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Even if you don't care about that extra hard end POE game material, though, any of these builds will let you experience all but the most challenging of Path of Exile's maps. And they're fun as hell. With this list, I am also attempting to provide you a vast array of buy RuneScape gold  play styles rather than prioritizing what is technically best of the best--that is fairly hotly debated anyhow.This build holds a unique spot in my heart since it was the build guide I followed that finally allow me to appreciate why Path of Exile is the indisputable king of ARPGs.


What I really like about this construct is how it comes together over time. As you level, you are going to begin to grab nodes around the passive power tree which increase your fire damage. Every one provides such a raw increase to your harm that it's intoxicating if you unlock you.There are some drawbacks: because Scorcing Ray is a channelled assault, positioning is critical and some boss fights will require constantly moving around to prevent damage. That could become very annoying sometimes.


Engineering Eternity's build guide is the one to read, particularly if you're brand new, since he breaks down the way to level the personality (something lots of construct guides jump).Youtuber LiftingNerdBro's take on the Frostbolt Totem Hierophant is an excellent build if you're new to Path of Exile. As it depends largely on spells which scale with your level, you don't need to fret about min-maxing your gear--in fact you can play fairly deep into endPOE match without any of the imply unique items.


Totem builds aren't for everybody, as they're a very  RS gold passive offensive fashion that relies on placing totems that cast spells for you as you focus on moving around and dodging any deadly attacks. Nevertheless, if you adore the notion of being the final boss at a bullet hell arcade shooter, this build stones because your totems pay the field in bolts of frost that rip through enemies easily.

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