The Heroes Origin Web Game is coming!

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We are glad to launch Heroes Origin's New Server S1 at 0:00am on Nov 27, 2018(CST).
To celebrate the launch of new server, Heroes Origin operating team has already prepared various activities to help you to dominate the ingame world. Wonderful activities, fantastic gifts are waiting for your participation! Join us quickly and gain more surprises and friends! Here is the details of the game:
Hero 3D is a fantasy turn-based strategy game developed based on characters from Heroes of Might and Magic. With focus on character’s development, the game is easy to play and understand at early stages. Players can challenge each other through battles and enjoy the fantastic story plots at the same time.
Hero 3D is a turn-based strategy web game.
In ancient times, Barbarians invaded the territory of Elves with the power of Artifact. The Elves rose up and drove Barbarians out from their homeland. However, the energy released from the collision of two Artifacts destroyed the Old World. People of the Old World came to the New World through the magic portal and fought against the Demons. 
Game playing is mainly controlled by mouse clicks and the interaction between players require keyboard.
UI & Features
Encyclopedia Interface
(1)Mercs (2)Formation (3)Encyclopedia (4)Close Button
Heroes Origin
Drag Mercs to deploy, click Save button to save the formation. 
a. Click the avatar of Merc to check details
b. Click the Merc’s picture on the left to check stats details 
c. Click the + button to upgrade Merc
d. Each Merc has own feature, which has restraint effect 
e. There are 6 Gear slots for each Merc. When the Merc is equipped with 6 pieces of Gear, you can Advance the Merc to augment stats and skills. There is a level limit to Gear and you need collect Gear on your own. 
f. Every Merc has 2 ultimate skills. To upgrade those skills, you need Star up the Merc first. Upgrade skills can increase their power and effect. You can set one skill for auto battle here 
g. There are all 4 talent skills which are related to Merc’s quality. A new talent skill will be unlocked when you get the Merc’s quality colored upgraded. The level cap of talent skill depends on Merc Lv.
h. Star up requires Soulstones. Star 1 is the lowest rank and Star 5 is the highest.

After the above introduction of Heroes Origin, you may have been deeply attracted by this game. 

If you are interested in Heroes Origin, you can click following link:
Furthermore, we will continue to release more fun games on, worth a shot. 

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