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Sunglasses also called sun mirror. Summer and highland areas, people often wear Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Sale sunglasses, free subject to glare, block UV damage to the eyes. As living standards improve, people increasingly care of their eyes. The sun rays to reach the Earth surface in the ultraviolet content of about 2.7%. The cornea and lens of the human eye is most susceptible to UV damage eye tissue. Cataracts are most closely related with UV eye diseases, daylight dermatitis, corneal endothelial injury, macular eye color; eye diseases such as retinitis are UV-related. Qualified sunglasses with ultraviolet and infrared blocking function. Thus it can be said, the summer is one of the effective means to wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from UV damage.
Sunglasses are generally divided into two major categories of light and dark, from a variety of colors. Judge the merits of quality sunglasses, the focus should assess the vertex and prism, transmittance characteristics, surface quality and internal flaws, assembly precision and shaping requirements of several technical indicators. Good quality pair of sunglasses can play a role in shade and decorative appearance. But in the market, the actual situation is not optimistic. Some unscrupulous traders, diamond consumers know much about the quality of sunglasses loopholes, using inferior materials, inexpensive window glass or other inferior materials glasses. These materials are uniformly poor, with streaks, bubbles and other impurities, can not block UV rays; do not meet the physical requirements of the human eye. What is more, the use of low visible light transmittance, UV transmittance is very high but the poor quality of the plastic film production sunglasses, cause harm to consumers.
UV damage to the eyes can not be ignored. Spring and early summer is a popular cosmetic sunscreen good season. The sun ultraviolet rays cause skin damage, loss of moisture and accelerated aging has become common knowledge. But the eyes if not properly protected from UV damage will be more severe. Intense or prolonged sun exposure cause the cornea, the eye lens and retina damage, and will increase the incidence of cataracts and other vision problems. So, wear sunglasses to protect the eyes required. Sunglasses are sometimes very necessary function of Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet quality sunglasses UV cut first, avoid ultraviolet eye injections, followed by blocking sunlight. Sunglasses are not patented in the summer, the sun ultraviolet rays are ever-present, but nothing more intense in summer. Whether it is the skin of the sun, or eye protection should keep an eye out.
UV damage to the eyes can not be ignored; scientific research confirms the strong sun light is one of the main causes of cataracts. A survey about the Johns Hopkins University showed that more sun for an hour a day in the sun, the year will increase the risk of cataract ten percent, the risk of cataracts outdoor workers is three times the average person. Daylight corneal endothelial damage is also caused by the ultraviolet eye diseases. Prevention of ultraviolet radiation on the human body injury, the most important is to avoid prolonged activity in strong sunlight. Another also use light-colored umbrella and Cheap Mac Lipstick Makeup Wholesale sunglasses weaken the intensity of ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet sunlight will damage the lens of the eye, causing degeneration of the lens, causing cataracts. Long-term light irradiation, will lead to cataracts early arrival. Reduce UV damage to the eyes; the best way is to wear UV protection sunglasses. Best buy sunglasses to regular glasses shop, low quality sunglasses on the one hand can not effectively block ultraviolet rays. On the other hand may be due to refraction is not correct, is not well adjusted, relax your eyes, likely to cause visual fatigue, the formation of astigmatism, myopia. The visor can also act to some extent block the effect of the strong sunlight. People who wear contact lenses trip, the best preparation for a pair of spare glasses, and bring along the necessary care solution, eye drops, to ensure hygiene. People who wear glasses in itself, it is best to choose UV glasses.

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