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We all know, the material of marriage gauze dress and make work directly decided the price of marriage gauze, look at full of beautiful things in eyes of all sorts of marriage gauze, can't help wondering in the heart which is most valuable after all? So exactly what kind of wedding dress to calculate on is a good wedding dress? Make up for everybody to provide a few experience that discern marriage gauze quality and method.

Fabric is the main factor that reflects wedding dress quality. Satin should have a soft sheen, feel of bone, enough weight and strong support. The quality that has weight won't make integral marriage gauze looks a kind of dimly discernible feeling. If there is no special requirement for the wedding dress. In addition, different types of yarn, their specific requirements are different. A good chiffon wedding dress, the first or the weight of his body and the degree of soft. Chiffon is a thin translucent silk or man-made fabric. And use in marriage gauze industry much is the real silk fabrics that has hang down feeling more. An easy way to distinguish taffeta is the rustling rustling where it stands on start road.

In order to better show the effect of wedding dress, basic needs three layers of fabric, including lining, lining and face. To foil the integral shape of wedding dress, and to gauze face marriage gauze, the quantity of layer is more important. If the fabric and number of layers of the wedding dress are up to par, the problem of thin or full skirt trace will not appear. A good wedding dress will use a fully enclosed technology, and the support of multiple fish bones will make the upper body look more perfect.

If the level of the skirt itself is not enough or the type selection is wrong, then the whole dress looks like a lantern, or looks not atmospheric enough, the whole looks very thin or the skeleton of the skirt will appear.

Detail is another main element that reflects wedding dress quality. Each item also has its own different craft. Different details will reflect different styles. Lace is the typical representative of romantic style and noble quality. Embroidery will be the best interpretation of the classical, euphemistic.

These are the necessary connoisseurs of a smart bride. Therefore, for a perfect wedding dress, high quality is the most important. I hope you can choose your favorite one to be the most beautiful bride.



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