I'm not giving until they MLB 19 Stubs receive a stadium

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I'm not giving until they MLB 19 Stubs receive a stadium creator mode in these games SDS of my hard earned dollars. All play with is franchise and they ignoring it. MVP 2005 is STILL, 14 years later and that even had arena creator. What a joke. It's time we send a message to them. Make some real updates and then we'll provide our cash to you.


Distribute the word.LB1280 In my opinion the absolute LEAST they can do is expand the classic stadium roster, I'm a life long Red Sox fan....can they at least give me the old school Fenway Park with the netting on the Green Monster? I don't see where our requests are difficult or crazy to adapt as how you don't have a problem


requesting us to basically repurchase the exact same regurgitated game EVERY YEAR for over $60!!? seeingI've read this earlier from various other folks on the internet, but my argument to this is, why can it be feasible to Playstation 2, but it is not possible on Playstation 4? I am not trying to be sarcastic that is a question. I am not a


game programmer so I have no clue what the technical MLB the show stubs constraints are around the PS4, however when a match like Red Dead Redemption can be made for that platform, and you might produce your own arena 14 decades ago on a much less advanced gaming platform, common sense for me says that there is not any reason this should not




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