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Nearly 8,000 animals used in University of Bath experiments last yearSome of the animals died as part of the research procedures14:07, 16 NOV 2017Updated14:50, 16 NOV 2017University of Bath Animals involved in the university's research include mice, rats, guinea pigs, Zebrafish, Medaka fish and amphibians, all of which are bred for the purpose of being used in biomedical research.There are currently 1,900 rodents and 15,000 fish being kept by the university and they are used to help understand conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, depression and cancer.The severity of the procedures are scored based on the degree of pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm expected the animal is expected to experience.These are classed as mild, moderate, severe and non recovery.(Image: Getty Images)Non recovery procedures are performed on animals which are put under general anaesthetic before the procedure and are killed without ever regaining consciousness.Last year, 221 animals were used in 'non recovery' procedures and died as a result.Dr Julia Baines, science policy adviser for PETA, said: "As forward thinking scientists and institutions are moving away from experiments on animals in favour of cutting edge, non animal methodologies, it's alarming that the University of Bath continues to cage and hurt animals in its laboratories.Tribute to proud Bathonian Philip Bryant on first anniversary of his death"We know now that fish have unique personalities just as dogs and cats do, that rats have excellent memories once they learn a navigation route, they never forget it and that mice have the capacity to experience a wide range of emotions."It's backward and unethical to subject these sensitive and intelligent animals to miserable lives in laboratories and painful and terrifying procedures.(Image: Getty Images)"The university's students, educators, and researchers would benefit from switching to modern and more scientifically sound methods that would also spare animals a traumatic death in often pointless experiments."Out of the 7,948 procedures, 2159 were considered mild.

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