Sunglasses Design Philosophy

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Ferrari engine gear alloy do shelf, durable, the material inside and outside, as is now fake nickel alloy steel, plated outside of the U.S. Air Force Institute of radiant energy technology, FN high-tech coatings, blocking the sun rays and diffuse in space reflex. U.S. naval aviation, helicopter pilot standard wear Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Sale glasses, it is easy to discern the direction of the sky and sea, driving a car is simply worn with a sledgehammer to kill a chicken. Ray-Ban sunglasses, founded in the 1930s, specially designed for the U.S. Air Force and prepared to block the high altitude violent light. So Ray-Ban lenses are high quality optical glass manufacturer, to bring you a number of excellent benefits. Ray-Ban lens UV protection features, full compliance with U.S. quality assurance standards. Through precise manufacturing and polishing process, Ray-Ban optical lenses no deviation, the wear will not cause eye fatigue. Lens color will not fade any time day to ensure lasting for years.
Ray-Ban sunglasses frame design and manufacturing philosophy, and create accurate theoretical lens almost exactly the same, extremely durable material, always wear comfortable, exceptionally thoughtful face type. Double screw assembly, effectively consolidate lens. Mirror arm radian especially considerate skin. Weak end of arm design, response surface can be contoured and adjustable nose pads. Smooth rounded nose pads, exceptionally docile. Care embedded in gooseneck arm can do multi-directional shift nose pads provide a more comfortable supporting force. Frame Avon flexibility to cellulose acetate or nylon, with a flame-retardant, anti-chemical corrosion features, the color will not fade. In order to ensure smooth frame shape, so cellulose acetate or nylon frames are polished metal part of the four-day course. The main parts are plated metal feeder welding; to prevent the frame appears debris, erosion and loss of luster. For fixed lens tough and durable metal wire, can be arbitrarily adjust and consolidate lenses.
In the 70 years history of Ray-Ban, the leading lens technology for the consumer protection industry has been in a leadership position. Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet lens through scientific designed to control glare and prevent the invasion of harmful UV rays, effectively filter blue light, and maintain good contrast and sharp vision. Its optical performance is very accurate, even beyond the industry standard for high-quality prescription eyeglasses. Ray-Ban is a pure optical characteristic of the lens glass is actually a large advantage in clarity, uniformity and stability. Ray-Ban is the impact resistance lenses undergo thermal and chemical treatment, that is, its impact resistance beyond the requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Particularly stable since the glass, which lens color even when exposed to sunlight for several years will not fade or change. Ray-Ban genuine and fake goods, I think the difference is not large, including fake glasses case and instructions are very like, if the genuine and fake goods together unless careful observation, no differences were hard to find genuine imitation goods.
Genuine mirror box is work fine, relatively thick cortex that mirror box with velvet inside all places all wrapped inside the box with the words MADEINROMANIA of; imitation leather goods like a man-made plastic, no texture, but not all wrapped with a cloth, there are two layers, with a layer of pure hard plastic, used to hold the specification, and the mirror box of pens is also a hard piece of plastic, not wrapped up in flannel. Lens cloth is genuine silver-gray, red RAYBAN of LOGO, lens cloth, lens cloth than the average size of a little shorter; imitation goods Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet lens cloth is yellow, blue RAYBAN of words only. If it is genuine and imitation goods I almost difficult to distinguish because of imitation goods lenses have anti-counterfeit laser engraved words RB, but genuine security closer to the edge of the laser lens, and very thin, white -labeled RAYBAN LOGO than imitation goods to fine, the other is no big difference.

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