The way small wings eyeliner make you shine

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Recently discovered that a lot of MM all like small wing this kind of eyeliner, today, xiamen wedding photography studio made a simple small wing eyeliner tutorial for everyone, of course, in drawing this kind of eyeliner according to the height of his eye shape, the length in the eye end draw a wing outline. Use a paper towel or a cotton swab to gently rub off the ends. It is also worth noting that the small wings at the tail of the eye should have small pointed Angle, otherwise there is no sense of small wings.

Now to our formal steps:

Step 1: now lock the outlined position of the eye tail and make sure the left and right eyes are balanced.

Step 2: use the beautiful eye deep eyeliner brush from the front of the eye start to draw, in the end of the eye outline outward, emphasize the width of the eyeliner.

Step 3: finally, fill the eyelash gaps with beautiful eyes and deep eyeliner to make your eyes more attractive. Match the small wing eyeliner of makeup master to finish!

Begin to learn to draw eyeliner in fact, can begin from inside canthus to outward the close dotted line on the point, next from the middle of eyelid to both sides will connect these points.

For small eyes: the eyeliner should be shorter and thicker, starting from the middle of the eyelash line to the end of the eye, and slightly rising a curve. The goal is to open the eye shape and make the eyes look bigger.

For round eyes: start from the lower two-thirds of double eyelid, smooth and delicate eyeliner is the key, and extend slightly upward and outward to elongate the shape of the eye, making the round eye oval;

For slightly tired eyes: it is recommended to highlight the end of the eye and extend the eyeliner while slightly tilting the eye upward to lift the eye.

For the distance between the eyes: you can draw a little bit of the eyeliner out of the eyes and draw a small pointed corner.

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