Some Suggestions For A Better MapleStory

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I really like MapleStory so much, I have been playing this 4MS2 game for about 8 years, yes, it's a really long time and we had such loving fun together in sport, so I would like to find a better MapleStory, below is my own ideas.

Boss Queues:When boss queueing, party boss rankings does not get handed to the individual who joined the new party,Be able to queue to Monsters Boss without having all the party members be the same channel,Boss queueing to get Arkarium must take the party outside the altar instead of Crack in Time.Boss Content:Remove Physical Strike Immunity on Arkarium's summons,Permit infinite entrances, but 1 apparent daily for most bosses,Eliminate auto respawns on bosses with passing counts,Remove fire upon defeating Chaos Crimson Queen.

Items and Equipment Changes:Boost stats of this Kritias Set, Boss Accessory Establish and Meister Set's gear as well as their set bonuses,Permit Crystal Ventus Badge to become enhancable and pottable,Include Arkarium's bands and its Meister counterparts at the Boss Accessories rather than a 2 piece ring set every (as well raise their stats),Eliminate PSOK and SOK demands on Dominator Pendants, Mechanator Pendants, Chaos Horntail Pendants, Horntail Pendants, Zakum and Chaos Zakum Helmets,Redesign Scarlet and Lucky "Joker" Equipment therefore it could truly substitute in any set the player desires instead of the maximum set ID,Permit Proton Suits and Boots to become wearable by all classes,Permit Rakes, Wrenches, Golden Pickaxes and Shovels to be repairable, not necessarily mended with maplestory mesos, it is too wasteful,Eliminate recipes for Timeless and Reverse Gear, LVL 110 and 100 gear within Root Abyss Boxes.

System Changes:Under "Sound," break "SFX" into "Game SFX" and "Skill SFX",(EXAMPLE: Vellum's roar will be treated differently from a skill's sound effect), In areas with 3 private stations such as Cygnus and Union Trade, display which buy Maplestory 2 Mesos private channel the participant currently is in along with other party members(EXAMPLE: Daxterbeer/ Arcania/ Personal Channel 1, Snacktime/ Arcania/ Private Channel 3),Eliminate mastery amount corrosion for crafting amounts greater than 10,Have Reward Points be hauled directly to the participant's money shop rather than manually claiming and redeeming every 10 separate occasions (The meter would be present to count how many points you have for your day).

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