- Comunicati pubblicati - Spettacoli - Comunicati pubblicati - Spettacoli Thu, 17 Aug 2017 21:27:25 +0200 Zend_Feed_Writer 1.11.10 ( How to Choose Leather Wallets for Men Wed, 16 Aug 2017 10:49:12 +0200 anna anna Where do you put your money mostly, except your cupboard, the wallet is the answer, definitely it has always been a favourite accessory for men. To choose appropriate leather wallets for men is not so easy. Sometimes we take it lightly that what is the need of having stylish wallet, we can carry a simple wallet, because it doesn't matter whether it is branded and ordinary. We just need that it should easily carry our money and documents. But why we should not think about the latest trends in leather wallet? There is nothing wrong if we are buying a fashionable leather wallet.

What you commonly look when you are buying men's Leather Wallets, of course you will check whether it's useful enough to hold your credit/debit card, family picture, money, driving license, etc. In short we usually check that everything which we need to hold inside the wallet is accessible or not. Isn't it an old approach, why don't we look at its stylish and fashionable side, after all it is one of the most used accessories by men? You will see that there are varieties of leather wallets are obtainable in the market. We can have a choice of sporty wallet and classy wallets.


There are so many styles of wallets in the market, which one is the best for us? Here you can take a look at as seen on tv wallet for credit cards , which is an super slim and stylish wallet that own the unique technology to help prevent, this wonder walet free shipping can store up to 24 cards to include credit cards, gift cards, business cards and more, making it simple to put in the pocket.

Treatment in a New Way is Opening a New Space Wed, 16 Aug 2017 10:32:52 +0200 aldisrou aldisrou

Medical professionals are now finding the new way of therapy as the best thing in healing the diseases. It has been found that the way of treatment has now been taken by the doctors more relatively than by going professional. According to some experts of the IV Therapy in Studio City patients wanted the caring of their kin that has been missing from the clinics for years. But now with this type of treatment, it has been found that patients are doing well, and also they are recovering from their disease much earlier.

Doctor’s word work as the blessing from the blue

Patients usually wanted to hear the voice of the medical professional. It is their psychology that hearing the voice of the doctor they will be able to recover from their disease much faster than by taking the medicines that have been prescribed by them. In the cryotherapy sherman oaks, the medical professionals used to talk to the patients at every single hour, and they also spent a lot of time with them. This has been making a stride among the other medical clinics as a new way of making patients happy during their treatment.

The psychological readings of the patients are must

According to the renowned medical professionals of the Cryotherapy Studio City, the psychological reading of the patients helps in diagnosing the illness and also gets to know that what exactly the patient wants from the doctor. This type of treatment has been making a place for the medical industry, and now doctors from the different part of the world have been taking this therapy in their routine examination. If you want to know more of the process and the technique of treatment, then you must visit the link.

The entire medical industry now follows all these things that have been written. After extensive research, it has been written so that patients along with the everyday people get to know of the modern treatment that is going on. A new lighting space for the medical unit.



11650 Riverside Drive, Suite 11, Studio City, CA 91602


Eat masses of cabbage Wed, 16 Aug 2017 10:04:09 +0200 anna anna Тень и Лайнер могут делать замечательные вещи, чтобы сделать ваши глаза сексуальными и яркими, тем не менее все это будет зря, если ваши глаза все красные. Держите некоторые глазные капли в кошельке. Вы можете использовать их для немедленного оживления ваших взглядов в любое время, когда они устают от сидения перед экраном ПК или проводят время на солнце. Примените тени для век, чтобы запечатать в подводке для глаз. Когда вы делаете свои глаза, нанесите свой лайнер перед вашим оттенком. Затем, применяя тень, едва смочите ватный тампон и добавьте тени для век. Разгладьте это над лайнером, и вы обнаружите, что оно длится намного дольше.

Существуют определенные натуральные масла, которые отлично подходят для кормления и удлинения ресниц. В дополнение к этому натуральному маслу вы можете попробовать натуральную сыворотку ресниц, такую как Карепрост продается, изменит вашу красоту и весь внешний вид. Окно в вашу душу получает новые шторы, если хотите., чтобы увеличить размер ресницы и перетянуть ресничную ресницу.

The AlterG? Anti-Gravity Treadmill Wed, 16 Aug 2017 09:37:32 +0200 CommercialTreadmill CommercialTreadmill Take your convenance to the next level.

The AlterG? Anti-Gravity Treadmill? enhances therapist’s Treadmill Factorys to advice patients antithesis faster and increases the marketability of their practice. Our altered and patented unweighted rehabilitation treadmill technology:

Allows patients to acclimatize with beneath affliction while abbreviation the accident of added injury, which may accredit patients to alleviate faster.

Provides concrete therapists a absolute way to clue accommodating progress, befitting patients affianced and motivated during rehab.

Helps clinics, therapists and trainers set themselves afar by alms the a lot of avant-garde concrete analysis technology available.

Acts as both a acclimatize accessory and wellness Portable Treadmill that gets patients aflame to abide application it for training above abbreviate appellation rehab.

The Anti-Gravity Treadmill in Action

Le spectacle des spectacles de la semaine de la mode Wed, 16 Aug 2017 04:15:05 +0200 janse janse Le spectacle des spectacles de la semaine de la mode Lakme a continué avec Evelyn Sharma en clôturant le premier spectacle de la collection Vasundhara. La collection avait des silhouettes fluides accentuées avec des bijoux intéressants utilisant des liens triangulaires.
Le spectacle de Khem par Prem Kumar était Neha Sharma dans une robe courte qui résume la collection de Prem Kumar dans diverses silhouettes, accentué d'embellissements argentés et bleus.
Le spectacle "Pret a funny" du comédien-acteur Vir Das était un spectacle amusant de ses débuts T-shirts et ligne de boxeurs. Le spectacle a eu une manifestation de nombreuses célébrités de Bollywood montrant leur côté fou sur la rampe. Les célébrités incluaient Kunal Roy Kapoor, Sophie Choudhary, Ali Fazal, Benny Dayal, Cyrus Sahukar, Neil Bhoopalam, Shahzahn Padamsee, Tapsee Pannu et autres. Même l'adorable Aditi Rao Hydari est devenu excentrique pour ce spectacle hors boîte.

Shraddha Kapoor a terminé la journée en ramenant la rampe dans une combinaison blanche et argentée par Namrata Joshipura. La collection avait une apparence cosmique avec une utilisation généreuse de l'étincelle d'argent renforcée par des lumières LED.

Le spectacle de Masaba, Sooraj Pancholi, l'acteur du prochain film 'Hero', était le seul monsieur de la rampe qui s'est vraiment distingué dans la collection de dames de Masaba. Il a présenté un manteau imprimé ludique donnant l'essence des créations avita garde de Masaba. Shahid Kapoor et Mira Rajput ont fait leur première apparition publique ensemble, jouant de merveilleux spectacles de semaine de mode Lakme pour Masaba.

Le cinquième spectacle du jour de Bugatti était un affichage de chaussures formidables et confortables que les modèles portaient avec une tenue structurée. Le spectacle a vu Arjun Rampal marcher dans les chaussures personnalisées de Bugatti affichant un look tout noir avec des lunettes de soleil foncées.

solutions for Myopia treatment Tue, 15 Aug 2017 10:30:25 +0200 anna anna Children strain to read things they can't, so if you hear them talking about them not being able to read the blackboard, take them to an eye doctor immediately. Another common symptom in children is that they begin to squint every time they try to focus on distant objects. This too is a common sign that your child might be suffering from myopia.

Myopia is known as nearsightedness, and like most eye conditions, this one too has no cure. Today you can take a try of some prescription eye glasses such as dial vision adjustable lens eyeglasses  which is the first adjustable eyeglasses for distance, it works from -6D to +3D to  give you crystal clear vision. Just try this eye glasses from official store and enjoy clear world!


There are a number of solutions for Myopia treatment. These include eye glasses, contact lenses and surgery. Children who suffer from Myopia should always use eye glasses. Although this might affect their looks, it is safer in comparison to contact lenses and they can use them comfortably. Although Myopia can be controlled and treated, it can't be cured. As a child grows, they can opt in for contact lenses. There are various kinds of contact lenses available in the market these days that enable them to see clearly in a comfortable manner.

Protect your eyelash and skin Tue, 15 Aug 2017 10:30:01 +0200 anna anna Некоторые люди, в том числе подростки, не могут защитить свою кожу, когда они выходят. Надлежащая защита необходима, даже если вы находитесь в подростковом возрасте. Вам нужно использовать солнцезащитный крем для защиты кожи от ультрафиолетового излучения. Таким образом, вы избегаете солнечных пятен.

Не становитесь одержимыми своей кожей. Прорывы, масло, сухость и т. Д. Являются естественным явлением в подростковой коже. Не беспокойтесь о каждой мелочи, которая случается с вашей кожей. Подчеркивание прорывов приведет только к тому, что вы вырвете больше, так что расслабьтесь и узнайте, что все борются с одними и теми же проблемами кожи, поэтому не чувствуйте себя так, будто вы одиноки. Если необходимо, попросите родителя о посещении дерматолога.

Когда вы чувствуете разочарование в своей рутине ухода за кожей, просто напомните себе, что это похоже на тренировку. Возможно, вам это не понравится, когда вы в спортзале, но ваше тело еще раз поблагодарит вас. Помните, что это всего лишь несколько лучших советов по красоте для подростков, которые вы можете применить на практике для достижения идеальной и четкой кожи.

Существуют определенные натуральные масла, которые отлично подходят для кормления и удлинения ресниц. В дополнение к этому натуральному маслу вы можете попробовать натуральную сыворотку ресниц, такую как Карепрост продается, изменит вашу красоту и весь внешний вид. Окно в вашу душу получает новые шторы, если хотите., чтобы увеличить размер ресницы и перетянуть ресничную ресницу.

Cool white chinos and trousers Mon, 14 Aug 2017 11:23:07 +0200 anna anna Incredibly beautiful cool white chinos when worn with pop of bright shade trousers and brown boots and belts look stylish. Style up these chinos with traditional cable knits sweaters to get that preppy look. This attire is perfect for a classic weekend look. Men clothing online offers the same at affordable rates.
Aside from staple and traditional accessories like sunglasses, wallet and baseball caps, neckerchief has become an important accessory for men this season. These were more prevalent during the fashion shows that happened in Paris, London and Milan. When this neckerchief is combined with cotton crew jumper, temperature rises.
As told above the 50's era is back with a bang, the Cuban collar is one such example. As the temperature soars, ditch your heavy sweaters and add Cuban collar shirts. These shirts are light in weight, stylish and comfortable. To get that spring appropriate look, don't forget to go bold.
Usually one pattern rules the roost, but this time no such thing emerged. Whether to go for a matching or complimentary exploded prints, the key is to pull of this trend where it's needed! Keep your accessories to dark shades like navy blue, black or white and let that big bold prints speak for itself.


Investing in high-quality credit card wallet   is considered valuable. Purses are always put to considerable use in our daily life. Therefore, it is best to as seen on tv men’s wallet  which can last for ages.  leather wallets for men are comfortable to carry around in pants as they are soft to touch and lack any sharp edges. However, they are not immune to stretching and deterioration.

SINFONIE DAL MARE - CASTELLO DI SANTA SEVERA - ORCHESTRA SINFONICA RENZO ROSSELLINI Presenta: JAZZ BEATLES – GRUPPO ISORITMO IN CONCERTO – I grandi successi dei Beatles in rivisitazione multimediale jazz Sat, 12 Aug 2017 13:05:53 +0200





26 Luglio - 19 Agosto 2017 


… dopo il grande successo del 9 agosto con le colonne sonore,

Sabato 19 Agosto approderà sulle spiagge di Santa Severa

un sottomarino giallo…


Per l’ultimo appuntamento della rassegna SINFONIE DAL MARE,

nella splendida location del Castello di Santa Severa,

l’Orchestra Sinfonica Renzo Rossellini presenta:


Sabato 19 agosto, ore 21.00


I grandi successi dei Beatles in rivisitazione multimediale jazz.


Gerardo Iacoucci - Pianoforte, Giampaolo Ascolese – Percussioni,

Elio Tatti – Contrabbasso e Basso elettrico, Paola Massero - Voce.

Immagini di Marie Reine Levrat.


Il celebre gruppo ISORITMO di Giampaolo Ascolese,

propone la sua famosa versione jazz dei grandi successi dei Beatles,

in una elaborazione, per voce e strumenti, del Maestro Gerardo Iacoucci,

che ha già ricevuto l’apprezzamento di Sir George Martin,

storico produttore ed arrangiatore dei quattro di Liverpool.

La versione multimediale è arricchita dalle immagini di Marie Reine Levrat.






Ufficio stampa: Anna Rufini - 3382189778 –




*Costo Biglietto 10€ - Ingresso gratuito per bambini fino a 12 anni.

Info Castello: 06 3996 7999