VivaGames Released Iron Sky at 00: 01am on Feb 2, 2018(CDT)

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Iron Sky is an epic sci-fi strategy game. Set in an immense world with stunning laser and gigantic mechs, players join a faction to set up their colonies and battle the other for resources and control.
New Server S1 launching at 00: 01am on Feb 2, 2018(CDT)
To celebrate the launch of new server, we have prepared various events to help you to dominate the ingame world. Fantastic gifts are waiting for your participation!

Iron Sky 



In fact, while the more substantive additions don't hurt the experience, they also seem compulsory. As far as everyone in the Seven Kingdoms except Bran knows, she is the only living Targaryen, Aemon Targaryen who set aside his surname when he became the maester of Castle Black having died peacefully in season 5, and therefore the only true heir to Aerys II.
No Man's Sky still excels in those stretches where the more traditional game elements--the trading, the dogfighting, the freighter raids--get out of the way, and it's just you, your ship, and a near-infinite universe. Welsh topography supplies a fabulous if misleading backdrop. Everything just looked better, from the environments, which are generally flat and blocky in core Earth Defense Force games, to the explosions, which featured nice lighting effects.
Arena is the stage to show your battle power. Players have free chances every day to challenge players with higher power battle. There is a CD time between 2 challenges. Arena rewards will be sent at 24:00 everyday according to your rank. If your BP increases, please click Save to update BP.
Players can use Advisor EXP to upgrade Advisor, who can learn different skills at certain level and enhance troops’attribute.

A follow-up has been hotly anticipated, though the decision to release a mobile game may be a surprise to fans. Iron Sky: The Coming Race is all set to hit theaters on Valentine's Day 2018 and today we have news that the third entry in the Nazi's in Space series has already begun filming. They don't seem to have released a game of their own just yet, but members of staff worked on everything from Neverwinter and City of Heroes to BioShock Infinite and Metroid Prime 3.
And, indeed, here come the explosions in the sky. By depicting the Britons as decidedly outlandish, if not a touch freakish, Butterworth has also developed a Roman literary trope – one rather undercut by recent archaeological evidence that suggests, at least in south-east Britain, a people strongly influenced by and connected to Roman Gaul, with elites enjoying Roman wine and Mediterranean figs.
Iron Sky is overflowing with more directions to focus on, which only serves to round out its otherwise lacklustre core mechanics.


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