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There are several other ways to find gems in Runescape, but most are very random. It not buy runescape gold uncommon to find gems as drops from a wide variety of monsters or to have the option to choose them as a gift received from a random event. Also, if you catch a casket when fishing with a big net, it possible that the casket may contain a gem of some sort.

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I think more than anything making sure you sit down with them before hand and explain what the games are, what they mean, that they not real and they fantasy and shouldn be copied in real life. I think that more important honestly. Not too boring for adults and great for kids. Also maybe some of the old RTS games like Age of Empires or Rise of Nations. Seven is a bit young for those, but when he was 10 my grandson was quite good at galactic battlegrounds.

I'm totally w/ you man. I'm not in your gen, a little under, but I too think a good mmorpg should be about participating in a fantasy world of sorts, a full experience. Although some MMOs seem to maybe offer this at first, the gameplay mechanics quickly reveal that really its just about leveling and grinding and gaining equiptment.

"If I could do anything I wanted to do, I would have more development of the game done by players, to see their ideas of where they see quest lines going. I envision a place where they can have their own world to develop their own stuff, people can jump on and try the different ideas that the players have. We can then take the best ideas and put those in the main game.

I think that would be a wonderful thing to do. m really passionate about making sure our players are able to tell the stories they want to see."when compared to other skills this is super easy and i recommend going for this skill cape if you do not already own it. Now on with the guide :)I'I think much of this is due to the fact that there are still technical and tactical restraints from allowing games like this to become what they could.

How to get the potion ingredientsSome of the potion ingredients are easy to obtain, others can be quite complicated. All of them need the nether wart, so your first goal is to enter into the nether to get those blaze rods for the brewing stand and then to find some nether wart. Nether wart is easy and quick to grow on soul sand, so only a couple of them will be fine and in no time you will have lots.

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