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The best example of what I love is Kingdom of Loathing, which I do and still play. I love it: It's humorous and quirky, there's an incredibly large wealth of content, there's always something to do. I can craft weird shit and go on adventures. It's easy to get obsessed with for a while, read pages upon pages in the Wiki, drop it for a few months, then come back. There's a big fan community out there, which I love.

Another GREAT example, until its tragic demise, was Glitch. (Still mourning!) Community elements, lots of interesting and fun stuff to find. I play it in browser, but it doesn't work on my iPad (too many frames and popups make the experience pretty crappy). I'd like to play before falling asleep or during breaks in the day, and I don't like to take my laptop from my desk.

I also (kind of embarrassingly) have enjoyed city building esque games like Happy Street and The Tribez on iPad, but STRONGLY disapprove of IAP, unless it gets me a real life kitten or something. I can ignore it in a game, but I'd prefer it's super minimal and doesn't exist. (I did drop $10 on a Mr. Accessory for KoL, but that was to support the developer!)

I'm okay paying some money for the game itself.Basically I just want another game with a world that feels as quirky and expansive and addictive as Kingdom of Loathing that I can ideally play on my iPad, although in browser (or even OSX compatible) is OK. Quests, crafting, exploration = all awesome.

I see few people who had answered my questions or my followersEr, sorry, if you are interested in roguelikes, try Dungeons of Dredmor for OSX. It's the closest to KoL's sense of humor in a game I've encountered, and just a genuinely good and deep game with tons of crafting and character build options and so on.However, like most roguelikes, it has no storyline (short of "descend into the dungeon and kill monsters until you reach the big monster, then kill it") and the levels are procedurally generated. And it's hilarious and quirky and awesome. I play for hours almost every day. And there's a huge community. I just helped host an Animal Crossing meetup this last Saturday.

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