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The ECWCS crusty, material compared to the previous two generations upgrade as Gore-Tex. And popular pro shell is slightly less than likely, but the weight ratio of the first two generations on the next level. Set of hard-shell size is relatively large, and would not say sets outside water use, but which wear fleece is absolutely no problem. There is a wind skirt design in the previous two generations of hard shell has been removed in this generation. This is the most expensive set of clothes in the entire system. Epic waterproofing treatment and the prima loft chemical fiber cotton. Probably function to mention control than feather weaker thermal capacity, while when wet warmth than down much better when dry. Prima loft in fact there are two generally popular supplies is considered the prima loft sport, more high-end Prima loft one. other semi-military clothing soft shell and underwear, etc. In addition to the production of L7 padded. L7 padded main urban gray color coyote brown suspected variant of the second generation, but relatively rare.
PCU is short for protective combat uniform. Moncler Outlet began the war in Afghanistan, Special Forces hardy clothing requirements; the design concept is roughly the same ECWCS. A full set of clothing is equally divided into seven layers. Terms of quality, since it is equipped with Special Forces, so the mass ratio ECWCS about improved. Such as details of the PCU pants strengthened. Secondly, the PCU color the whole low-key. Especially PCU L gray-green, low-key, but is suitable for a variety of occasions wearing. There is PCU manufacturers, most of them for some government support disabled enterprise. Hand to meet the production requirements in the United States, on the other hand to solve the employment of many people. , The classification is finer PCU and ECWCS than the. L1a is a short-sleeved T-shirts and underwear, L1b long-sleeved underwear. The material no change, still using the Power dry. Weight is maintained at a very light level, in short, this is a recommended set of underwear. PCU L2 than ECWCS in detail about improvement. ECWCS piece of stiff cloth canceled wear no uncomfortable feeling. Another point is the bottom left of the label inside the clothes place, Polartec logo is replaced with a black label. Picture of where the label is a kid to take arrows, and arrows dripping blood into heart-shaped drops. If this label clothes it must PCU. Eight hundred eighteen tags: Queen Anne's Revenge is the name of a ship.
PCU L3 PCU inside the most chaotic piece of clothing should be considered. Talk about the design, Cheap North Face Jackets general, there are two designs, a Pullover, a Cardigan. The main difference is that the zipper fully open or half-open. In fact even pullover, even if the materials used, the difference is great any contingent. Hairy thermal pro some use, some use shorthair thermal pro armpit and cuffs etc. details of the deal, different manufacturers are also quite different. PCU L4 with the ECWCS of L4, a thin windbreaker. Everyone says marmot thin, but this piece may be thinner than it is, and the inside of the clothes is no fluff, so only suitable for warm weather when wearing. Very soft texture of clothes, and L5 compared to feel softer and thinner. PCUL4 pants, zipper generation semi-open design, the second generation is fully open. Feeling generation slightly special feels a little raincoat feeling.
The second generation relative generation change, the materials feel with a soft cloth, and second is to remove the waterproof zipper instead of ordinary zipper. Although water resistance weakened, but to improve the zipper the mud stuck the opportunity. Of course for civilian think it waterproof zipper for some. Of course, water zipper is not any disadvantage too hard zipper good fold ability discomfort, so squat little impact. In terms of functionality, water repellent performance, there is no a wind stopper as velvet, warm effect. Two-way waterproof zipper, waist design, the chest ventilation zippers, shoulders paste epaulets light show, Bide shoulders, elbow knee-dimensional design, length than outdoor jacket is longer and relatively light weight.

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