I'm a ele shaman main wow classic gold btw

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I'm a ele shaman main wow classic gold btw and I respec to heal in raids and you? Are crap. Shamans need no fans, elemental does NOT need to be viable and you are a HEAL hybridvehicle. If you're a cure hybrid which never cries offheals or dispels in a BG, you're trash. No one wants to play you. If you do not want to learn how to heal then do not play with a cure hybrid. You know what? Current WoW. You clowns destroyed WoW and now want to ruin it around again.

Blizzard will don't hesitate to go full casual retard but they will take a look at the retail figures drop, the churn will become more rigorous completely and they will learn in training that in order to boost player participation they will need to return to the old gameplay hardcore style. That will take one or two expansions after that, propablly a cataclysmic kind of rework. (since fuck it... at that point why not a new engine) and we will get a 1-60 incremental and then almost flat but slow like in vanila leveling rate. The old raids will become relevant again as the rewards wont turn into useless the minute you jump over to 61 ( item level rework to remove high jumps in power between the expansions) and it will take abouto 6 months for a casual to achieve game. More if he doesnt rush, and he wont rush since rushing for 6 weeks is unsustainable for any individual which means they will be forced by the nature of WoW Classic to settle for long haul and start enjoying WoW Classic as it was meant to be.

What I'm worried about is; warriors, rogues and mages being elitist cunts, believing they're so very good at WoW Classic when it is simply their course being more successful than others. I'm worried they're likely to feel entitled to boss other gamers about and feel as they should be rewarded more. It happened back in the day, it'll happen again.I'm likely to play with a balance druid at WoW Classic because I'm going to play quietly and mainly play pvp. But I can see now people saying, balance is not viable, you can't raid with us. No, balance is not OPTIMAL. But still, I don't want them to balance classes. As an instance, I want balance druids to get their spells mana cost decreased or partially reimbursed on crit (such as mages should they spec into it). But if they enthusiast equilibrium druids in this way they are going to be very strong in pvp if they already are fairly decent.

Epic took the aggressive courses to raids because general folks sucked at cheap wow classic gold WoW Classic in comparison to now, I think you could practically definitely clear some of the raid content with any courses in the raid so long as you dont have too many of the terrible classes in there. In the end of the day there'll always be individuals who will


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