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An opening in line with national regulatory requirements and professional optical shop equipment are certain requirements, purchase all the equipment needed money funds. In addition, for the convenience of consumers eyewear stores are open in the downtown area, because glasses small size, easy to carry, long time, consumers have become accustomed to in the downtown shopping with glasses, but will not run a long way, to the suburbs or more remote places to buy glasses. Meanwhile, many consumers want to shop around, they would choose glasses shops are concentrated. Because there is such a supply and demand choice, glasses shop opened in the downtown has become a norm. Optical shop storefront area and decor but also directly affect consumer buying behavior, which makes the cost of Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Sale eye glasses shop space increased. A formal input optical shops, venues and equipment occupy a certain size is quite a bit of funds. Unlike optical products, general merchandise, the merits of their products will directly affect the quality of vision and health of consumers, making glasses also highly technical special trades. With the changes in consumer attitudes, there is growing emphasis on precise aspects of optometry and optician, not confined to a nice selection of high quality frames and lenses. And correspondingly, in a large number of employees in the glasses, the real formal and professional skills training system, very few people pass rate is also equipped with glasses generally not high.
Choose a good purchase channels is also essential operations glasses, a good supply channels not only provide quality products, so that reduce operating costs, enhance customer credibility. And fast delivery speed, preferential payment is also required to consider. More importantly, a good supplier can also provide some technical support late. Therefore, the ability to seek to purchase channels has the advantage of also entering the elements of the optical industry. In addition to the above a few glasses industry in the traditional sense of the barriers to entry, from the previous analysis to see the face of changing competitive environment, optician as a typical service industry, service, management and brand building elements also enter the industry, especially for not only survive, but also want to make a difference to investors.
Provide special services are not easy, not only in-depth study of the market, and the need for fundamental change in the service concept. If the service is a comfortable coat was seen to touch, then the business within the internal management system like clothes, skin below the skeleton, consumers do not see, but feel it. High level of management for the chain to grow optical chain enterprises has become increasingly urgent, Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet glasses are a high turnover of goods, and eyewear retailing is actually a very complex operating system, only the frame, since the frame material, color code, style and brand of samples of different stocks, a single store often have a million. With the ever lengthening chain, information exchange and unified management between single-store purchases, sales, inventory and other data that has been plagued by the problem of glasses retailers. Some veteran -owned optical shops in the completion of the single property from a pure system of state-owned enterprises to the various ownership stake ingredients, diverse ownership of the modern enterprise transformation, began to create a computer network chain management, has taken with the chain rapid replication model -based and means basis. Beijing sharp glasses, glasses Chiba Chongqing, Hainan refinement glasses chain or independent development, or co- operation, all try to find the optimal solution to the problem of management for the next attack of the national market ready.
Brand creation and maintenance of any industry problem, not only need strong financial backing, publicity and promotion, and requires a long time to develop the process of customer awareness and loyalty to the brand. For the industry already has a maturity, this is undoubtedly the entrants to set up a huge obstacle. Optical shops have larger returns do not represent the creation of optical shops will certainly return, because between the brand, size, technology, expertise, management and other aspects of the store has significant gaps, opening a separate optical retail industry is entering the glasses there are a lot of risks. Because the Chinese optical retail industry, as a weak foundation, started late in the industry, no longer protected policies, domestic and foreign small and medium sized glasses eyewear retailing is difficult juxtaposition, not to mention the man combat.

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