Eye Protection Mechanisms

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Pilots, the best choice for fishing enthusiasts polarized sunglasses because polarized lenses eliminate glare from all directions, making the object appear clearer. It uses the same light and lens precision synthetic resin sheet by the seven syntheses, the outermost layers are hard wear-resistant layer, and the middle layer is a polarizing filter layer. In fact, sunglasses resist the sun; can not stop the pollution damage. Maintenance methods like sunglasses glasses general maintenance, cleaning, closed stack, storage should be a habit. But Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Sale sunglasses often Dai, accidentally scratched, so there are some small details to pay special attention, sunglasses tainted adheres, do not use nails to pull, it easy to scratch the wound surface the. Do not wear sunglasses, many people will easily hung on the head, neck or pocket, then the body range of motion do not be too large, in order to avoid tearing or crashing. Or someone will put handbag, recommend that you first put in a hard glasses case, and then into the bag to avoid being the key, comb, copper and other small things wear lenses, or catching lipstick and other cosmetics.
Car owners are wearing sun glasses, do not wear often easily on the dashboard or seat, this is a very bad habit, hot weather will not baked prototype sunglasses, especially the plastic frame especially, it is best to get off with, or collection box placed in the glasses. Polarized sunglasses can block uncomfortable glare, while protecting eyes from UV damage. All of this is thanks to the metal powder filters; they can be injected into the light when it is selected. Tiffany and Co Bracelet Jewelry Outlet Polarized sunglasses can selectively absorb part of the sun ray band component, because it is by means of a very fine metal powder. When light shines on the lens and, based on the so-called destructive interference process, the light was whittled. That is, when certain wavelengths of light through the lenses in the lens inside the eye toward the direction, they will cancel each other. Overlapping light waves formed not by chance, a wave crest of the wave with its trough near together, has led to offset each other. In general, little change in thickness of the lens and the refractive index of the lens is based on differences in chemical composition and different.
Polarized sunglasses protect the eyes provides another mechanism. Paved road rather special polarized reflected light. This reflected light and direct light from the sun or any artificial light source is different from the problem lies in the order. Polarized light in one direction by the whole shock wave formation, and general light is not directed by a shock wave into the open. It like a group of disorderly walk around with a group of people marching soldiers marching pace as stark right through. Generally speaking, the reflected light is a light orderly. In such a light polarizing lens barrier is particularly effective because it play a role in filterability. This lens only let certain direction of polarization shock waves through, like the light of the same sort. For road reflection problem, use polarized sunglasses to reduce the transmission of light, because it is parallel to the road to prevent shock waves through. In fact, the filter layer is guided horizontally long molecules; horizontal polarized light can be absorbed. Thus, most of the reflected light was eliminated, while the surrounding environment does not reduce the lighting level.
When lighting weakened, it seems to again become brighter. It does so because the silver halide crystals at work. Under normal circumstances, it can maintain a perfect lens transparency. Sunlight irradiation, crystal silver will separate out the silver in the free form inside the lens will form small aggregates. Ordinary sunglasses just the light intensity decreases. Reflective polarizer is over the entire filter out glare, anti-vertigo can play the role of high-end sunglasses. Driving is best to wear Cheap North Face Denali Jackets Sale polarized sunglasses, so you can filter out the ground or across the body reflection over the light, so that a clearer vision, reduce visual fatigue. It can absorb ultraviolet light, and a number of shorter wavelengths of visible light. Such a function and general almost uncolored lenses, which means that, pink lenses and lens does not have a greater than normal protective effect.

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