Wedding photography practical way to sign the bill

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Photography is also a subject, as the wedding photography industry become more and more popular, they appeared the vicious competition between studio, so all kinds of tricks also came, not only watch out for these little traps, but also for their preferences and interests as much as possible.


Make a reasonable budget and choose wedding studios and studios

First of all, the couple needs to make a budget for their wedding and choose a photography institution that suits their level according to their financial strength. In general, the cost of the wedding photos from two thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan of above is not the same, most people will choose three thousand yuan to six thousand yuan of the consumer class, in fact when doing the budget wedding photos, you should first clear you want how to effect the wedding photos, because different style, different processes are quite different from the photos the price.


Activity everyday has, sign sheet to have skill

In fact, most of the activities of the movie studios are like shopping malls discount, there is a month, a week, every day. So you don't get lured into studio hype favourable activity, especially when the sales staff said it happened to be active at the end of the day, you must think calmly, don't believe his luck, around a few more, shop around to the future. When you decide to choose a wedding studio or photography studio, don't try so hard to pay the deposit, the so-called long, you can keep in touch with the studio staff first, less than two days she will take the initiative to call you to tell you I can give you more discount, if you drag her again for a day or two, give you a gift will increase again.


Avoid the consumption trap, after careful consideration before the deposit

In many activities, studios and studio with huge discounts to attract people sign the bill, and to pay the deposit as the premise of cooperation, at this point you have to strive for more discount for oneself, for instance clothing can free upgrade, complimentary bottle of Ann and so on, at the same time you can also use waive the large set of system, in order to gain additional film copyright way, because of the same size, you went to the mid-stream flush must be much cheaper than the studio. In a word, make sure that all the rights you can get are reflected in the contract.


Sign contracts to protect rights and interests

The consciousness of a lot of people have signed the contract, here small make up to remind you, now a lot of studio are use their contract, and many of those projects and terms are biased towards studio, at this point the only thing you can do is to negotiate with studio you good projects, such as to eliminate the content of the secondary consumption indicate in the contract. In addition must be written clearly the dispute settlement and compensation rules. Protecting your rights is the best way to save money.




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