The art of matching wedding clothes with wedding photos

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People rely on clothing, three points appearance, seven points grooming, it can be seen that clothing to a person's importance. There are no ugly women, only lazy women, as an elegant beauty, always pay attention to dressing up, not to mention taking wedding photos of such an important moment. So, how do wedding photos go with clothes?

First, choose the style of clothes according to the shooting style.

Nowadays, the most popular wedding photography style has the aesthetic Korean style, the atmosphere western style, the outdoor small fresh and classic retro style, and so on, want to take the ideal Korean wedding gauze photo, the clothes should choose the color quietly elegant, the style is simple; Want to photograph western style, suit to choose beautiful long procrastinate more; Outdoor small fresh style is more suitable for bright color, simple and light style; Retro wedding gauze photo is more suitable for qipao + zhongshan suit, or phoenix coronet frame, a little bit older.

Secondly, the style of clothes should enhance the advantages and avoid the disadvantages.

If you want to bloom perfectly, you must choose a dress that suits you. How to judge whether your dress is suitable should be measured in terms of skin color, temperament, body shape, shooting place and so on. A bride with a fair complexion can opt for a dress of any color, while a woman with a yellow complexion should steer clear of darker colors, such as cinnamon and pinkish purple, while a woman with a dark complexion can try more vibrant colors like yellow and green. The United States eyebrow of the body tall pick is well-proportioned can try any style, petite suit short style or tall waist dress design, plump suit fabrics thick solid, design is contracted.

Third, match your partner perfectly.

Wedding gauze photograph is the film of two people, it is not a person's monologue, must accomplish harmonious and unified on the dress collocation so, style respect wants unified, design respect also wants to accomplish echo as far as possible, it is to want to let everybody detect couple outfit easily namely. You need to know, the couple dress is the lover's exclusive, do not need too much words, just two simple clothes can show the deep affection honey meaning.

How do wedding photos go with clothes? The above three points hope to be helpful to everyone, and finally wish everyone who loves each other can take the most beautiful wedding photos, so that happiness can be cherished forever.

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