Removing Blackheads - What You Need to Know About Blackhead Extractors

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Blackheads are a build-up of keratin and sebum in the pores of your skin. They are usually seen as protruding dark plugs. Most people who get this skin problem get the strong urge to squeeze the "dirt-like" plug. Although this may remove part of the blackhead, squeezing them out is not the best way to remove them from your face. Why? This is because it will only damage the pores leading to a more serious case of infection. Apart from that, it does not completely remove the "dirt-like" plug but only the part that is seen protruding from the pores.


So what are we to do? Fortunately, we now have a trusted and proven way of removing blackheads for good. This comes in the form of blackhead extractors. This is what most beauty professionals use and is something that you can also do right at home. Listed below are the types of acne extractors kit that are commercially available today. Read on and learn!


1. Comedone Extractor. This gadget has two looped ends and is ideal for removing smaller and more superficial blackheads. The looped end applies pressure equally on all areas surrounding the blackhead which reduces scarring and bruising.


2. Lancet Comedone Extractor. This looks like the comedone extractor but instead of having loops at either side of the gadget, it contains a loop and a lancet. The lancet is used to prick a hole in the blackhead while the loop is used to squeeze the "head" out. It is recommended that only professionals use this blackhead extractor to avoid further scarring.


3. Double Spoon Comedone Extractor. This type of blackhead extractor has several holes in one side, ideal for removing blackheads of almost all sizes. Similarly, it can squeeze out blackheads with equal pressure avoiding scars and skin bruising.


Blackhead extractors are preferred in removing all types of blackheads compared with the manual hand method since the equal pressure applied by these loops can reduce the bruising and the scarring. They may require a little financial investment on your part but they are worth it when it comes to achieving fairer and healthier skin!

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