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People used to wear a pair of sunglasses block the glare of the sun. The sun rays to reach the Earth surface contains ultraviolet light, the human eye cornea and lens are the most vulnerable to UV damage eye tissue, while cataract is closely related eye diseases. Due to increased environmental damage to the ozone layer, as well as people in summer outdoor activities, UV damage to the human eye can not be ignored. However, not all sunglasses can achieve the purpose of protecting the eye. Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale Sunglasses are listed as personal eye protection products category, because sunglasses are worn in the summer, the main function is to block the glare of the sun. International standard sunglasses again subdivided into fashion and general purpose lens with a mirror. Standard fashion mirror quality requirements are relatively low. Because fashion is the style mirrors the main highlight of the wearer focus is decorative rather than protection.
Standard quality requirements for general purpose use a mirror is stricter, which include UV protection, as well as indicators of the degree requirements and the prism diapers. Consumers when choosing sunglasses, you should clear their purchasing goals. Of course, if sunglasses not only a decorative functions, but also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays is better, but the price may be relatively high. At present, China has not yet issued national standard sunglasses, sunglasses, and therefore did not make a reasonable classification and labeling requirements. Darker sunglasses can effectively block the glare, may be ten percent of its transmittance in the visible region, and the light transmittance in the visible region of sunglasses than the average of 50 percent. Different colors of sunglasses for UV blocking ability should be the same, not because of the color depth to produce a difference.
Sunglasses are plain, that is, no degree. Myopia or hyperopic consumers can ask their tailor shop Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet sunglasses with diaper. You can also follow their own preferences; choose tinted lenses to achieve the purpose of effectively block sunlight. Another approach is to directly buy sets of mirrors; clip directly on the glasses out, you can also solve the problem. The latest research shows that there is a big style sunglasses can effectively block the difference of light stimulation. In simple terms, the only kind of like goggles sunglasses block glare can be truly effective. Those common styles of sunglasses, especially small and stylish, the summer go, sunlight illuminated from different angles over the formation of the reflective surface of the lens at the front, which reflected light and refracted into the wearer eye, the result of damage could be worse.
Sunglasses are not equivalent to the driver mirror especially to remind consumers that does not mean the driver mirror sunglasses. Driver mirror into daily -and night-use, it should be able to identify with the characteristics of different color traffic signal. For those of a dual- lens sunglasses should be an obvious warning signs, which can be used as daily driver or a night with the driver mirror. Mirror on the driver at night there is a special request, it needs both to block glare or dazzling glare at night, but also in the visible range with sufficient transmittance to clearly identify the road and pedestrian goals. Currently on the market there are a considerable number of the driver mirror transmittance in the visible region is relatively low, so wearing Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet glasses to drive at night, if you encounter an emergency situation, because of the low glasses discrimination and accidents.
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