we usually do in this cases is, we buy the products and we try them for a couple of weeks. If we do not like them, we return them back to our supplier. However, how convenient would it be if we could see the augmented reality of these products online?

This is what a small company called Magnolia Market has been developing over the last few months. For every product on their store, you will be able to see a hologram of it through the screen of your mobile phone. You can even rotate de product and check it out from different perspectives before placing your order!

Augmented Reality will change the future of ecommerce

The possibilities of augmented reality are infinite for online stores and ecommerce. Over the last few years Instagram has become a sensation amongst youngsters all over the world. Furthermore, image editing apps for funny costumes or make up have also become very popular. Can you imagine being able to buy make up products straight from image editing APPs in your phone? You would be able to see the actual results of the makeup instantly and place the order if you liked it!


Augmented Reality is believed to change the world of ecommerce as we know it nowadays, and so will affect other parts of the ecommerce business, as promotion and marketing itself.

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